Why does my neurologist not know about this approach or dismiss it?

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Your neurologist is likely a very caring professional and believes he or she is giving you the best advice.

Very few neurologists are well versed in the integrative medicine approach to healing the body. It is likely your neurologist has never studied it, and therefore has little or no expertise in this area.

Positivity letter click here: Ask all medical professionals to stay positive in your presence. Here is a letter to print for your neurologist, therapist or other medical practitioner to read before each appointment.

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  • The average medical doctor received 1000 hours of pharmacology training in medical school. Prescribing medications is the doctor’s area of expertise.
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  • The average medical doctor received only 4 hours of nutrition training in medical school.
  • The average medical doctor received very little toxicology/detoxification training in medical school. Most do not know how low level environmental cumulative toxic exposure can adversely affect the body in cases of chronic disease, nor the best ways to detoxify.
  • Although an increasing number of doctors are seeking additonal education in functional/integrative medicine, most doctors do not currently have this expertise.
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  • The American Medical Association and other medical associations around the world, most medical conferences, as well as most medical journals are sponsored by pharmaceutical companies. If the truth about holistic approaches to chronic disease were known, pharmaceutical revenues would significantly decrease since drugs are usually no longer required.
  • In the United States, a significant portion of mainstream media revenues come from big pharma. If a news report airs a fair and balanced news segment about holistic medicine, the reporter or news director is often fired immediately.