47 Steps to Healing ALS

Step 18: Conventional Medical Testing


Please note that Step 18 only covers conventional testing. Step 20 will cover functional and specialized testing.


Here are some things that Conventional Medical testing can tell you.

Before Testing:

  • 3 days before testing stop fat soluble vitamins
  • 1 – 2 days before testing stop water soluble vitamins
  • Fast at least 12 hours before testing. Drink water only.

Inflammatory markers. Inflammation is key form most chronic disease, including ALS. Here are the main test which show inflammation.

  • Lipid Panel
  • CBC with Differential
  • CRP – High Sensitivity
  • Homocysteine
  • Sed Rate
  • Ferritin

Methylation markers. Another key issue for those with ALS is poor methylation. Below are conventional tests that show methylation

  • The higher the Methylmalonic acid the lower the B12
  • Methylmalonic acid is also an important methylation marker.

Mold markers. To see if you have mold in your body, there are some conventional tests Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker has determined point toward mold. You don’t necessarily have to be out of balance on all of them at once. If you can get your conventional doctor to test for some of these – you can get a good idea whether mold may be a problem. Here is a link to the full list with the lab to use for each test, diagnostic codes and CPT codes Lab_orders_2017.pdf (survivingmold.com)

This is a link to a chart you can print out and record date, result and whether it is abnormal results. The ranges the lab gives are not always the same as Dr. Shoemaker’s so please use this chart to track your results. Physician_results sheet_8_31_2011.xls (survivingmold.com)

These are just a few of the tests on the lists that we chose to diagnose mold illness.

Below are conventional tests available from your regular doctor and are covered by most medical systems including Medicare (US). Your regular doctor should be able to order the following:

***Please do not take water soluble supplements for 1 day before testing and fat soluble supplements for 3 days before testing.***

  1. Conventional Labs- Order the following labs
    1. Through Ulta Labs – About $500-$800. You do not need a doctor. Ulta gives you a requisition form to get your blood drawn at a local lab. We are working on getting a pre-set ALS blood panel with Ulta Labs. In the meantime, see below.
    2. You have also have the option of ordering through your conventional doctor. Many PALS have found their insurance or Medicare did not cover all the tests and the co-pay was more than had they ordered from Ulta
    3. The NutrEval by Genova Diagnostics is often covered by insurance. ICB10 Code for motor neuron disease. If you have a choice: FMV Plasma Amino Acid or FMV Amino Acid test — choose the FMV PLASMA Amino Acid test.

Here are the labs to order (Basic ALS Panel on Ulta or you physician):

  1. Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP) – Liver panel, Kidney, Blood Sugar, Fluid/electrolytes, Blood proteins
    • Liver (Optimal ALT and AST is 10-25). Fatty liver and abnormal liver IS reversible.
    • Kidney damage is also reversible.
  2. Complete Blood Count (CBC) with differential- white (immune) and red (oxygen) blood cells, anemias, platelets, bone marrow disorders, inflammation
  3. White Blood Cell Differential (if not included in CBC) – allergies, viral and bacterial infections, T cells, B cells, ability to make antibodies, etc.
  4. Iron Panel – (iron, transferrin, TIBC, % saturation, ferritin) – Iron metabolism disorder, anemia, inflammation
  5. Lipid Panel – (cholesterol, LDL, HDL, Triglycerides, Lipo (a))- cardiovascular risk, Apolipoprotein B
    • Your brain needs cholesterol. Ideal cholesterol often between 240-280, for those with chronic disease. Educate yourself on the REAL science.
    • You are more likely to die from all causes if your cholesterol is <150 than if your cholesterol is >300.
    • If you are taking statins, there is much peer-reviewed evidence that shows that statins are a causative factor in ALS.
  6. Adrenal – total cortisol, 8am and/or 4pm
  7. Thyroid Panel – (TSH, Free T4, T3 Uptake) (may not be covered: Free T3, Reverse T3, ,Anti-Thyroglobulin Antibody)
  8. Thyroid Peroxidase Antibody
  9. Fasting insulin
  10. Carnitine Panel – (Total, free, esters, esterified/free ratio) 
  11. Lyme Panel – Western Blot
  12. Allergy test basic
  13. Vitamin D 25,hydroxy
  14. Vitamin A, Retinol CPT 84590
  15. Vitamin E Panel, CPT 84446, Alpha and Gamma Tocopherol
  16. Vitamin B12
    • Ideal vitamin B12 in the 700-900 range
    • If B12 is below 400 you are damaging neurons.
    • If B12 is above 1000, chances are it is not getting absorbed.
      • Look at the B1, B2, B6 and other B’s to see if balanced.
      • Consider taking adenosocobalamin or hydroxycobalamin instead of methylcobalamin. Do NOT take cyanocobalamin.
  17. Creatinine Kinase
  18. Hemoglobin A1c
  19. Hs CRP
  20. Fibrinogen Activity CPT 85379
  21. D-Dimer CPT 85379
  22. Homocysteine
  23. Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR)
  24. Myeloperoxidase Antibody (MPO)
  25. Uric Acid
  26. Ammonia
  27. Gamma Glutamyl Transferase
  28. Lyme and Co-infections
  29. Iodine, blood Random
  30. Ceruloplasmin (bound copper)

