3 thoughts on “Stephen Sherry ALS Survivor since 1999

  1. Mr Sherry, you are a beacon of hope. Thank you for sharing your hopeful miraculous story. Is there a site that lists the supplements you currently are taking? I was diagnosed in June 2016 and see Dr Bedlack at Duke. But I also see a homeopath and just started on the supplements, meditating and practicing positive self talk. Am hopeful that doing these things has actually worked for someone. Sending you many blessings. Roz Skidmore

  2. My husband was diagnosed with ALS beginning of this year. The last few months he feels more progression. I would love to contact Stephen or find out more of the supplements & qty he took. This article was very helpful & hopefull.

    It’s been frustrating & disappointing being in the health care field – how helpless we feel.

    • A good place to start immediately is April’s ALS Blog–“Where do I start?” A good holistic professional is also extremely helpful. Start with the basics.

      There is also much more information on the free Membership website to support PALS and their families–it is in Beta so please be patient as we fix bugs and add more info. We will be starting live Webinars for members early in 2017 presented by PALS who have healed as well as medical professionals and there will be live Q&A on those.

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