Mentor Program for Healing ALS

Would you like a mentor to support you in your Healing ALS Journey?

Would you like to be a Mentor? Do you have one hour per week to guide a fellow PALS, CALS or PALS/CALS couple?

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Mentor Program Overview

  • Free one-on-one mentoring by a volunteer PALS or CALS
  • Requirements for Mentees
    • Actively engage in your own healing by researching and attending Sunday, Monday and Thursday meetings live or recorded
    • Positive regular communications
    • Enter your data monthly (30 min/month) into the Healing ALS Registry
    • Watch the 4 Basic Boot Camps. See Recordings.
  • Requirements for Mentors
    • I have been attending Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays regularly for at least SIX months and taking ACTION towards my own (or my PALS) healing.
    • I currently have up-to-date information for myself or my PALS in the Healing ALS Registry.
    • I will attend 1.5 hour Mentor training live or recorded.
  • You may apply as a PALS, CALS or Couple.
  • Click here for Mentor/Mentee Application.