47 Steps to Healing ALS

Step 7: Clean Water 

Step 7. Clean Water

  • What is wrong with tap water? 
  • Tap water is tested only for a few dozen toxins. It is not tested for, nor does it filter out many pesticides, petroleum products, prescription drugs, birth control pills, over the counter medications
  1. Tap water often contains fluoride, which is a neurotoxin
  • What about well water? 
  • Water test link: put in link
  • Isn’t my refrigerator filter good enough?
    1. Your refrigerator filter only filters about half of contaminants and none of some types of  contaminants .
  • What about a Brita filter?
    1. Brita filters only about half of contaminants and none of some types of  contaminants .
  • What about bottled Spring water?
    1. Bottled spring water is your best choice for bottled water BUT….. The issue is that there are nano-plastics in a large percentage of bottled water. They did a study in 4 major cities and found plastics in 25% of bottled water.
    2. The bottles themselves also leach chemicals, BPAs and other chemicals, especially when heated. You have no control over what happens in a hot shipping container or truck that gets over 130 degrees in the summer.
  • What about reverse osmosis?
  1. Reverse osmosis filters remove ALL the good minerals along with the bad minerals. This means you are drinking dead water. Reverse Osmosis is necessary in some cases in areas where the water is very bad.
  2. If you use reverse osmosis water, you MUST add good minerals to all the water you drink. (ReMyte or AussieTraceMnerals.com or Nutramedix Deep Ocean Trace Mineral capsules or MorningStar Minerals Energy Boost 70 Concentrate Fulvic Minerals) to all water you are drinking 

Inexpensive Action items:

  • Consider getting a Berkey Filter (Will add direct link–negotiating discount for ALS)
  • Get a Shower Filter Even if this is a carbon filter with limited filtration with hot water, yet it is better than no filter at all

Check for Understanding and Completion of Step 7:

  1. ____Why do I not want to drink tap water? Write down 6 reasons.
  2. ____Why is a Brita filter not a good option?
  3. ____Why is reverse osmosis not necessarily the best option for water? 
  4. ____ I watched the testing analysis video of the Berkey filter. What contaminants did he look at that surprised you?
  5. ____ I watched the December 18 2022 presentation by Leo on Sunday recordings and noted things to add to the above.Presentation by17 ALS Reversals video. 
  6. ____ I am no longer using tap water nor Brita filtered water nor refrigerated filtered water. If I am using bottled water temporarily I am looking into purchasing at a minimum a basic Berkey or equivalent gravity filter and a shower filter. I can look into more expensive options at a future date.

If you have checked all boxes, Congratulations! You have completed Step 7!

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