Lisa Petsu ALS Reversal-In-Progress

Lisa Petsu was told in mid-2018 it looked like it might be ALS. She was devastated. She was only 46 years old, the mother of four girls, ranging from elementary school to high school. She worked full time as a teacher. Her family depended on her for income and, through her job, the family’s health insurance. Her daughters needed her, she couldn’t die, there had to be something she could do.

Lisa went online and found people who had reversed ALS and decided to do what they did. She ate organic, stopped eating processed food, and stopped eating sugar, gluten and dairy. she started daily prayer (she had never consistently prayed before) and added meditation. She watched videos about ALS reversals. Lisa had learned discipline as a classical ballerina. She had worked hard her whole life. She was going to work hard to beat this disease.

Despite all of this, Lisa’s ALS symptoms continued to worsen. Her lower leg was useless, she needed an AFO leg brace every day. Her foot just flopped without it. Her fasciculations worsened, her muscle cramps worsened, her hands got weaker and weaker and her grip strength continued to decline. In September 2018  two different neurologists said it looked like probable ALS.

Lisa became more determined than ever to heal. She added visualization to her meditation routine. She spent 1.5 hours each morning in her car between the time she dropped off her oldest daughter at high school at 6:30AM and 8AM when she could get into the elementary school. The time in her car she spent journaling, reading, praying and meditating. She also added prayer and meditation at lunch and before bed.

Despite this Lisa’s voice got weaker and weaker and she needed a voice amplifier in front of her class in order for her students to hear her. Her grip strength worsened, she could no longer use a staple gun and do the basic things she needed to do as an art teacher. The school principal approved a her a full-time aide in her classroom. In January she asked her local neurologist how sure he was that she had ALS because if she had ALS she was going to cash out her retirement account and take the family to Paris. He said he would cash out the retirement account and she did.

On February 12, 2019 the head neurologist at Johns Hopkins said she had definite ALS in her leg and a definitive ALS diagnosis was “inescapable”. Two other neurologists confirmed his opinion. Lisa was devastated. She had been working so hard at healing. Yet at the same time something “shifted” in her. She was more determined than ever that she would heal.

Out of desperation, Lisa prayed harder than she ever had. She also surrendered. She said, “God, I know that you can heal me. Please, help me heal. I will do everything in my power to do my part”. She also said, “God if it is your will that I don’t heal that is okay but if at all possible, please, I would like to help my daughters grow up and be there for them.”

That week Lisa would try to move her foot for hours each day. By Friday she started feeling pain in her foot. She felt like it was “waking up”. Over the weekend when she was in Manhatten for her eldest daughter’s 16th birthday, she kept trying to move her foot. She heard a voice that said, “Keep trying to move your foot. It will get unstuck.” She kept trying with no result, for hours again on Saturday, and Saturday late evening at the hotel. Finally at 2AM she needed to go to bed. She lay in bed and the voice said, “Try one more time.” Her foot moved 1 millimeter, and Lisa was ecstatic. She stayed up the rest of the night trying to move her foot more and more and cat-napping in between. By morning she had almost full movement in her foot that had not moved for over six months.

This was the beginning of Lisa’s healing. She saw two neurologists after she recovered her movement and neither could believe that she had recovered her foot so quickly. Both called it “miraculous”.

In April 2019 Lisa took her family to Paris. She started on the Medical Medium diet. In June 2019 Lisa recovered most of the strength in her hands after more prayer, daily soakings in epsom salts or Himalayan sea salts and other modalities.

Today, Lisa is not fully healed from her ALS symptoms. Yet she is determined to heal the rest of the way and we believe she will be successful.

Lisa continues to make sure that, along with all the seriousness she has in her healing protocol that she has fun. She enjoys thoroughly her time with her four children. She also goes out with friends.

We met Lisa through our volunteer coordinator, Gabi-Faye. Gabi-Faye’s mother Anita has ALS and when they met at a meditation workshop, they quickly bonded.

This is Lisa and Gabi-Faye.

Below is the video of Lisa’s presentation this past Sunday, and below is Lisa’s entire protocol and all the things she has done to heal so far. Stay tuned for the rest of Lisa’s story as she continues her healing journey.


