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Wahls Protocol for Neuro-degenerative diseases

Most doctors agree that a diet of whole, unprocessed, nutrient dense foods is essential for health. For neurological conditions, most integrative doctors recommend a diet high in healthy fats (nuts, seeds, oils, avocodo) and low in grains.


Terry Wahls, MD takes it one step further. She as developed the Wahls Protocol available in book form and at her website at 

Dr. Wahls was in a wheelchair for 9 years suffering from multiple sclerosis (MS). Today, after following the Wahls Protocol, she no longer needs a wheechair, and is able to walk, ride a bike and live a normal life as long as she sticks to her diet. She is not cured her MS, but she has been able to become largely asymptomatic.

Why is this important for ALS, Alzhiemer’s and other neurological diseases?  Because a diet good for one neurological disease has been dr-terry-wahls-2nd-stage-multiple-sclerosisshown to be beneficial for other neurological diseases and we personally know people who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, ALS and MS who say they have benefitted from the Wahls Protocol.

Elimination of grains and sugars is an important part of Wahls Protocol as is dairy because they cause inflammation. For those who are sensitive, eggs and any allergic foods must be eliminated.

Far more important, according to Dr. dr-terry-wahls-up-from-the-chair-multiple-sclerosisWahl’s book is what you add back in to the diet. For example, adding an adequate amount of healthy fats (nuts, seeds, coconut oil, olive oil, avocodo) is importnat for brain function. Adding a significant amounts of certain vegetables to the diet is another important piece of the Wahls protocol. Bone broth and liver from organically raised meat and poultry are essential because they add nutrients
not available elsewhere in the diet. Raw brazil nuts provide bio-available selenium to help detoxify the body.

Dr. Wahls is not the only one recommending a diet rich in fats and eliminating grains. Dr. David Perlmutter, MD, and board certified neurologist, recommends a similar diet high in fat and low in grains in his books Grain Brain and Brain Maker. Dr. Mercola MD, Dr. Mark Hyman MD and other well-respected integrative physicians also recommend this type of diet for neurological conditions. All also recommend a diet which eliminates processed foods as well as artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners.

Since part of ALS is inability to process high glutamate levels in the brain, doctors recommend eliminating MSG and other high glutamate foods.

For more information on the Wahls Protocol, visit or order her book on


Amalgam Dental Filling Danger

People ask us all the time: “How can silver amalgam dental fillings be dangerous? They have been around for a hundred years and been in millins of people’s mouths.”

Before I explain, just watch even a few minutes of the following video:

ALL silver amalgam fillings:

  1. Are fifty percent mercury, and mercury is one of the most dangerous substances on the planet for the human body.
  2. Have never been safety tested by the FDA (Food and Drug Adminstration), they were “grandfathered” in.
  3. Are the largest cause of mercury poisoning on the earth according to the World Health Organization.
  4. Leach into the bloodstream with ever breath that you take, going directly into your lungs, crossing the blood-brain barrier into the brain, and often settling there and doing damage.
  5. Leach into your saliva causing havoc on your digestive system and gut health.

Check out this video from the University of Calgary where it is shown that mercury, even in the vicinity of a neuron, will destroy it. No doubt: mercury destroys brain cells.

Every silver amalgam filling that you have accumulates mercury into your body. For those who happen to have great genetics, their bodies will detoxify and the mercury will be safely eliminated through the liver, the kidneys, and the digestive system. More often than not, however, the mercury accumulates in various organs in body “safely” so you have not side effects, but then it has nowhere to go: and it will adversely effect the brain, the heart, the liver, the kidneys, etc. depending on the person. This is why one in ten people have Alzheimer’s at age 65 and by age 85 it is one ever two or three people. As we get older we lose our ability to detoxify and more mercury and other toxins accumulate in our bodies causing damage.There are a also a number of peer-reviewed journal articles directly linking the presence of mercury in the body with ALS. If you have been diagnosed with ALS, you do not want to keep accumulating mercury in the body.

The good news:

  1. You can get your amalgam fillings safely removed by a trained mercury safe dentist. This will eliminate more mercury accumulating
  2. You can detoxify your body from mercury and other heavy metals.

Another ALS survivor

Dr. Wang, a native of China, and also a medical doctor, was diagnosed wDr Wangith ALS in 1983. Over the years he had tried everything, including western medicine, chinese medicine, meditation and qui gong. He survived 15 years but then had major stomach issues and the doctors predicted he would not survive much longer. 

