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Sunday March 19, 2023 at 11am PT, 2pm ET, 7pm Europe

Diana Noland Healthy FatsSunday March 19: 11am PT, 2pm ET, 7pm Paris: Diana Noland, MPH, RD, CCN LD, Functional Nutritionist will speak on Healthy Fats for ALS. What are healthy fats? How is fat processed in the body? And much more. Diana has over 30 years experience in functional nutrition and is currently treating ALS patients. We are honored to have her speak.

Sunday Zoom Link:


Basic ALS Q&A on Diet, Supplements and Care

Healing Als Lisa Manchester IconMondays (except Holidays) at 9:30am PT, 12:30pm ET, 6:30pm Europe

Healing Als Kay Cherry IconLisa’s husband Mark and Kay’s husband Kim were both diagnosed with ALS in 2011 and are confirmed ALS reversals. They have mountains of information to share each week. If prompted, passcode is ‘mark’

Monday Zoom Link:
ALS Basic Q&A


Advanced ALS Q&A with Dr. Lee Cowden, MD

Healing Als Lee Cowden IconMondays (except Holidays) at 10am PT, 1pm ET, 7pm Europe

Dr. Lee Cowden answers all advanced ALS questions. You must be registered in the Healing ALS Registry to receive weekly Zoom links to join. We also ask that you have watched the four basic boot camps before joining this call.



1st & 3rd Tuesday of the month (except July 4) at 10am PT, 1pm ET, 7pm Europe (Paris)

Volunteer HandsNew Volunteers Welcome. Even if you only have one hour per week to volunteer, please come to find out more.

Zoom link:
Volunteer Meeting Link


2nd Tuesday of the month, ALS Breathing & Equipment Q&A  9am PT, 12pm ET, 6pm Europe (Paris)

Healing Als Stacy Mercado IconStacy Mercado, CRT, Respiratory Therapist, and Mark Manchester, 3 years on a trache with 100% breathing assistance and now off, host a Q&A on breathing equipment for ALS, breath strengthening exercises, tracheostomy and more! Passcode is ‘heal’

Healing Als Mark Manchester IconTuesday Zoom Link:
ALS Breathing and Equipment Q&A



3rd Tuesday of the month, ALS Feeding Tube Q&A, Dr. Smita Jain  11am PT, 2pm ET, 8pm Europe (Paris)

Healing Als Smita Jain Icon

Feeding tubes can be a tool to increase nutrition and promote healing in ALS. You may still eat regular food by mouth even with a feeding tube. Ask your questions well before you think you might need one. Dr. Smita Jain shares information on feeding tubes as well creates a space for people to share ideas and tips. To register, passcode is ‘heal’

Tuesday Zoom Link:
ALS Feeding Tube Q&A


1st & 3rd Wednesday of the month Leap Mission Telegram group 10am PT, 1pm ET, 7pm Europe (Paris)

Leap Mission GroupLEAP Mission Group meeting. Advanced topics in ALS, Q&A on any ALS related topic, and special topics related to ALS. The zoom link is in the LEAP Mission Telegram group. To join the Telegram group, if you have completed the four boot camps email martin@leapmission.com by Monday, then fill out the Panda Doc by Monday evening to join the Wednesday call.


Wim Hof and Other Breathing Methods 12pm, 3pm ET, 9pm Europe (Paris)

Healing Als Avi Greenberg IconAvi Greenberg is a Breathing Specialist and hosts a free weekly Zoom call for PALS and CALS every Thursday. To sign up, use the contact form at avigreenberg.com and Avi will email you the link.


Prayer Group with Joyce Brown (Conference call) 12pm, 3pm ET, 9pm Europe (Paris)

Dr Joyce Brown 300x300Joyce Brown, ND was diagnosed with ALS in 1988. Since then she became a Naturopathic doctor and is now a minister. Dr. Joyce has completely reversed ALS and is now almost 90 years old. She leads a short weekly prayer session on a conference call, usually 20 to 30 minutes. The phone number for the conference line is at HopeDr.org.