Lisa Petsu –Lagunes’              Meditation Evolution

#1  I started praying, really praying for the first time in my life.

#2  I started praying to Saint Anthony (the restorer of lifeless limbs and lost things) at my mother’s suggestion.  She still prays this Rosary weekly as do I.

#3  A teacher colleague suggested I watch the documentary HEAL showing on Netflix.  This is the first time I see Dr. Joe Dispenza and his story gave me hope.  I watched it every night after work on a loop with my flail foot propped on the couch formulating a plan to heal myself. I also came across Stephen Sherry’s video on and that gave me some measure of hope.  I didn’t get past his video.  I thought he was probably the only one in the world that had somewhat healed.  I ADDED MEDITATION TO MY PRAYER ROUTINE. 

*Prayer, meditation and mantra are all related and have been my main protocol from very early on.

* After my LLE paralysis reversal I began to add yoga, specifically Kundalini yoga, because it works on balancing your nervous system very actively and quickly.  It also incorporates mantra, and meditation simultaneously with asana or physical practice.  I would have started it sooner if I had known about it.

#4  How do I meditate? I am a novice. I downloaded THE HEADSPACE APP suggested to me by a colleague.  Teachers are the best advice givers!  The narrator’s voice is soothing and I have a thing for British accents. It is Buddhist based, mindful, and focused on breathing and becoming centered in the present moment.  I start out with 5 min. and progress to 30 min.++   I added this to my prayer routine.  At this time, I was also devouring books about ALS, meditation, spirituality and existentialism. This routine took about an hour and a half every morning.  After I dropped off my daughter off at her H.S. bus stop I waited in my car in the school parking lot for the building to open and meditated, prayed, read and journaled.  This was fall/winter and my car was my warm cocoon.  *This is still my main protocol and the only way I make it through each day. 

#5  Many people began to pray for me at church and at school. My colleagues held daily prayer circles for me multiple times each day using different faith traditions. They laid hands on me.  I found this new experience very powerful.   I could feel myself opening up spiritually in a totally new way.  I knew that my will power was relentless even on my darkest days.  I also knew that what I was facing was bigger than my personal will to live so I had to connect and surrender to a higher power.   

#5   Now I become interested in a more focused type of meditation called visualization.  This was the strategy Dr. Joe Dispenza used to heal his spinal injury.  I felt this would be even more powerful for my healing.  I listened to Shakti Gawain’s Creative Visualization on Audible and started to direct golden white healing light, ranging from liquid gold to more diffuse radiant golden sunlight throughout my body every morning and evening for as long as I could.  I was having many MRI’s at this time to try and rule out many diseases.  I have had every part of my body imaged multiple times.  I put my imaging CD’s into my computer and become an amateur radiologist.  This helped me tremendously when doing my visualization meditation.  I would spend hours looking at my imaging studies.  I learned to question everything. Today, I 100% trust my intuition.  Meditation fine tunes my intuition.


#6   I purchased Joe Dispenza’s meditations on Audible.  I started doing the 45 min. You Are the Placebo meditation.  I started exploring Eastern Religion and Yogic Philosophy more and more.  I added mantra chanting into my routine which is now a solid hour and a half every morning in my car, in the closet during lunch at work, and before bed. I believe the sound vibration created by mantra chanting activates healing on a cellular level in my body.  If you don’t know what all the words mean at first that’s ok.  It is more about your pure intention and the healing vibrations you are generating throughout your body and mind.  Tibetan Crystal Bowls and Gong Baths can also create these healing vibrations.  My yoga teacher does Sound Healing at the end of class.  It was the only thing that was keeping me going at this point. My left lower leg and foot were completely paralyzed, my hands were barely functioning, and my voice was shaky.  I had to teach art to 700 children each week.  How am I going to make it through the day?  That was my daily question.  In hindsight, working, meditating and moving my body as much as possible was key.  I was squeezing a stress ball and therapy putty all day at work at my neurologist’s suggestion, and doing PT 3X a week. My principal gave me an assistant for the first time in 23 years.

