47 Steps to Healing ALS

Step 3: Program Your Mind For Healing

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  1. Before you watch the video below:
    • How much of your health do you feel you are responsible for versus your support team and your doctors?
      • 0-20%
      • 20-40%
      • 40-60%
      • 60-80%
      • 80-100%
  2. Watch the Video Below from minute 8:13 onwards.

3. Empowerment versus Victim. Empowerment versus Poor Me

You are responsible for your own health. Make your OWN decisions.

4. Ideal Life

5. Fear of Death –

Watch minimum 20 NDEs Near Death Experiences on YouTube.com

Read Many Lives, Many Masters

6. Discussion on other Fears – Before you can focus on what you want sometimes we have to get past our fears. You may have none of these fears or more than one.

  • Fear of Death, Focus on LIFE
  • Fear of Disability, Focus on HEALTH
  • Fear of Abandonment, Focus APPRECIATION for all your friends, family and colleagues you have NOW in your life.
  • Fear of Poverty, Focus on ABUNDANCE

7. Meditate 15 min

8. Write 3 Gratitudes and 1 Best Moment Daily with emotion in Journal. Electronic or Paper.

9. Evy McDonald

Watch the video below

State of peace love abundance joy

In your heart. Be. Feel. Exude. Then you will attract that.

Everything is energy, vibration. Like attracts like.

Brain heart gut all aligned.

It is who you are not what you do.

  • Ideal Life Paris
  • Write your Ideal Life Statement as explained in the video above.
    • Assume you are in perfect health.
    • Assume you have unlimited funds—money not an issue.
    • Write in the Present Tense. Your Ideal Future Life has already happened.
    • Include at the end of your Ideal Life Statement one sentence about your ideal day TODAY (once sentence) with your current physical limitations
    • Include and be specific:
      • Include a specific date that you will achieve this by. It is January 18, 2026… for example.
      • Include emotional words. Love, exciting, feel great, happy, confident.
      • Where do you want to live—perfect city/country, house/apartment/condo
      • Who do you want to live with—spouse/partner/children/parents/etc.
      • What career will you have, what would be your ideal type of work to do?
      • How will you serve others, how will you volunteer?
      • Make sure it is in alignment with your core values–family, career, freedom, legacy, spiritual, helping others
      • What are you willing to do to get there? Diet/supplements/meditation/prayer/journal/relationships things to stay positive.
      • Make sure it feels good to read it! Keep revising it until it feels great!
    • Remember: 
      • Be specific, use words helping you visualize what you will see, hear, feel when you achieve this.
      • Assume you are building a house: you need all the details in the blueprint. You are creating a blueprint for your life.
      • Living document. Feel free to adjust and change with time.
  • Beginning today, write 3 New Gratitudes and a Best Moment every day. Keep a journal in writing OR on the computer.
  • Write down 3 to 10 affirmations of who you want to be in the present tense. Examples:
    • I am strong, powerful, loving, happy….
    • I am perfect I am whole in my body and my soul
  • Watch ONLY between 19 minutes and 33 for more details on the Ideal Life Statement
  • Only after you have watched minutes 19-33 in the Video below and only after it feels good to read, email your Ideal Life Statement to alsadvbootcamp@gmail.com. Lisa, who has expertise in this area, will give you feedback for ways it can be even more effective.

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Check for Understanding and Completion of Step 3:

I understand that this is a self-study class with a choice of 2 Live Q&A sessions every Thursday.

written down at least 3 affirmations of the ideal me. I read them daily.

If you have checked all boxes, Congratulations! You have completed Step 3.

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