47 Steps to Healing ALS

Step 11: Clean Electricity/EMF

The information below can make a huge difference in your ability to heal.
Please do not get discouraged. Knowledge is power.

If you don’t know a problem exists, it may be less stressful, but it will not help you heal.

Some people get frustrated because they think they have done everything and they are not healing yet. We want to encourage you to take a look at everything. Even the things you can’t see.

You may not feel EMFs or radiation and it still can be affecting you.
There are ways to minimize the adverse effects of the EMFs and the radiation.

1) Watch Ted Talk Below (required)

2) Watch Sunday Recording from Dr. Cowden on EMFs (required)
(skip intro, start with presentation piece). A few notes before watching:

  • Avoid using grounding sheets in the city. They’re beneficial in the countryside where there’s not the problem with ambient electric pollution. Over 50% of US homes have dirty electricity. In this case grounding sheets can be harmful.
  • Dr. Cowden suggests in his presentation that an EMF tent (Faraday cage) may be beneficial to give 8 hours per day of totally EMF protected sleep.
    • Please do NOT put ANY wired or wireless electronic devices in the tent with you (NO CELL PHONES) . This can bounce signals around the tent and make things worse.
    • If you have breathing equipment, and can get a long hose with the machine outside the tent
    • If you have Tobii or other electrical device that must be very near you then a sleeping tent is NOT advised since this also
    • Do not sleep with the tent open or EMFs can enter, bounce around and this is also worse than no tent at all.

3) The GQ EMF-390 EMF Tri-field meter and how and what it measures (optional)

If you have this meter or are thinking about getting it, this video is useful. If not, you don’t have to watch it! If you choose to get a different meter, please research which one you would like to get. These posts were written by me – helpful links for choosing meters and other things that can be helpful in mitigating EMFs and radiation.

EMF & Smart Meters | A Good Health Advocate
What meters does EMF Center recommend | A Good Health Advocate

You only NEED meters if you are going to do it yourself! If you are going to hire someone, save the money and hire a building biologist to test and HIRE a qualified electrician to make sure your home and especially your sleeping area is as safe as possible. (See #9)

4) Watch Nerve Disrupting Frequencies Radiating from “Smart” Meters (required)

Below is a 16 minute video that explains how and why Smart Meters affect the body. If there is a Smart meter outside your bedroom or somewhere you spend a lot of time, you can move your bed, or couch, you can shield your meter, you can opt-out for a monthly fee. There are options. We do not expect you to understand all of this– some will, some won’t. The main message is that harmful levels of radiation are real and measurable, even if you can’t feel them.

This is a link to Smart meter shields on Lessemf.com
Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Shielding: Smart Meters

5) Watch Dirty electricity Video below (required to understand)

Dirty electricity can be a major factor in preventing people from healing ALS and other diseases. Even if you can’t feel it, it does not mean it is not adversely affecting your body. It is one of the possible “holes” in your roof.

This video is a nice explanation of dirty electricity, what it is, where it comes from, dimmers, solar converters and other common sources of dirty electricity.

Link to book mentioned in the video: Dirty Electricity by Samuel Milham

Caution: If there are wiring errors, dirty electricity filters will not work, and can make health much worse if wiring problems are not fixed. It is briefly covered in this video with more detail here:
Perils and Problems with Dirty Electricity Filters: What to be Aware of!

Here is a link to Wiring Error Documents to help find wiring errors DIY or to give to a qualified or willing to learn electrician.

6) Watch Real Estate EMF Inspection finds Electric Code Violations (required)

It is estimated that up to half of the homes in some areas have dirty electricity caused by wiring areas. You can find out by testing yourself or hiring a qualified building biologist.

7.) Watch No more WIFI: How to wire your house for Internet (required)

8) If you choose to “Do-it-yourself” here is the playlist of all of the videos that can help you.
Thank you, Heather Plude for contributing this playlist.
Here is the link to the playlist:

9) If you choose to hire someone to help you with this: Here is a list of Building Biologists that specialize in radiation and EMFs — this is “members in good standing” with the Building Biology Institute – you may be able to find others by searching “building biologist” in your area. Electromagnetic Radiation Specialists™ – Building Biology Institute

Note from Henry Erkstein, a Building Biologist on looking for a qualified electrician.
“I think electricians are essential when it comes to messing with wiring.

If the wiring is 100% compliant with national electrical codes there would be no wiring errors. However, most electricians as well as the wiring inspectors are not concerned with EMFs. In fact, if you mention “magnetic fields” or “electric fields” to them, you will often get a blank stare.

The inspectors 2 concerns are that the house won’t catch fire if lightning hits it, and no one will get electrocuted if they touch the outside of the toaster. As such, it is not uncommon for electricians to take short cuts when wiring and inspectors to ignore such short cuts if they do not cause fires or electrocutions.

The problem with wiring errors that can cause huge magnetic fields, is that everything will still seem to work perfectly…no blinking lights, things turn on and off as expected.

However, because of the nature of electricity, if certain codes are violated, the currents can flow where they don’t belong causing the magnetic field issues and health issues.

When I work with electricians, I generally like the younger ones who are more open to learning new things.”

10) Here are some links to sites that sell EMF protection:
Spero Protection Clothing – Spero Protection Clothing
Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Meters and Shielding Products | LessEMF

SaticShield Standard Power Perfect Box
Discount on SaticShield from a Henry Eckstein “HIC10” for 10% off

11) Building Biologists (Heather personally knows and recommends)

Henry Erkstein (Florida) is one of many Building Biologists who have helped me with EMFs.
Here is a link to his website HealthyIndoorConsultants.com 
Henry does free phone consultations.

Oram Miller was very helpful for assessing the Hi Tech Air Solution 6+ years ago.
Here is that assessment —

When I had high levels of dirty electricity in the home I live in, I emailed Oram and he offered a free phone consultation where he led me to wiring errors in my home. I had already done a ton of testing which helped to have the right questions to ask.
Oram is located in California and you can contact him at is website: createhealthyhomes.com

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Check for Understanding and Completion of Step 11:

“Wireless Wake-up Call.”

watched the Dr. Cowden Video “Electropolution and ALS” and have created a habit and made it a priority to protect myself from EMFs when I sleep.

understand EMF meters and will buy meters and will buy one or more meters to measure the EMFs in my home or I will hire a qualified individual with equipment and experience in building biology – specializing in radiation.

and I. I have made sure there are no smart meters near where I sleep or spend time. I have measured and shielded if necessary.

I understand that although dirty electricity filters can help mitigate harmful effects, sometimes wiring errors need to be found and fixed or the DE filters can make things worse.

read the electrician documents with great care, I understand them, or I will a find an electrician who will understand them for me. I know that most electricians do not know about wiring problems and EMFs that make people sick.

“Real Estate EMF Inspection finds Electric Code Violations”

” video and understand the importance of hard wiring my house and eliminating WiFi. I will either hard wire and shut off wifi permanently or I will shut off wifi at night, every night.

decided whether I will do the measuring and mitigation of EMFs or hire a building biologist and a qualified electrician to do the testing and fix any problem areas.

to implement.

If you have checked all boxes, Congratulations! You have completed Step 11!

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