Where do I start?

People ask where do I start? Some PALS would like to take some positive steps while they are researching what to do. This document is adapted from the “Checklist” at ALSWinners.com and we feel it is a good place to start. Again we are not medical professionals. This is based on information gleaned from PALS who have reversed their symptoms. You need to make your own decisions based on your research, the research of your support team, and the advice of medical professionals.

Good suggestion:  Assemble a support team.  This is not an illness you can fight on your own and the traditional medical field really has nothing to offer.  Get friends, family, children, siblings and holistic (functional) medical professionals on your side.  Only add the people that will help you get well not help you die.  Your team may consist of only one or two people at first. The team members need to understand all the points below and understand how important they are for your well being.

Basic Check List for ALS.

Things to Eliminate:

  1. _____Check your home for toxic chemicals: bleaches, cleaners, sanitizers, etc., and eliminate.
  2. _____Eliminate all processed food that contain preservatives, sugars, vegetable oils, etc., like aspartame, MSG, corn syrup, aluminum, fluoride, nitrates and nitrites.
  3. _____Eliminate all soft drinks and fast foods.  (No fries and greasy burgers)
  4. _____Eliminate all chemical fumes, perfumes, deodorants, cosmetics, (even Chapstick)
  5. _____Eliminate toxic soaps.  Toothpaste (get fluoride fee), shampoo, hand & bath soap, laundry soap, dryer sheets.
  6. _____Reduce carbohydrates and fried foods.
  7. _____Eliminate alcohol and tobacco.

Things to add:

  1. _____Start taking 4000 mg of Vitamin C daily.  Vitality C is excellent brand.
  2. _____Start using coconut oil, as ointment on weak muscles and 6 to 8 tablespoons with food.
  3. _____Get Magnesium.  Kim takes 1 teaspoon of Natural Calm and 3 tablets of jigsaw magnesium daily.
  4. _____Take a glutathione supplement.  Wellnesspharmacy.com sells a 5 oz bottle (I t. per day). Eat an avocado daily and get good sleep in dark room.
  5. _____Take Vitamin D3.  D levels should be 60-90.  Get D levels checked if possible.
  6. _____Take Turmeric.  750 mg per day
  7. _____Go to a gluten free diet.  (No grains with gluten such as bread & pasta.)
  8. _____Implement ketogenic (high in good fats) and Terry Wahl’s diet (high in fresh vegetables). Google for more info.
  9. _____Increase hydration.  Try to drink at least 4 quarts of pure water per day.
  10. _____If swallowing is an issue (Bulbar ALS), start drinking carbonated water until your throat heals..
  11. _____Learn ways to detox your body.  Google ways to detox.

Power of the Mind — Develop PMA (Positive Mental Attitude)

  1. _____Invoke divine assistance.  Pray a lot.  But remember that God helps those who help themselves.  (Pray as though everything depends on God, then work as though everything depends on you.)
  2. _____Read positive, uplifting books and listen to good uplifting music.
  3. _____Paste positive clippings around your home and/or workplace.
  4. _____Do not allow negative input from family, friends, doctors.  Tell them you are going to beat this and believe it yourself by vocalizing in daily.
  5. _____Find some people you can serve, beyond your immediate family.  Care centers are a great place to find people that can lift you up by letting you serve them.  Great therapy.
  6. _____ Find a way to keep doing what you enjoy doing, for as long as you can. Refuse to give in to this disease.  For me, it is golf.
  7. _____ A change of attitude will change the outcome.  (One of our PALS said that she added spirituality as we had suggested and said that it has made a huge difference for her.)

Good Reference material to start:

  1. ______Read Eric Edney’s book, Eric Is Winning. It is an excellent primer for where to start and what to do. While we do not agree with every detail, it contains invaluable information. It is available on Amazon.com. Look at Eric Edney’s website: www.erciswinning.com/regimen.heml.  Eric passed away in January of 2015 at age 85 from complications of a stroke and heart attack.  He was diagnosed with ALS in his early 60’s and until his stroke, his functionality and ALS symptoms were improving.
  2. ______Read Steven Shackel’s website, shackel.org. This site has excellent information on a variety of ALS topics and is well-written and readable. Steve was diagnosed with ALS in 1994. His symptoms worsened to the point where he could not leave the house without a wheelchair and his speech was compromised. Most of his ALS symptoms have since subsided.

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  1. Eric is winning used MMS. What are your thoughts on that?

    Also I like that you included a ketogenic diet. That is a huge component. But you need to keep that weight up!

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