#7   I needed my visualization meditations to be more visual.  More targeted and specific.  The way Dr. Dispenza could visualize all the parts of his spine, I needed that advantage too.  I buy anatomy study cards and start reviewing them on my lunch break at work so I can apply the golden light specifically as well as cellularly throughout my body. I bought this amazing book called The Beautiful Brain/ The Drawings of Santiago Ramon y Cajal, the first neuro scientist.  Elegant drawings of motor neurons and all parts of the brain.  As an artist I was able to relate to the beauty of his drawings and it made my meditations so much more positive and rich.  I started to be able to meditate on my own without guidance.  I was able to personalize my practice and go deeper that way, although I still did the guided meditations too. Imagination is key for good visualizations.  I used to imagine myself walking in high heels to the opera and running on the beach instead of wearing my AFO.  

*A year after the reversal I took myself to the opera at Lincoln Center and wore heels for my 47th birthday! The running on the beach was going to take place in Italy this summer in St. Anthony’s town on the Amalfi coast, but because of COVD-19 it will most likely be at the good ol’ Jersey shore instead.

#8  I am told I have a suspicious mass in my bladder after my reversals and during a subsequent workup at Mayo Clinic to investigate my unexplained situation.  I decided I needed to level up my meditation.  I called a hypnotherapist 3 days before flying back out to Mayo for surgery to remove the mass.  I had recently met her at a local street fair.  I had no idea what to expect but I followed my intuition.  Hypnotherapy is a lot like tailor made guided meditation.  I had seen the mass on video, had a good visual, and the therapist and I recorded a specific audio meditation that I listened to continuously for 3 days prior to surgery.  I listened on the airplane, during pre op, while sleeping and awake.  Mayo wouldn’t let me bring headphones into the OR.  I woke up from surgery and was informed that the mass had disappeared!  Miracle # 4.  The lead doctor was interested in hypnotherapy at that point and did take notes. * A great online hypnotherapy course is Marisa Peer’s Uncompromised Life on  She also has her own website.  She is no nonsense and has a British accent!  You just want to obey her.  If you don’t have access or mobility to see a personal hypnotherapist this is a great resource.  I still listen to the audios every morning and evening after the course completion.  She has a Healing Vortex and Cell Command Therapy script Week 5/6 of this program that are amazing!  She also gives great practical advice about how to manage your mind during her lectures and Q&A sessions. 




#9  Cell Command Therapy- You are directing you’re CONFUSED CELLS AND NEURONS.  You are the commanding teacher and you are guiding them to wellness.  Remember, be conscious of your language.  They are not weak, dying, or turning against you.  They are just confused and your mind is going to set them straight. This is the main idea with cell command hypnotherapy. My therapist helped me realize how negatively we talk to and about our brains and bodies without knowing it. Even though you may feel so downtrodden at times you can catch yourself using negative language and choose to make a mental shift toward more affirming language.  This is a daily focus for me.  It seemed superficial at first but it works.

#10  Today I do a combination of meditation, mantra, prayer, and have become deeply involved in various forms of yoga and spiritual practice. Since meditation continues to play such a huge role in my healing I am planning a pilgrimage to India as soon as travel is safe.  Remember, I started out doing 5 min. meditations on the Headspace App!


Other ideas:

I suggest you have a soundtrackMusic is a form of hypnotherapy.  Athletes run on to the field to loud, pumping music.  You are a mental athlete!  Marisa Peer promotes this idea.   I personally don’t believe it is 50/50- mental/nutrition regarding healing.  In my opinion, from my research and experience, it is more like 100% the mind.  If you get control of your mind the body will naturally crave, and instinctually guide you to all the right treatments, foods, diet, and supplements needed for your particular healing. No magic pill.

So, you need a sound track to pump you up more than anybody!  I can provide some examples from my personal soundtrack.  Listen to it as much as you can.  Get your books on Audible.  Listen to them over and over.  Repetition is KEY when training the mind.  Fall asleep listening to your recorded affirmations, soundtrack, or spiritual books. It filters into the subconscious more easily in twilight before sleep. If you can still write, fill up journals with positive affirmations. If not, listen to recorded ones. I still do this. Repetition is key.

