• Kirk Pulver posted an update 9 months, 4 weeks ago

    49 year old former athlete that has been fit most of my life. Power of Positive thinking fuels my soul. Getting my mind, heart, body and spirit all aligned to tackle this devil ALS. Going for my second opinion and action plan at Mayo, AZ on August 26th. I have eaten clean for more than 15 years but now am even cleaner.
    Doing acupuncture 2x per week, Infrared sauna (2-3x per week) and PEMP 1-2x per week. Began counseling last week for EMDR to help my mental health with my past that we suspect caused this ALS. Looking to pursue stem cell therapy but need guidance on when and which ones to get. Been directed to Dr. Antonio Calzada in Tijuana, Mexico but have some local connections as well. Reviewed but do not see any new stemcell trials going on. Better, Stronger, Faster!