Then he found a chinese mind-body meditation technique called Falun Gong, now known as Falun Dafa. After three months of practicing this technique, his ALS has completely reversed. Now, 18 years later, he is still healthy.

To read more about Dr. Wang’s story, click below:

We had the honor of interviewing Dr. Wang in July of 2016. He is still practicing medicine. He continues to practice Falun Dafa daily. Why does Falun Dafa heal? More on this later.

Another study intrigued us. It was published in 2016 and studied 152 terminal cancer patients. In order to be included in the study, the prognosis had to be less than a year. The study patients were all Chinese who practiced Falun Dafa. The study period was between 2000 and 2015 and as of publicaton, 149 patients were still alive and 96% were completely cured! We have never seen this kind of cure rate for terminal cancer! Here is a link to the abstract:

If you would like to see how Falun Dafa works in the western world, here a is short 6 minute introduction. Please note there is a mis-translation in the video saying Dr. Wang had muscular distrophy. The correct translation is ALS. Dr. Wang’s wife was a neurologist and his diagnosis of ALS was definitive.

Falun Dafa is totally free. It is not a religion, but rather a philosophy that goes along with a mind-body meditation practice.  It consists primarily of studying a book (also available free online to download or in the form of 9 audio lectures which you can listen to online) and doing exercises (do the best you can given your physical constraints). More information is available at: and there are some examples of the exercises on

Why does Falun Dafa work?

  1. Healing is both mental and physical. There is plenty of scientific evidence that stress causes disease or, at a minimum, is a major contributing factor in most diseases. Virtually everyone we spoke to who has been diagnosed with ALS, had a lot of stress in their lives the three to five years before diagnosis. Among other things, Falun Dafa helps eliminate stress, which can help put the body into a state of healing. 
  2. Negative emotions such as anger, fear, frustration put the body into a state of stress. There is plenty of scientific evidence that when the body is in this state, cells cannot absorb nutrients and they cannot detoxify. Try thinking of a stressful event?  How does your body feel? Now think of a very happy event? Now how does you body feel? Which state will promote healing? Falun dafa helps you eliminate these negative emotions.
  3. We don’t know. But given the two stories above and the many stories you will find online in a google search, it seems worth looking into and worth giving it a try.

When will the Healing ALS documentary film be complete?

People ask us: You have been working on the documentary film, Healing ALS for years now. When will it be complete?  The short answer is, “when we get funding”. If we get the full amount that we need, we can finish in six to eight months. In the meatime we move forward as we earn money that can go to the film and get in donations. For more details, please click the Donate button at right. 

This month, July 2016, we flew to New York then rented a car and traveled to North Carolina, back to NY and up to Boston. Here are some of the things we accomplished during the trip:

  • Filmed three ALS reversal interviews for the documentary film and YouTube:
    • Nelda Buss diagnosed with ALS 1985
    • Mike McDuff diagnosed with ALS 2012 
    • Dr. Wang Zhiyuan diagnosed with ALS 1983.
  • Got another chapter in for our book, Healing ALS.
  • Interviewed two doctors we for the Healing ALS film
    • Dr. Richard Bedlack, neurologist Head of ALS clinic Duke university, documenting ALS reversals
    • Dr. Savely Yurkovsky, MD, homeopath, helped one of the PALS in our film heal
  • Spent 3 days at Reversing Alzheimer’s conference with Drs, Permutter, Hyman, and Bredesen as co-presenters, as well as
  • Met with Steve Saling and toured the Saling ALS residence in Chelsea, MA
  • Met with 2 PALS Erika and Kathy, who are working on holistic methods to reverse ALS symptoms.
  • Met with Linda Paulhus, whose son passed away from ALS who has been collecting material on holistic healing of ALS.
  • Met our HealingALS webmaster, Marea Adjewon from TurnKeyBlogTeam in person, who is helping us create a PALS support website
  • Had coffee with one of our volunteer transcriptionists. We really need to pay these incredible women. In the meantime we have had several volunteer to transcribe a few of our interviews, which is moving us forward in the editing process of the Healing ALS documentary film together.

So to answer “When will the Healing ALS documentary film be complete?” With no funding, doing bits and pieces at a time as we earn enough, it could take years. With full funding six to eight months. Thank you for all who have donated so far. We would not have been able to get here without you.

