47 Steps to Healing ALS

47 Steps Course Introduction & Links


Welcome to the 47 Steps to Healing, the most comprehensive ALS education program available online!

We have compiled information from over 50 ALS Reversals and from a team of medical experts (integrative medical doctors, naturopaths, nutritionists) for this 47 Steps educational course. Below are some testimonials. Click here to see more testimonials.

Chris has been holding his ALS-AFR score for over a year and I credit it to the knowledge gained through the 47 steps…C.B.
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The 47 steps is the most comprehensive collection of information on how to begin healing with ALS I’ve found. It’s given our family new hope. – R.H.
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I live buoyed with newfound hope, happiness, a sense of peace – and an iron-clad belief that by following the 47 steps, my body can and will eventually heal itself. J.S.

Before you begin: START HERE BUTTON

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  • Before you begin the 47 steps, we strongly suggest starting with a few easy steps for background.
  • Click the “Start Here” button on Healing ALS.org to get there.
  • Here is a link to the Welcome page.

Before you begin: BOOT CAMP

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  • Before you begin the 47 steps, you need to get a basic overview.
  • The Four Boot Camps will give you the basic knowledge you need to be successful in the 47 steps.
  • Here is the link to the Boot Camps


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  • We interviewed over 50 ALS Reversals. We put together what they did in a series of 47 steps.
  • We have interviewed dozens of integrative medicine doctors and included this information in the steps.
  • More and more ALS families are successfully replicating what these ALS reversals, some on their own, others with the help of functional/integrative medical professionals.
  • We have proof that PALS who have completed the 47 steps have been able to successfully slow, stop or reverse ALS. These ALS families are tracking their healing at ALSRegistry.org
  • If you want to track your own healing journey please visit ALSRegistry.org. This tool is invaluable for tracking your protocols and your health status. The registry also helps

Basic Course Information

Most steps will take a week, others longer. Goal:

  • Year 1: Start each of the 47 Steps.
  • Year 2: Complete each the 47 Steps.
  • Year 3: Review and perfect the 47 Steps.

Basic Course Information

  1. It is normal to feel overwhelmed at first. Everyone is. There is a lot of material and it is equivalent to a college level class in Basic and Advanced Holistic Healing.
  2. Be patient and keep moving forward step by step. The overwhelm will slowly decrease as you learn more.
  3. Although the course is self-paced, for best results, course participants are expected to complete one step per week, and attend Live Q&A each Thursday, plus Sunday Webinars and Monday Q&A (Basic or Advanced).
  4. Although the course started on January 11, 2024 and meets weekly on Thursdays during 2024. Start NOW with the current step this Thursday and catch up. Don’t wait until next year.
  5. Everyone is expected to attend live at ONE of the two sessions available each week:
  6. If you are starting part way through the year:
    • Do not feel like you are behind, this is self study, go at your own pace.
    • Try to listen in on the current step live even if you don’t understand it completely.
    • At the same time start at Step 1 and slowly work your way through from the beginning.
  7. Each week do what you CAN do.

Watch the Introductory Video Below for the Basics of the 47 Steps Course

Course Access

The 47 Steps Course is a year long self-study course. The first 10 steps are always freely available.

  • The 47 Steps is a FREE course when you follow the steps each week with the live class for those ALS families who do not have the means to pay. The current step of the of the course is unlocked one week before and two weeks after we do the live class for that step.
  • OR you may purchase permanent access to all 47 Steps immediately by clicking below. Your purchase contributes to supporting the Healing ALS website, Sunday webinars, Monday Q&A, the 47 steps, one-on-one support for ALS families, and much more.

List of the 47 Steps

  • Introduction
  • Step 1: ALS Reversals are Real
  • Step 2: ALS Reversal Science
  • Step 3: Program Your Mind for Healing
  • Step 4: Your Team and Resources
  • Step 5: Clean Home
  • Step 6: Clean Air
  • Step 7: Clean Water
  • Step 8: Clean Mind, Thoughts
  • Step 9: Clean Food Part 1
  • Step 10: Clean Food Part 2
  • Step 11: Clean Electricity/EMFs
  • Step 12: Clean Mouth Dental
  • Step 13: Supplements
  • Step 14: Cannabis
  • Step 15: Exercise
  • Step 16: Sleep
  • Step 17: Clean Mind, Emotions, Trauma
  • Step 18: Medical Testing Conventional
  • Step 19: Medical Testing Functional
  • Step 20: Working with Medical Professionals
  • Step 21: Balancing pH
  • Step 22: Heal the Gut/ vagus nerve
  • Step 23: Scoop on the Poop
  • Step 24: Mucus, Phlegm & Saliva
  • Step 25: Toxins & Detox Pathways
  • Step 26: Heal the Liver/ Gallbladder
  • Step 27: Heal the Kidneys/ Lymphatic System
  • Step 28: Mental Detox
  • Step 29: Pain & Inflammation
  • Step 30: Balance Hormones
  • Step 31: Detoxify Mold/Mycotoxins
  • Step 32: Parasites
  • Step 33: Detox Heavy Metals
  • Step 34: Pesticides, Petroleum & Chemicals
  • Step 35: Dental Advanced, Root Canals & Cavitations
  • Step 36: Lyme & Coinfections
  • Step 37: Clean Mind: Purpose
  • Step 38: Frequency Devices Assessing
  • Step 39: Frequency Devices Therapy
  • Step 40: Homeopathy
  • Step 41: Oxygen Therapies
  • Step 42: Advanced Supplements
  • Step 43: Peptides, Exosomes, Stem Cells
  • Step 44: Breathing & Equipment
  • Step 45: Feeding Tubes
  • Step 46: Dealing with Hospitals
  • Step 47: Putting it All Together

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I understand that this is a self-study class with a choice of 2 Live Q&A sessions every Thursday.

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