Soak in baths with Himalayan salt as much as possible. I did this every day for a month or two when I was trying to get my hands back. I used an entire giant bottle of salt for each bath.  It wasn’t cheap!  I use Epsom salts with Eucalyptus when I can’t afford Himalayan salt.  At times I thought I would pass out in the tub but I was trying to detox my hands back to life.  Sometimes you have to go hard!  I would talk to my hands under the bath water while trying to coax them to come back and do their job.  Sounds crazy right? Try it. What have you got to lose?  Remember, I did this stuff for months with absolutely no improvement and continued decline.  Until one day…. My hands started to function again!   They are still weak, but they are so much better!  My reversals may seem to happen overnight but I grind it out every day and I do the work.  Yoga and meditation work best if you do them consistently.  Spiritually, I believe it is not entirely up to you.  I do what I can do then I surrender to God.  I just wanted a better outcome.  I wasn’t thinking about miracles.  I think that is what keeps me striving, a hope for a better outcome in each present moment.

Talk to your body and yourself so lovingly but also be stern.  Rub your body with sesame oil or grape seed oil and bergamot essential oil.  Another lively one is Eucalyptus.  Lively is key.  I also experiment with Ayurvedic Oils from India. 

Order The Miracle Ball Method from Amazon by Elaine Petrone and do it daily or get someone to help you. Similar to Melt Method.  Great if you can’t afford massages. Uses your own body weight to relieve muscle tension from immobility.  I wish I had known about it sooner. I had multiple blood clots in my left leg so massages couldn’t happen for me until after my reversal.  No one would touch me.

I do acupuncture, Reiki, Qi Gong, Sound Healing, Kundalini, Hatha, Yin yoga, and massage to manage my ongoing symptoms.

I do warm water with lemon and ginger, celery juice, blueberry detox smoothie, (Anthony William) every morning on an empty stomach with 15 minutes in between each drink.  I trust Anthony William.  I pick the parts of his protocols that work best for me.  I follow his recipes as faithfully as possible.   I am a vegan now.  Usually Raw Until 4pm, then cooked.  This was a gradual process. My gut is great now.  Not the case prior.  This diet works for me but I always remain flexible.  I don’t think nutrition should be the same for everyone.  I just feel better eating this way.  It also aligns with my spiritual beliefs.

Minimal supplements – B12, sublingual, D3-K2, Esther C W/Rosehips, refrigerated probiotic, Zinc as needed.  Adjust as needed.

Quick sample soundtrack:

Anything by JayZ when I need confidence and swagger. (Don’t listen if you are sensitive to profanity)

In My Blood- Shawn Mendes

There’s Nothing Holding Me Back- Shawn Mendes

Let’s Get It Started- Black Eyed Peas

Miss Independent- Neo

Shackles (Praise) – Mary Mary

All The Way Up- Fat Joe

Sexy And I Know It- LMFAO

Can’t Hold Us- Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

I Gotta Feeling- Black Eyed Peas

Vivir Mi Vida- Marc Anthony

Rebel Girl- Bikini Kill – punk rock

Days Like This- Van Morrison

Brave- Sara Bareilles

Make It Happen- Mariah Carey

Hindu mantra chanting by Deva Premal, Kundalini mantras by Jai Jagdeesh

Favorite Podcast: 

Ram Dass Here and Now/ Love Serve Remember

The Mind Valley Podcast


The Breathing App – Resonance Breathing/ Simple Yogic Breathing (I do 30 minutes of the 6:6 breathing) this can help calm your fears and lead you into a peaceful meditative state)

Sadhguru App – Popular Indian Guru- guided meditations, chanting, darshan, and online course called Inner Enginering

Pranayama (Yogic Breathing)

You Tube- Baba Ramdev (extremely popular Indian Swami) Complete Package of Pranayama for Beginners

Robert Moses – online Pranayama courses- all levels.

(The best way to learn Pranayama is from an experienced yoga teacher in person).

