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Congratulations! You are open-minded enough to explore the possibility that ALS reversals are real and that you or your loved one may be able to slow, stop or even reverse the progression of ALS.

At right are some of the ALS families who attended the Healing ALS Conference mountain outing at Snowbird, Utah in October 2022.

Snowbird OktoberFest PALS Scaled 1

People ask what do I do first? This is our suggestion. 5 Items:

1: Build Belief. Below are 11 ALS Reversals who attended the 2022 Healing ALS Conference in person.

11 ALS Reversals
  • It is important that you know beyond a doubt that ALS Reversals are real and that there is science behind it.
  • Visit and Click Step 1 of the 47 Steps to Healing ALS: https://healingals.org/47-steps
  • If you still have any doubt at all that ALS Reversals are scientifically verifiable, go ahead and Click Step 2 of the 47 Steps to Healing ALS: https://healingals.org/47-steps/

2: Ask yourself: How did all these people reverse ALS? Could I take a similar approach?

  • Holistic/Integrative/Functional Medicine is an approach to balance the body so it can heal itself. An advantage to a holistic approach to healing is that it has high potential benefits and almost no risk. This is the approach the ALS Reversals took. It includes:

Food impacts health

Food As Medicine
  1. Correcting vitamin and mineral deficiencies
  2. Eliminating inflammatory foods and food you are sensitive to
  3. Healing the gut and liver and balancing hormones
  4. Avoiding exposure to environmental toxins
  5. Detoxifying the body from toxins accumulated
  6. Keeping a positive mental attitude and healing the mind and emotions

3: Get to know our Healing ALS Community and Website

We hope by now you believe that ALS reversals are real. The next step is to get to know our Healing ALS community.

  • Click on Our Team on the top menu or Click Here.
  • In the Our Team tab, read about:
    • how we got started
    • browse our medical advisory team
    • our volunteers, and,
    • about us and our Mission at the bottom of the page.
  • Scroll down the home page and you will see a Welcome video. Watch it.
  • Click on Events to see the free education that Healing ALS Provides each week.
  • Click on some of the other buttons to get to know the site.


Healing ALS Website Screnshot
Healing ALS Website We Are A Team

4: Come to the next Healing ALS Sunday Webinar.

  • Register at the top of the Home Page on HealingALS.org or visit the Events page.

5: Decide to become educated about integrative approaches to ALS by enrolling in our FREE year-long course, 47 Steps to Healing ALS.

47 Steps To Healing ALS
  • Plan to come each Thursday for the Live Q&A even if you have not completed that step.
  • Go to 47 Steps, Step 0 Introduction. https://healingals.org/47-Steps
  • Watch the introductory video, register for the course and complete Step 0.