Watch the Four Basic Healing ALS Boot Camps

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Once you have watched all four boot camps, you are eligible to join the Healing ALS WhatsApp group, a place to share healing information and ideas with fellow PALS and CALS. Just send an email to with your phone number stating that you have completed all four Boot Camps.

Basic Boot Camps

Healing Als Bootcamp (1)

The Boot Camps are each led by a PALS/CALS who has reversed ALS. Many find it helpful to watch these more than once.

Week 1:

Basics, Diet, Supplements, Gut Function Speaker: Kay Cherry, husband Kim diagnosed ALS 2001 and healed


Week 2:

Toxins, Detoxification, Liver Function Speaker: Carol Jensen, naturally healed ALS through Eric Edney’s program


Week 3:

How your thinking can promote healing Speaker: Cathy Cummins, diagnosed ALS in 2008 and healed through many holistic and traditional approaches


Week 4:

How to research, find and work with a medical professional Speaker: Lisa Manchester, husband Mark diagnosed ALS 2011 and healed