Meditations (Kundalini mantras/guided meditations) by Dr. Ramdesh- I get mine on Spotify

Hypnotherapy online:  Marisa Peer on (Uncompromised Life Course) or Marisa

My local hypnotherapist is Lopa Visaveliya at Purandhri Hypnotherapy Montclair, NJ

Phone: 201-254-7562 She does Zoom Sessions now.

Spiritual Nutrition: Anthony William /

Pelvic Floor Therapy-

Pelvic Floor Yoga by Leslie Howard/ YogaUonline

Practicing Muladhara Banda (root lock) in yoga

Pelvic floor neuro stim device Mayo Clinic prescribed for me 2x a week (really helps)

BTL Emsella chair 6 treatments/ MRI technology to stimulate motor neurons in pelvic floor ( after the first session I feel so much stronger


A few books:

Living from a place of Surrender- Michael A. Singer (the course)

The Four Agreements- don Miguel Ruiz

The Untethered Soul and the Surrender Experiment- Michael A. Singer

Creative Visualization and Living in the Light- Shakti Gawain (better on Audible because they are mostly meditations)

Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself- Joe Dispenza (+meditations on Audible by Dr. Joe)

The Biology of Belief- Bruce Lipton

Stop Doing That Shit- Gary John Bishop (on Audible, hilarious, Scottish accent)

Autobiography of A Yogi-  Paramahansa Yogananda

The Beautiful Brain, The Drawings of Santiago Ramon y Cajal- (art book, gorgeous drawings, inspiring for meditation)

Be Here Now- Baba Ram Dass- (far out, groovy, great reading list at the end of book for continued research)

The Complete Illustrated Book of Yoga by Swami Vishnu-devananda -Chapter 8- Pranayama

The Science of Pranayama- Swami Sivananda

The Journey Within and The Journey Home by Radhanath Swami (An American Swami, both NYTimes Best Sellers)

Kundalini, The Arousal of the Inner Energy- Ajit Mookerjee

When Breathe Becomes Air- Paul Kalanithi (mortality, profound)

The Book of Secrets- Deepak Chopra (classic, can’t go wrong with Deepak)

ALS Saved My Life, until it didn’t- Dr. Jenni Kleinman Berebitsky (practical ALS hacks from a holistic doctor with ALS, inspiring and heartbreaking)

Any book by Anthony William- I like his first book Medical Medium as a general introduction and his Life Changing Foods book for recipes.

Until I Say Goodbye- Susan Spencer Wendel (an approach to mortality/ALS)

The Glass Castle- Jeanette Walls (best overcoming adversity story)

The Power of Now- Eckhardt Tolle- (classic, saved the best for last)  



7 thoughts on “Lisa Petsu ALS Reversal-In-Progress

  1. My name is Luc van der

    Can you please help me what to do to reverse PSMA progressive spinal muscle atrophy? I am sitting in a wheelchair, I am detoxing from heavy metals, use vitamine C, D ritulek, lot of fruits, chaga-capsules-mushroom4life. I meditate every day. But I need to know what to eat and what kind of supplements?

    I’am living in the Netherlands

    • Luc thank you for your inquiry. Although we are not medical professionals, we know absolutely that the progression of ALS can be slowed, stopped and even reversed.

      From examining the protocols of the many people who have succeeded in reversing ALS permanently, we have learned that there is no one single answer to ALS, no one protocol. Everyone is different and so each person’s path to healing will be different.
We have found some commonalities, however, that are relevant to virtually all those diagnosed with ALS and these commonalities are in the blogs and articles in

      If you have not already we suggest you start at and click on the green button at right that says “How to I Heal ALS?” From there you will be pointed to a document entitled, “Where Do I Start?” In addition, make sure you sign up for our mailing list and become a member of Healing ALS (it is free).

      Most important, every Sunday we are currently doing free live Healing ALS Community meetings where we share all of the things that others have done to heal ALS so you can find what works in your case. To register, visit and sign up each week.

      None of our ALS reversals take Rilutek because it damages the liver at the same time as you are trying to heal the liver. This is something you need to research on your own. Here is a link to blog on Rilutek aka Riluzole. You need to make your own decision on this and make your own decision:

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