47 Steps to Healing ALS

Step 9: Clean Food, Part One

1) Increase hydration

  • Try to drink at least one half ounce per pound of body weight per day.
  • We like Big Berkey gravity fed filter.
  • If you use reverse osmosis water you must add a mineral supplement such as ReMyte or Aussie Minerals.
  • If swallowing is an issue (Bulbar ALS), start drinking carbonated water until your throat heals enough to drink regular water again. Carbonated water can severely deplete minerals, so make sure you are taking plenty of minerals and trace minerals if you have to drink carbonated water.

2) Eat Organic whenever possible

  • Look up the “Dirty Dozen” and the “Clean Fifteen” to determine which are the most important fruits and vegetables to always eat organic.
  • Buy local, freshly picked food will have more nutrients.

3) Watch for food sensitivities and allergies

  • Most important is observing reactions to foods.
  • You may notice a change in your gut, your stool, mood or energy level
  • The Coca Pulse test is a great FREE tool for checking for sensitivities.
  • Muscle testing each food is a great way to see if that food makes you strong or weak
  • The AO Scan has a food sensitivities category in the Vitals Scan
  • There is a skin patch test that is covered by most insurances
  • The LRA test Lymphocyte Reactivity Assay is also a measure of sensitivities that are not detectable in other tests

4) Eat lots of vegetables, some fruits okay

  • Most vegetables are highly recommended.
  • Low glycemic index fruits and vegetables
  • Watch for high lectin content and high oxalates for those who are sensitive.

5) Eat healthy fats

  • Coconut oil, MCT oil, avocado oil and olive oil if organic
  • For cooking coconut oil is best since it has a higher smoking point – resists oxidation at high heat
  • Eliminate vegetable oils such as corn oil, canola oil. Most oils are GMO (genetically modified).
  • Avoid avocado, safflower and sunflower oils unless they are organic

6) Start a gluten free diet

  • No grains with gluten such as bread, crackers & pasta. All of these are irritating to the gut and cause inflammation.

7) Dairy Free

  • In our experience ALS Patients do better on a dairy free diet.
  • There is medical literature to support dairy free is best.

8) Sugar Free

  • Sugar causes inflammation and weakens the immune system.
  • Now brand Monk Fruit tincture Nutramedix Stevia are good substitutes for sugar
  • DO NOT use aspartame, advantame, Neotame, acesulfame-K, saccharine, sucralose, erythritol or other “alcohol sugars

9) Consider grain free or limited grains

  • All grains are inflammatory and harder for the body to digest and turn into sugar which in turn weakens the immune system

10) Meat

  • Make sure all meat is grass fed, organic, hormone and antibiotic free

11) Fish

  • Needs to be wild caught.
  • Farm raised fish has too many antibiotics which is contraindicated for ALS.
  • Do not eat shark or swordfish or other large fish because toxins are bio-concentrated in them. 
  • Do not eat most shellfish because they live mostly near the bottom of the water where heavy metals accumulate.

12) Diets: Ketogenic, Paleo, Medical Medium & Wahls

  • Most people do not do well on a pure ketogenic diet. A ketogenic diet is recommended for those with seizures. A ketogenic diet has no fruits, no fruit juices, no sugars, no starches, no vinegar products that can be easily converted to something that the microbes can use as energy.
  • A modified ketogenic diet is often recommended for ALS by functional practitioners. It has no sugar or starches yet allows vegetables and some low glycemic fruits. This important since sugars feed the fungi and the other microbes that are in your body. Grains turn into sugar in the body, which makes them often as harmful or even more harmful than sugar.
  • Some people find the Medical Medium diet most helpful. This diet is based on the original book Medical Medium and also the Medical Medium book series by Anthony William.
  • Others prefer a modified Terry Wahls diet (high in fresh vegetables (good), less meat is recommended for most PALS. Google for more info.
  • If you have candida or fungus in your body, a ketogenic diet for 10-12 weeks is recommended ONLY AFTER you have made sure that your HERTSMI mold test is zero (See Step 6) and are simultaneously doing nasal irrigation (Step 31).

13) HEAL

  • healinameal.com is a good meal replacement for one meal per day. It is raw, organic, GMO-free, gluten-free

14) Organic Feeding Tube Formula

  • Avoid Ensure, and most commercial feeding tube products since they contain mostly sugar
  • Homemade smoothies are a great option.  You can blend the meals that you serve the rest of the family or make high nutrient smoothies or both. 
  • Liquid Hope is the best option among the pre-made formulas.
  • Kate Farms is 2nd choice since it has quite a bit of sugar.
  • Liquid Hope cost is fully covered by Medicare/Medicaid for those who are feeding tube dependent
  • Check with Durable Medical Equipment (DME) providers in your area to see if they are currently ordering it for others
  • Get a script from your doctor with a prescription for Liquid Hope.
  • Your DME should now be able to order it.
  • If you are still having a problem getting any of these contact xxx at Hope-JG.org and she will walk you through the procedure.

15) Watch Food Boot Camp 1

Boot Camp Week 1 10.18.20 The Basics, Diet, Supplements and Gut Function (vimeo.com)

16) Watch Coco Newton Presentation from the 2019 Healing ALS Conference

Coco Newton Presentation – 2019 Healing ALS Conference

Check for Understanding and Completion of Step 10:

  1. ____I have increased my hydration to 1/2 ounce of water per pound of body weight per day of clean water.
  2. ____I eat organic whenever possible.
  3. ____ I watch for food sensitivities and allergies.
  4. ____ I eat lots of fruits and vegetables.
  5. ____ I eat healthy fats.
  6. ____ I have started a gluten-free diet.
  7. ____I am dairy free.
  8. ____I am sugar free.
  9. ____I am grain free or limiting grains.
  10. ____ I eat clean meat.
  11. ____ I eat clean fish.
  12. ____ I have reviewed the modified ketogenic diets and am finding the diet best for me.
  13. ____ I have HEAL on hand and understand it is a good meal replacement for one meal per day.
  14. ____I am finding the right feeding tube formula.
  15. ____I have watched Food Boot Camp 1.
  16. ____I have watched the Coco Newton presentation from the 2019 Healing ALS Conference.

If you have checked all boxes, Congratulations! You have completed Step 10!

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