47 Steps to Healing ALS

Step 12: Dental: Amalgams & Infections

Warning: Before removing dental amalgams:

Your biological dentist may not be aware that safe amalgam removal procedures for non-ALS patients are often not appropriate for AL S patients whose detox pathways are usually very compromised.

  • VERY IMPORTANT: Removing amalgams before you are ready or in an incorrect manner can make your symptoms worse and cause unnecessary damage
  • Make sure you are having full regular bowel movements twice a day
  • Make sure your detox pathways are clear, your lymphatic system is working well
  • Get ONE amalgam removed by a trained mercury-safe dentist and check for detox symptoms. Make sure you have completely recovered from any detox symptoms before getting your next filling out, and never do subsequent removals in multiples of 7 days.
  • Use vitamin c, activated charcoal, etc. detailed below during removal process.
  • Many PALS find getting amalgams removed safely spread out over months or years after their body is ready is easier on their body. Listen to your body.

1) Open your mouth in front of the mirror and count the number of silver (light, medium or dark) dental fillings.  If you have crowns, a dentist will have to look under the crowns for silver fillings.

2) Watch this Smoking Teeth Video 

3) Watch these videos

Videos from the 2019 Healing ALS Recordings from Dr. Stuart Nunnelly

Watch this Stuart Nunnelly video

17. Stuart Nunnally, DDS, MS, NMD | Healing ALS 2019 Conferencehttps://premium.healingadvocates.org/healing-als-conference/sessions/17-stuart-nunnally/

Screenshot 2023 04 24 At 12.51.07 PM

Below is a link to the video of the Q & A after the above video

18. Stephen Sherry and Dr. Stuart Nunnally Q&A | Healing 2019 Conference

If you would like to own all of the 2022 and 2019 conference recordings you can purchase them here Healing ALS Conference

Strongly Encouraged Videos to Watch – watch on 1.5 speed – time is limited – the information is valuable

Hal Huggins on IAOMT (37 minutes)

Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, Ph.D on IAOMT (1hour, 13 minutes) 

Mandatory – 1st 10 minutes and last 10 minutes – the rest encouraged

“40 years of Experience with Biological Dentistry as the Most Important Healing Strategy for the Intergrative Physician”

Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique: SMART Recommendations (5 minutes) 


Marie Flowers Mercury Poisoned from the unsafe removal of her silver amalgam fillings (4 minutes)


4) Look up biological dentists in your area

5) Investigate dentists you are considering

  • Read reviews on line
  • Get recommendations from others
  • Call the office and get a feel for procedures, dentist and prices

6) Make an appointment with a biological dentist

7) ***Caution: Remove 1 amalgam at a time first and space them apart***

  • Get ONE amalgam removed at a time. You may experience detox symptoms even with a biological dentist. If you experience detox symptoms do NOT remove another amalgam filling until all the detox symptoms are gone and you are restored to your previous state of health.
  • Most PALS get best results when they space amalgam removals 1 to 3 months apart. Never get the next amalgam removed on the same day of the week as previous amalgam removal.
  • If you have a badly infected tooth then you likely will want to get this infection removed before removing the amalgams.
  • If it is a root-canal or infected tooth, there is no point in getting exposure to mercury by removing the amalgam since most PALS choose to get the tooth removed.

8) Look for specks of mercury that may have been left behind

9) Remove root canals, infections, cavitations and address other problems the biological dentists finds

10) For Low-grade Dental infections until you can get the infection removed and treated by a biological dentist.

  • You can use a  combination of Oral Health Powder and Nutramedixs Cumanda tincture.
  • Method:
  • 1.       Take a 2 by 2 gauze.
  • 2.       Moisten it with the Cumanda tincture  and  sprinkle on Oral Health Powder from Dr.Chris Ging. Dr. Ging’s phone number is (817) 469-8823.
  • Moisture allows the powder from Oral Health to be made into a mud and so you fold the gauze upon itself so now it’s about a half inch wide and a couple of inches long.
  • 3.       Place it inside the mouth against the gum. With the cheek holding it in place. Leave it in there for about 2 h.
  • While it’s in there you can shine an infrared light through the cheek, it will go through the gauze into the bone.
  • It will carry some of the energy of that herbal combination into the bone and help to resolve the infection.
  •  In 4 months using that approach daily will give a pretty good effect to prevent the infection from having an adverse effect on the physical body.

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Check for Understanding and Completion of Step 12:

  1. ____I looked in the mirror and know if I have mercury fillings (silver).
  2. ____I watched the smoking teeth video and realize that having silver fillings in my mouth is adding mercury to my body when I eat, drink or have dental work done.
  3. ____ I watched the videos from IAOMT and the Stuart Nunnelly videos from the 2019 Healing ALS Conference.
  4. ____ I looked up biological dentists on iaomt.org and iabdm.org
  5. ____ I made an appointment with a biological dentist.
  6. ____ I had my amalgams removed and asked the biological about root canals, infections and other dental problems I may have.
  7. ____I had a post amalgam removal check for any specks of mercury that may be left behind.
  8. ____I had an Alfasight9000 Scan from Alfathermo.com or I had cone beam scans from my dentist and have been told I have no root canals, cavitations or dental infections. If you have an extremely experienced muscle testing practitioner, they can also give you an all clear for dental infections.

If you have checked all boxes, Congratulations! You have completed Step 12!

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