How did they heal ALS?
They used Principles of Integrative Medicine

Holistic/Integrative/Functional Medicine is an approach to balance the body so it can heal itself. Functional Medicine is now taught at all the major medical schools. An advantage to a holistic/integrative/functional approach to healing is that it has high potential benefits and almost no risk. Most ALS Reversals took this approach. To get started right away, click to access “Where Do I Start document”. Click to access “Positivity Letter”.


1. Nutrition & Supplements

Food As Medicine

Nutrition and Supplements Eliminate Inflammatory foods, correct vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and heal the gut. Give the body what it needs to heal.

2. Toxins & Detoxification

Toxins Graphic

Toxins and Detoxification Eliminate or reduce incoming environmental toxins, heal the liver and clear other detox pathways, then detox the toxins already in the body.

3. Heal the Mind

Heal The Mind Image

Heal the mind  Keep a positive mental attitude, let go of negative emotions, release past trauma, forgive everyone and live in love, gratitude and appreciation.