More proof of ALS Reversals

We are very pleased that the idea that ALS is reversible is becoming more and more accepted. Yesterday the Wall Street Journal published an article featuring 2 people who have reversed their ALS symptoms significantly. Here is an excerpt:

“Richard Bedlack has treated more than 2,000 patients with ALS, the neurological condition also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. Almost without exception, his patients get worse over time and eventually die.

Now, Dr. Bedlack, longtime head of Duke University’s ALS clinic, is focusing on a different kind of patient: someone who seems to be getting better.

ALS, or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, progressively robs people of the ability to move their muscles and is fatal, usually within two to five years.

But in a small number of cases—Dr. Bedlack says he has verified 23 so far—patients report unexpectedly regaining lost motor functions for at least a year. Some attribute their improvement to supplements or experimental therapies, but acknowledge they can’t be certain why they started to improve.

Dr. Bedlack believes that studying these so-called “ALS reversals” and trying to determine what, if anything, separates these individuals from the overwhelming majority of others may lead to new understanding of the disease and, potentially, new therapies…”

For the full article, see: or

We applaud Dr. Bedlack for studying these reversals and believe that this is most valuable way to come quickly to viable treatments for ALS.

We do want to emphasize that we feel ALS has many causes and not only are these causes different for each individual diagnosed but each person’s genetic and environmental background are different. Therefore, this means that treatment for each person will be highly individual, and what is successful for one, might not be successful for another. Different things work for different people. This is consistent with the vast majority of PALS (persons diagnosed with ALS) who have been able to successfully reverse ALS. They did a whole combination of protocols to reverse their ALS symptoms. We are convinced that the approach of studying only one protocol at a time is not ever going to work for the majority of ALS patients therefore we are hoping ALS researchers will move towards studying this multi-therapeutic approach in their clinical trials.

That said, we are very encouraged that ALS reversals are becoming accepted in the mainstream ALS community, and we thank Dr. Bedlack for his hard work by verifying the reversals of ALS in these patients, by studying them and beginning clinical trials, and by getting this information to the ALS medical community. We hope there will be more research funded to study the various multi-therapeutic approaches, these PALS have taken to reverse ALS.

Below is a recent YouTube video of Richard Bedlack, MD, PhD giving a talk describing some of his reversals.

Again, our hope is that the ALS research community studies a multi-therapeutic approach to ALS. Although Lunasen is in itself multi-therapeutic because the various ingredients address more than on thing in the body, it only addresses some of the possible causes of ALS. By addressing all the many possible causes of ALS with appropriate therapies, we believe the success rate will be much higher and more and more ALS patients will be able to reverse their symptoms. Again, thank you Dr. Bedlack for your contribution to solving the ALS puzzle.


Where do I start?

People ask where do I start? Some PALS would like to take some positive steps while they are researching what to do. This document is adapted from the “Checklist” at and we feel it is a good place to start. Again we are not medical professionals. This is based on information gleaned from PALS who have reversed their symptoms. You need to make your own decisions based on your research, the research of your support team, and the advice of medical professionals.

Good suggestion:  Assemble a support team.  This is not an illness you can fight on your own and the traditional medical field really has nothing to offer.  Get friends, family, children, siblings and holistic (functional) medical professionals on your side.  Only add the people that will help you get well not help you die.  Your team may consist of only one or two people at first. The team members need to understand all the points below and understand how important they are for your well being.

Basic Check List for ALS.

Things to Eliminate:

  1. _____Check your home for toxic chemicals: bleaches, cleaners, sanitizers, etc., and eliminate.
  2. _____Eliminate all processed food that contain preservatives, sugars, vegetable oils, etc., like aspartame, MSG, corn syrup, aluminum, fluoride, nitrates and nitrites.
  3. _____Eliminate all soft drinks and fast foods.  (No fries and greasy burgers)
  4. _____Eliminate all chemical fumes, perfumes, deodorants, cosmetics, (even Chapstick)
  5. _____Eliminate toxic soaps.  Toothpaste (get fluoride fee), shampoo, hand & bath soap, laundry soap, dryer sheets.
  6. _____Reduce carbohydrates and fried foods.
  7. _____Eliminate alcohol and tobacco.

