Healing Als Bootcamp (1)

Basic Bootcamps

Week 1:

Basics, Diet, Supplements, Gut Function Speaker: Kay Cherry, husband Kim diagnosed ALS 2001 and healed


Week 2:

Toxins, Detoxification, Liver Function Speaker: Carol Jensen, naturally healed ALS through Eric Edney’s program


Week 3:

How your thinking can promote healing Speaker: Cathy Cummins, diagnosed ALS in 2008 and healed through many holistic and traditional approaches


Week 4:

How to research, find and work with a medical professional Speaker: Lisa Manchester, husband Mark diagnosed ALS 2011 and healed


Recent Recordings

Date: Topic: Video: Notes:
July 7 (1) July 7, 2024 Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Movie Source Video Notes
June 23 June 23, 2024 Caregiving Solutions Video Notes
June 2 June 2, 2024

Diana Noland MPH, RDN, IFMCP, LD

(Part 3) Diets That Help Your Body to Heal Low Carb, Keto & Carnivore

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