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Do you know your ALSFRS Score? If not, join the Healing ALS Registry and find out. If your ALS progression is fast, more than 1 point per month on the ALSFRS score, please email or text us immediately and we will get back to you and set up a free zoom meeting or call. Our email is info@healingals.org. Our phone number for phone or text is 435-503-4097.

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Congratulations! You are open-minded enough to explore the possibility that ALS reversals are real and that you or your loved one may be able to slow, stop or even reverse the progression of ALS.

At right are some of the ALS families who attended the Healing ALS Conference mountain outing at Snowbird, Utah in October 2022.

Snowbird OktoberFest PALS Scaled 1

Our information is free. It is to be used for educational purposes only. We are not giving medical advice. We encourage people to see experienced functional medical professionals in your local area. Warning: If any medical professional charges more than $700 for an initial consultation or if a clinic charges more than $3,000 per week, there are likely better ways to spend your money. We discuss this more in the 47 Steps to Healing ALS.

People ask what do I do first? These are our suggestions. 7 Items:

1: Build Belief. We know of well over 100 ALS reversals and have met over 50 personally. Duke University has documented around 60 reversals so far. We have dozens of ALS reversals on film (see below). In the picture are 11 ALS Reversals who attended the 2022 Healing ALS Conference in person.

11 ALS Reversals
  • It is important that you know beyond a doubt that ALS Reversals are real and that there is science behind it.
  • Visit and Click Step 1 of the 47 Steps to Healing ALS: https://healingals.org/47-steps
  • If you or your family would like proof that ALS Reversals are scientifically verified, go ahead and Click Step 2 of the 47 Steps to Healing ALS: https://healingals.org/47-steps/

We hope by now you believe that ALS reversals are real. The next step is to learn how these ALS reversals healed.

2: Why does my neurologist not know about this approach or dismisses it?

Your neurologist does not know about this approach to healing the body because:

  • The average medical doctor received 1000 hours of pharmacology training in medical school. Prescribing medications is the doctor’s area of expertise
  • The average medical doctor received 4 hours of nutrition training in medical school. They are simply not educated in this area, unless they have taken functional medical training on their own.
  • The average medical doctor received virtually no hours of toxicology/detoxification training in medical school. They just do not know how toxins adversely affect the body and the best ways to detoxify unless they have taken additional medical training.
  • The American Medical Association and other medical associations around the world, most medical conferences, as well as most medical journals are sponsored by pharmaceutical companies. If the truth about holistic approaches to chronic disease were known, pharmaceutical revenues would significantly decrease since drugs are usually no longer required.
  • In the United States, a significant portion of mainstream media revenues come from big pharma. If a news report airs a fair and balanced news segment about holistic medicine, the reporter or news director is usually fired immediately.

3: Ask yourself: How did all these people reverse ALS? Could I take a similar approach?

  • Holistic/Integrative/Functional Medicine is an approach to balance the body so it can heal itself. An advantage to a holistic approach to healing is that it has high potential benefits and almost no risk. This is the approach the ALS Reversals took. It includes:

Food impacts health

Food As Medicine
  1. Correcting vitamin and mineral deficiencies
  2. Eliminating inflammatory foods and food you are sensitive to
  3. Healing the gut and liver and balancing hormones
  4. Avoiding exposure to environmental toxins
  5. Detoxifying the body from toxins accumulated
  6. Keeping a positive mental attitude and healing the mind and emotions

There are many more specifics in step 4. But first, next step is to get to know our Healing ALS community.

4: Get to know our Healing ALS Community and Website

  • Click on Our Team on the top menu or Click Here.
  • In the Our Team tab, read about:
    • how we got started
    • browse our medical advisory team
    • our volunteers, and,
    • about us and our Mission at the bottom of the page.
  • Scroll down the home page and you will see a Welcome video. Watch it.
  • Click on Events on the top Menu to see the free education that Healing ALS Provides each week.
  • Feel free to listen in on the Monday Basic Q&A each week. We request that you listen not ask questions until you have completed the 4 basic Boot Camps below.
  • Click on some of the other buttons to get to know the site.


Healing ALS Website Screnshot
Healing ALS Website We Are A Team

Now you are ready to learn more specifics about how ordinary people have managed to reverse ALS. The best way to do this is to do Step 4.

5: Watch the Four Basic Healing ALS Boot Camps

Boot Camp 2 Large 260x300
  • Go to Recordings on Top Menu of HealingALS.org
  • There are 4 Basic Boot camps, each presented by an ALS Reversal
  • Watch all four Boot Camps to get the basics of how people reversed ALS
  • Once you have competed watching the four Boot Camps:
    1. You are ready to start the 47 Steps to Healing. This is a free self-study course with live Q&A every Thursday. See 47 Steps on the top menu.
    2. You are eligible to join the Healing ALS WhatsApp group. Please download WhatsApp to your phone, then send an email to info@HealingALS.org with your phone number stating that you have completed all four Boot Camps.
    3. Feel free to watch these boot camps multiple times

Now you have enough background to learn even more on our Sunday and Monday webinars.

6: Attend Weekly Healing ALS Sunday Webinars & Monday Q&A’s

  • These webinars feature people who have reversed ALS partially or completely, ALS Reversals-in-progress from our community as well as medical professionals. What you learn can be life changing.
  • Go to Events Page on HealingALS.org top menu to register
  • Remember that if you are new to HealingALS.org it is easy to be overwhelmed by a lot of information. Be assured that everyone is overwhelmed at first.
  • Remember the more you listen and research on your own, the more understandable the concepts and information becomes.
Sunday Monday Webinars

7: Decide to become educated about integrative approaches to ALS by enrolling in our FREE year-long self-study course, 47 Steps to Healing ALS.

47 Steps To Healing ALS
  • Since this is a self-study course you can start anytime of the year. If it is mid-year, feel free to sit in on the current step while you slowly start from step 0.
  • Plan to come each Thursday for the Live Q&A even if you have not completed that step.
  • Expect to be overwhelmed the first couple months.
  • Go to 47 Steps, Step 0 Introduction. https://healingals.org/47-Steps
  • Register for the course and complete Step 0.

Congratulations if you have gotten this far. Remember it took time for you to get sick and it will take time for you to heal. It is normal to feel overwhelmed at first. Get the community support you need by joining the Healing ALS WhatsApp group if you have not already. See 4. above for requirements and instructions to join.