Live stream & Recordings from 2019 Healing ALS Conference

July 10, 2020 Update

We apologize for the delay in getting the conference recordings published. We hope this will be resolved soon.

In order to publish the recordings two things are required:

  1. We need to regain control of our own conference website and two conference domains. They have not been in our control since the conference. We are in negotiations to get these back and are hoping we are near the end of these negotiations.
  2. We are completing negotiations for a separate contract that so that we do not have legal issues once the conference recordings are released.

We do expect that the 2019 Healing ALS Conference Recordings will be available to all conference attendees soon and truly apologize for the delay. 

While everyone is eagerly awaiting the release of the conference recordings, we have made sure that PALS and ALS families have the information available they need to reverse ALS. While you wait we suggest:

  1. Attend our Free Sunday 26-week series entitled How to Reverse ALS. This series is full of new information every week, all about how to others have successfully reverse ALS so that you can too. Sign up is always on the home page of
  2. Go to and make sure you have done everything in the “Where Do I Start?” document available by clicking the green “How Do I Heal ALS” button. Also make sure you have read the “How Do I Find and Work with a Medical Professional? document within the “Where Do I Start?” document. Also read all of the other documents at
  3. Watch the free videos of PALS reversals on our Healing Advocates YouTube Channel.
  4. Do your own research by looking at sites such as,, and
  5. Join the Monday Volunteer call and stay in the loop about all of our many projects that are geared for helping PALS reverse ALS.

Again, we appreciate you patience on the recordings and we hope that the two remaining obstacles will be resolved soon.

To all PALS, and all conference and livestream attendees,

Many are wondering, “Where are the 2019 Healing ALS Conference Recordings?” With a six month delay we feel we owe you an explanation. If you want the short story, it is that we do expect to have the recordings in the next few weeks and ask you to be patient just a little while longer. If you prefer the long version, it is below.

The 2019 Healing ALS Conference itself was magical. Of the almost 300 who attended were 100 PALS, including 10 who reversed ALS. PALS, families, medical professionals and others in the ALS community were there to support and learn from each other. It took six months of very hard work both by us and by those on our volunteer committee and it was worth every second. PALS and family members left the conference saying their lives had been changed. Medical professionals left with a new perspective on what is possible. We have spoken to PALS since the conference who have stabilized or started to reverse their ALS symptoms. This is exciting!

We fully expected to have the conference recordings to be available within two weeks of the conference. However, after the conference, the company we hired to do the website to post the recordings did not do the work we paid them to do. In addition, we lost control of all of our domains including for over three months. We could not post something on a domain we did not control, nor did it make sense to even work on something that could be lost at any second.

By the time we got control of our domains back it was mid-February, our busiest season, and we were working six days per week in our paid jobs. This effectively put the project on hold for an additional six weeks until our schedules were freed up. Once we had time, we then had to get on the schedule of the new website developer.

We are now back and forth with our developer, getting all of the pieces together and are making steady progress. It is a learning curve for us and we are going a little slower this time, rather than risk our website again by handing all pieces completely over to a developer. We do expect to have the recordings in the next few weeks.

Thank you for your understanding.–Patricia and Scott. In the meantime see below.

In the meantime, there is much you can learn and implement that will contribute to your healing.

  • We are hosting free Webinars every two weeks with live Q&A with links posted at
  • Read the many blogs and articles on
  • Watch the videos on Healing Advocates YouTube channel
  • This site if full of great articles on reversing ALS
  • Great info in the monthly blog posts and Kim’s healing protocol.
  • Eric’s monthly posts from 2004 – 2014 are full of information.
  • If you are new, click the “How do I Heal ALS” button at the right the home page and read the “Where Do I Start?” document.




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  1. Hi, are there any news on the availability of the Congress recordings? Can we expect it or forget it?

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