47 Steps to Healing ALS

Step 47: Putting it all together

Congratulations and Conclusions

  1. Congratulations! You have reached the last step in the 47 steps.
  2. Healing ALS Registry.
    • Please enter your data at ALSRegistry.org
    • The Registry tracks your health
    • The Registry tracks your treatments
    • The Registry helps other PALS, Functional doctors and ALS Researchers
  3. Control your thinking
    • Your thoughts control your emotions not the other way around
  4. What ALS Reversals did
    1. Changed their thinking/mindset
    2. Researched, tried anything and everything, ALL made mistakes
    3. Prioritized their health AND lived life
    4. Listened to their body, followed their intuition, meditated/prayed, stayed in a state of love/gratitude/forgiveness
    5. Determination (don’t give up)
    6. They were in charge of their health, not their doctor, not their partner
  5. Avoid negative inputs
  6. Have fun!!!! LIVE with ALS rather then die from ALS. Enjoy your life now!
  7. Review the camel’s back story.
  8. Review Evy McDonald’s story. See ALS Reversals on HealingALS.org
    • You are carrying physical and emotional toxins
    • Meditate every day. It encourages intuition, self-examination, release of emotions
    • Have your forgiven everyone and anyone in your life?
    • Are you doing what you want in life? Are you doing things to please others instead of following your soul?
    • Are you the same outside as inside? Are you authentic?
    • Are you giving without expectation of receiving?
    • Read about positivity and how your thoughts affect your emotions affect your body and health.
    • Evy changed her thinking and healed.
  9. Balance
    • If you die in a year how do you want to live this year?
    • Next year look back on this year with no regrets.
    • Balance learning about how to heal AND living.
    • Live your life NOW.
    • Playing and having fun is part of healing.
  10. CHOOSE to be happy
    • No matter what your condition, you can choose to things happy positive thoughts or miserable negative thoughts. Which makes you feel better?
    • Chose to be the best YOU you can be.
  11. The only person who is going to heal is YOU.
    • Your doctor will not heal you. He will help, but it is you who will heal.
    • YOUR thoughts
    • YOUR insights
    • YOUR research
    • YOUR aha moments
    • YOUR prayers
    • YOUR dreams
    • YOUR insights and solutions from meditation
    • YOUR focus
    • YOUR determination
  12. Gratitudes
    • Continue to write three gratitudes daily in your gratitude journal (electronic or paper)
    • Write down a best moment from the past 24 hours to relive (or another time)
  13. Watch HEAL Documentary
  14. Have you forgiven yourself and everyone else in your life?
    • Every time you don’t forgive anyone you are hurting yourself.
    • Why would you hold onto resentment or unforgiveness?
  15. Ask for help when you need it
    • Allow other people to to assist you, give others the gift of giving
  16. PALS and CALS appreciate each other and forgive each other
  17. Focus on what you CAN do, what you cannot do.

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Check for Understanding and Completion of Step 47:

Congratulations! You have finished your first time through 47 Steps!

I understand that I make the decisions about my own health. I listen to others, yet in the end the responsibility is mine.

I understand that I am in charge of my own happiness. The thoughts I choose to think will determine how I feel. I can choose healing happy thoughts or negative disease thoughts.

understand that I choose what is a a good balance for me: living my life AND learning and taking actions towards my own healing

have reviewed the six items above summarizing what the ALS reversals did to heal.

am responsible to research things myself before I ingest or do things. If a doctor or my CALS suggest something I will have a good understanding of the protocol and agree with it before I follow it.

listen to my body. If I have a bad reaction to something I will stop taking it. I my try it again at another time when my body is ready or not at all.

follow my intuition. If something feels right I try it. If something does not feel right I do not. I understand that the more positive and at peace I am, and the more time I spend on loving self-reflection, the better my intuition will be.

I have forgiven everyone in my life including myself

I give without expectation of receiving anything back (example a kind word or gesture).

I write down and feel things I am grateful for daily or almost daily

I read my ideal life statement with emotion (See Step 3) daily or almost daily, out loud if possible.

meditate or have quiet time to listen for inspiration and for self-reflection every day or almost daily.

am authentic. I present the true me to the outside.prepared with food, clothing, toiletries and supplements for myself and my PALS in case I need to stay in the hospital for the day.

am authentic. I follow what my soul calls me to do versus do things to please, what others want me to do.

have watched the HEAL documentary. It is available on YouTube and other platforms for a nominal fee.

If you have checked all boxes, Congratulations! You have completed Step 47.

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