47 Steps to Healing ALS

Step 8 – Clean Mind: Thoughts

Step 9 Clean Mind Thoughts

1.Review Advanced Boot Camp Week 1

Evy McDonald Part 1

Evy McDonalds Part 2

Review Sunday Recording March 12, 2023.

Watch Boot Camp 3 Recording presented by Cathy Cummins.

Here are the individual Videos within that were presented.


Tools for Positivity and Forgiving and Releasing Stuck Emotions

Nocebo Effect – Opposite of the Placebo effect. Placebo: if you think you are going to heal, you are likely to heal. Nocebo: If you think you are going to die or be disabled you are more likely to die or be disabled.

Positive versus Negative thoughts

Gratitude, love and forgiveness

Stinkin Thinkin

Suppressed Emotions – Visualization, Verbalizing Forgiving (Cowden). Instructions are at drleecowden.com

Appropriate Emotional release – Speaking

Emotions are not in Intellect. Stored as emotional charges.

Prayer for best outcome for all.

Introduce. Life Purpose Statement- Email to Lisa Bougie. 100 to 300 words.

What is Service?

Sequential thought, external thought from another person, 3 from God (dwell and more peace), 4 from demonic realm (dwell on that less peace)

A Note from Dr. Cowden: Get out of your head any negative words which have been spoken over you, ESPECIALLY words of prognosis by a doctor or other healthcare person.  Realize those people are NOT God and don’t really KNOW what your individual prognosis is (even though they sometimes speak as if they know). MANY of the doctors who are working toward reversing MOST cases of ALS have had patients who were given a negative prognosis by another healthcare practitioner and those patients are still alive many years or sometimes even decades past their “expiration date”. So, why not YOU???

Then SubConscious Esov drops and bio-transducer.

Then Exercise Esov. Recharge Organs. Next module.

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2023: Click Here to View the Recording of Step 8

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