Our Mission

HealingALS.org is committed to its mission to:

  1. Educate people diagnosed with ALS (PALS) and their families about holistic protocols for ALS that can slow, stop and even reverse the progression of ALS. These protocols include:
    1. Appropriate nutrition for ALS a neurodegenerative disease
    2. Vitamin and other nutritional supplements that have been shown to improve symptoms
    3. Detoxification strategies for heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides
    4. Ways to reduce incoming toxins
    5. Mind-body strategies, emotional healing and stress management
  2. Provide PALS and families with proof that others have reversed ALS symptoms long term using the above methods and solid evidence that that they can heal or at a minimum slow the progression of ALS symptoms.
  3. Provide PALS who are committed to holistically healing ALS with direct individualized support in the form of:
    1. webinars and conference calls providing additional information and question-and-answer format
    2. individual coaching/mentoring by other PALS who have succeeded in reversing ALS symptoms long term
  4. Educate the medical community about these proven holistic strategies so they are incorporated as part every neuroligist’s diagnosis and treatment of ALS.
  5. Promote scientific research about holistic protocols for ALS.


  1. Provide video evidence that it is possible to reverse ALS symptoms long term with
    1. An 80 minute documentary film Healing ALS completed in 2015 (we need additional funding to make this happen—see Donation Page)
    2. A series of YouTube video interviews with PALS, doctors and scientists about ALS
  2. Provide written testimonials in the form of
    1. A book Healing ALS detailing how over a dozen PALS have reversed ALS symptoms long term
    2. Written testimonials and bios online on the HealingALS.org website
    3. Links to other websites of PALS that are healing or have healed.
    4. Blogs and articles
  3. Provide education about existing scientific research
    1. Links to research on the HealingALS.org website
    2. Blogs and articles
  4. Provide free individualized support to PALS who would like to heal holistically
    1. Educational webinars and conference calls for PALS with question and answer and discussion opportunities.
    2. Individual coaching/mentoring of PALS by other PALS
  5. Show videos and written evidence at events and medical conferences about holistic healing of ALS where neurologists and other medical practitioners are in attendance so that this information becomes mainstream.
  6. Actively promote, encourage, and support scientific research on holistic protocols for ALS.

The Healing ALS Team

Our Team is made up of people dedicated to educating the public about the many people who have reversed ALS permanently and the protocols they and others have used to slow, stop and reverse the progression of ALS symptoms. Several in the group are PALS (people diagnosed with ALS) who have already turned their ALS symptoms around. Others are are family members of PALS. Still others are PALS in the process of strategically implementing treatment plans and are currently working on reversing their symptoms. The latter group is especially helpful in giving perspective from the point of view of most of our readers, who are trying to stop and reverse their own decline or that of a loved one. All of us are determined help PALS successfully navigate their own healing journeys.

Patricia Tamowski, Producer and principle researcher for Healing ALS, the documentary film, and co-editor of Healing ALS, the book. Co-founder of Health Advocates Worldwide, she is committed to educating the public about the true cause of disease and how to reverse it. Tish is a former software engineer and project manager. HealthAdvocatesWorldwide.com.

Alan Scott Douglas, Director of Healing ALS, the documentary film. Scott is an Emmy Award nominee with 30 years experience at NBC, CBS and ABC as a journalist and photographer. His work has appeared on PBS, Today Show, 48 Hours, and NBC Nightly News, and includes interviews with the Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu, Bill Clinton and Mikhail Gorbachev. HealthAdvocatesWorldwide.com.

Steven Shackel, JD, primary editor of the upcoming book Healing ALS. Steve was diagnosed with ALS in 1994. He has done extensive research on the causes and solutions to ALS, known throughout much of the world as MND. In addition he has worked with researchers throughout the world and been personally been in contact with more than 1000 PALS. Much of what he has learned is on Shackel.org.

Kim Cherry. Kim was diagnosed with the bulbar form of ALS in 2011. His doctors gave him a year to live, two at best. With the research of his wife Kay, the expertise of several functional medical professionals, and Kim’s determination and attitude of never taking anyone’s word for anything,  Kim has reversed most of his ALS symptoms.  Kim and Kay are committed to sharing what they have learned with other PALS so they too can heal. Their story is on ALSWinners.com.

