Healing ALS Registry

This first-of-its-kind Healing ALS Registry can help you and medical professionals track what is working to reverse ALS and what isn’t.

This will benefit everyone fighting this disease.

Join Registry Registry Instructions

Why Join the Registry?

  1. It will help you keep track of all of your supplements and healing protocols
  2. Seeing others protocols will give you ideas that may work for you
  3. You can easily print out or email everything you are doing for your doctors
  4. Track your history for you and your doctors to analyze what is working
  5. It will inspire you to stay on track and make adjustments when needed
  6. It will help the Healing ALS Medical Team and ALS researchers find out which protocols are most effective for ALS
  7. The Healing ALS Medical Team and ALS researchers will be able to publish peer reviewed articles about protocols which are working which will have an impact on the entire ALS Community including neurologists
  8. Once we have 500 verified ALS patients in the registry, you will be able to query what others are doing

Click here to join the registry: ALSRegistry.org

Registry Instructions

  1. Go to the ALSRegistry.org and enter your email address and create a password
  2. Read the “Terms of Service” and click the box to agree to them
  3. Sign the document and click “Sign Up”
  4. Create your profile by clicking “Update Profile” and enter your information
  5. Begin your reporting by starting with Step 1 of the registry and work your way through
  6. If there are supplements, medications, brands that you need to have added to the options, please email HealingALSRegistry@gmail.com

There are optional items for Step 5 Vital Statistics of the Healing ALS Registry. Links to purchase these inexpensive items are on HealingALS.org/products.