We strongly recommend a NutrEval test since it is a comprehensive look at metabolism and can save money in the long run since it contains many key markers and can take the place of several other functional test.

If you are NOT doing NutrEval, then this is ALS Supplemental 1 which will be available on Ulta labs (not yet we will let you know when):

  1. Vitamin B6
  2. Vitamin B1 (Erythrocyte Thiamine)
  3. Vitamin B9 (Erythrocyte Fola
  4. Vitamin D 1,25 di-hydroxy
  5. Methylmalonic Acid
  6. Magnesium RBC 
  7. Selenium
  8. Erythrocyte metals (lead, mercury, cadmium)
  9. Serum Zinc
  10. Serum Copper

If you ARE doing NutrEval, then this is ALS Supplemental 2 on Ulta labs (not yet) OR you can order these as a NutrEval Add-on:

  • Zonulin (measure of leaky gut)
  • COMT (methylation transport)
  • MTHFR (methylation markers C677T and A1298C)
  • Molybdenum serum plasma CPT 83018
  • TGF-beta (mold marker)

Supplemental 3 for Thyroid

If you can get these tests ordered and covered by insurance on the first round, do so. Some insurances will only cover these if you suspect thyroid abnormalities

Free T3, Reverse T3, , Anti-Thyroglobulin Antibody) 


These tests are more expensive and many not be needed and here is why:

Viral Panel – (HSV, HHV6, HHV7, EBV, CMV, Enteroviruses, ParvoB19)  Note: some of these may not be covered by insurance.

  • In general ANY treatment of viruses, conventional or otherwise, do not work if you have too many toxins in your system and if you have vitamin and mineral deficiencies.
  • Repeat: Based on experience of hundreds of ALS patients, direct treatments of viruses DO NOT WORK (see next two bullets)
  • If you eliminate inflammatory and sensitive foods, correct deficiencies, eliminate environmental toxins and them eliminate toxins from your body, your immune system will then be strong enough to bring the viruses into remission without further treatment.
  • In other words, “Drain the swamp” first. If the swamp is full of water, it is very hard to kill the critters. If you drain the swamp, they will likely die on their own, or if not they will be very easy to kill in a natural way without using poisons.

Cytokine Panel – Interleukins, Tumor Necrosis Factor, Interferon gamma This test is very expensive and knowing this informatino is not going to make a big difference in treatment.

3.  Watch Coco Newton’s Webinar on Test Results, ideally with some previous test results in front of you. 

08.9.20 Coco Newton MPH, RD, CNS Explains Lab Results. (vimeo.com)

Here are some key points

4. MUST WATCH VIDEO. Here is a great video from Diana Noland explaining what NutrEval test results can show for ALS patients.

Click Here to View the Recording of Step 18 2024

Click Here to View the Recording of Step 18 2023

Check for Understanding and Completion of Step 18:

  • I understand that conventional blood tests can give me a lot of information about systems, functions and organs in my body that are out of balance.
  • I can then research on my own and work with my medical professional to get those markers back in balance which indicate my body systems are coming back into balance
  • The above can make a big difference in healing
  • I have watched the Coco Newton Video
  • I have watched Diana Noland explain the interpretation of the NutrEval, B
  • I have watched the videos that will be here this summer. Lipid Panel, Thyroid Panel, Inflammation, Insulin
  • I have looked at my last set of blood work after watching Coco’s video and Diana’s lipid and liver enzymes video to look at my own numbers with this new information.
  • If I have not had one in the past six months, have scheduled a blood test either privately or with my doctor.

If you have checked all boxes, Congratulations! You have completed Step 18!

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