Kay Cherry. Kay has been instrumental in helping her husband Kim beat the odds, survive ALS and reverse almost all of his symptoms. Kay’s extensive research online along with their multi-faceted holistic approach including diet, supplements, ozone therapy, hyperbaric oxygen, essential oils, massage, exercise, and a large dose of positive mental outlook, has been successful. Kay has put together much of the information on their website, ALSWinners.com.

Derek Swinnard. Diagnosed at age 45 with ALS in 1997, Derek has been seeing a homeopath since his diagnosis. He has also seen naturopaths, chiropractors and other health professionals, all of whom have helped him with testing, dietary changes, homeopathic remedies, supplements, detoxification and exercise. Derek is now in his 60’s, continues with his regimen, has now recovered about 90% of his functionality and is getting stronger. He volunteers for ALS Canada, coaches basketball, plays golf and helps others with ALS in his local area.

Deb Wotherspoon.  Deb’s sister was diagnosed with ALS in 2015 and it started her on a journey of seeking answers to ALS. She has a degree in chemistry and worked for ten years in research, an ideal background for reading academic papers on  the latest ALS-related research. Deb currently teaches science in high school and has a Facebook group dedicated to ALS where she shares her latest findings. Her scientific expertise makes her a valuable member of the Healing ALS Team. Her Facebook group is Whole body healing for ALS. Her blog is http://makingsenseofmyworld.blogspot.ca/.

Carole Fusaro.  Carole was diagnosed with ALS in December of 2012. She has been using holistic protocols since then and has slowed the progression of her symptoms considerably. She has consulted naturopaths, holistic MDs, traditional MDs, a holistic dentist and has done a considerable amount of research on nutrition, supplements, detoxification and the mental aspects of healing. Her analytical skills, organizational abilities and corporate background are a valuable asset to the team.

Linda Paulhus. Linda has been working in the holistic health field for 30 years and has shared research with such pioneers as Charles Brush, MD (president John F. Kennedy’s doctor) and Victor Marcial-Vega, MD (oncology researcher). She works with people internationally with research, education and referrals to homeopathic, functional and allopathic specialists. Her passion for research-based ALS treatment came after her son Brent was diagnosed with ALS in 2001 and succumbed after a 13-year battle with ALS. She feels had her son had the proper treatment for ALS he might still be alive today. She is raising money for an ALS medical center committed to using science based holistic and allopathic protocols to help PALS slow, stop and reverse their disease progression. essiac-linda-paulhus.com 

Rachel Rebman. Rachel was diagnosed with ALS in 2013 after what she realizes now was a 24 year battle with Lyme disease. Rachel has used a science-based approach to her ALS diagnosis and symptoms. Using her own research and the help of medical professionals she has strategically prioritized her treatment plans. She has an exceptional ability to glean, analyze and synthesize difficult information and spends much of her time helping others with ALS by sharing her findings and supporting others in her Facebook group, ALS Naturally.

Kathleen Sak. Kathy was diagnosed with ALS in January 2015 and is committed to reversing her symptoms. She has done an incredible amount of research on nutrition, detoxification, supplement and healing and has consulted a wide variety of holistic and traditional medical specialists who have assisted her in putting together her regimen. Her analytical, organizational and networking skills as a corporate project manager have helped her in this process. Kathleen’s insight and research have been invaluable.

Amy Boettcher. Amy’s husband of 38 years, Tracy, recently passed away from ALS. She said she wished they had the information on this website when Tracy was diagnosed in 2011 and the online support of PALS who have healed. If they had, her husband might still be alive today. Tracy’s neurologist told him he would be in a wheelchair nine months from diagnoses and would be dead in four to five years and Tracy believed him. He accepted his fate instead of using his wonderful analytical mind to research ways to heal. Coincidentally (or was it?), Tracy was in a wheelchair at exactly nine months from diagnosis and passed away in four and one-half years. Amy is determined to change the policy of neurologists giving ALS patients death sentences when statistics show that many patients live over ten years, and more and more documented reversals of ALS are surfacing. She also believes neurologists, instead of telling their ALS patients there is nothing they can do, should be trained to optimize liver function, gut function, kidney function. She looks forward to the time that neurologists are trained in proper testing for toxins, how to best detoxify the body, about optimum diet and supplements for neurological patients, as well as stress management and a mental attitude shift to optimize cell function and healing.





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