Things to add:

  1. _____Start taking 4000 mg of Vitamin C daily.  Vitality C is excellent brand.
  2. _____Start using coconut oil, as ointment on weak muscles and 6 to 8 tablespoons with food.
  3. _____Get Magnesium.  Kim takes 1 teaspoon of Natural Calm and 3 tablets of jigsaw magnesium daily.
  4. _____Take a glutathione supplement. sells a 5 oz bottle (I t. per day). Eat an avocado daily and get good sleep in dark room.
  5. _____Take Vitamin D3.  D levels should be 60-90.  Get D levels checked if possible.
  6. _____Take Turmeric.  750 mg per day
  7. _____Go to a gluten free diet.  (No grains with gluten such as bread & pasta.)
  8. _____Implement ketogenic (high in good fats) and Terry Wahl’s diet (high in fresh vegetables). Google for more info.
  9. _____Increase hydration.  Try to drink at least 4 quarts of pure water per day.
  10. _____If swallowing is an issue (Bulbar ALS), start drinking carbonated water until your throat heals..
  11. _____Learn ways to detox your body.  Google ways to detox.

Power of the Mind — Develop PMA (Positive Mental Attitude)

  1. _____Invoke divine assistance.  Pray a lot.  But remember that God helps those who help themselves.  (Pray as though everything depends on God, then work as though everything depends on you.)
  2. _____Read positive, uplifting books and listen to good uplifting music.
  3. _____Paste positive clippings around your home and/or workplace.
  4. _____Do not allow negative input from family, friends, doctors.  Tell them you are going to beat this and believe it yourself by vocalizing in daily.
  5. _____Find some people you can serve, beyond your immediate family.  Care centers are a great place to find people that can lift you up by letting you serve them.  Great therapy.
  6. _____ Find a way to keep doing what you enjoy doing, for as long as you can. Refuse to give in to this disease.  For me, it is golf.
  7. _____ A change of attitude will change the outcome.  (One of our PALS said that she added spirituality as we had suggested and said that it has made a huge difference for her.)

Good Reference material to start:

  1. ______Read Eric Edney’s book, Eric Is Winning. It is an excellent primer for where to start and what to do. While we do not agree with every detail, it contains invaluable information. It is available on Look at Eric Edney’s website:  Eric passed away in January of 2015 at age 85 from complications of a stroke and heart attack.  He was diagnosed with ALS in his early 60’s and until his stroke, his functionality and ALS symptoms were improving.
  2. ______Read Steven Shackel’s website, This site has excellent information on a variety of ALS topics and is well-written and readable. Steve was diagnosed with ALS in 1994. His symptoms worsened to the point where he could not leave the house without a wheelchair and his speech was compromised. Most of his ALS symptoms have since subsided.

ALS Puzzle Pieces #1 Belief and #2 Stress: Scientific proof that we can heal from anything, including ALS


We have met many, many people who have healed from ALS, some completely, some partially. All will live normal life spans. Two of the things they had in common were:

  1. They believed that they could heal.
  2. They dealt with the stresses in their lives and achieved balance in their lives, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.


One thing everyone who has healed from ALS has in common is belief that they can and will heal. Although many initially believed their doctors that they would die, at some point they changed that belief. (This includes the belief they deserve to heal—but that will be discussed in a future blog).

Lissa Rankin, MD talks of 50 years of research proving that we can heal ourselves from anything (including ALS).

Wasn’t that a great video? It helps explain that part of the solution to ALS and other diseases is absolute belief that you can heal.


The other thing Dr. Rankin talks about in the above video is the stress response and how the body reacts.

In our observations, the vast majority of people diagnosed with ALS experienced significant stress in their lives during the three to five years before their symptoms appeared. Dr. Rankin appears.

Stress is discussed in more detail in her next video:


From our observations, we know that to heal from ALS, Puzzle pieces #1 Belief and #2 Stress, MUST be dealt with. This isn’t to say that physical things are not important: nutrition, supplements, detoxification, balancing the body, optimizing, liver, kidney and gut function are also key to healing.

All we are saying is that to heal from ALS you need to address, along with the physical: belief, stress, emotional healing, negative thoughts, balance in your life, and more. Healing your mind will help your body heal.

We are journalists, not medical professionals. The information we share is for educational purposes only and should not be treated as medical advice.

Patricia Tamowski is co-founder of Health Advocates Worldwide along with Alan Scott Douglas. They create documentary films, book and videos educating the world about reversible causes of disease. Their current focus is ALS and Alzheimer’s.