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For those who would like to join the HealingALS WhatsApp group

  1. I have downloaded WhatsApp onto my phone.
  2. I have completed all four weeks of Boot Camp – Recorded or Live.
  3. I understand the information in all four weeks of Boot Camp or have watched it twice.
  4. I agree the posts are not medical advice, and I will see a licensed medical professional for medical advice.
  5. I agree we are all there to support each other, stay positive and share.
  6. I agree to keep other’s personal posts, pictures and videos confidential and not share outside this group.
  7. This is for helpful information for a large group. Please limit yourself to one or two helpful posts per day. Please feel free to share a birthday pic or an occasional milestone special event pic with the group. At the same time please avoid responding to the group with birthday wishes and congratulations–please instead send a private WhatsApp messages for any congratulations.
  8. No criticisms, positive, helpful responses only.
  9. I have included below:
    1. Full Name
    2. City, State/Province and Country
    3. My Cell phone number – Required please put in message body
    4. For international: Country code is included in above cell phone number 
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