47 Steps to Healing ALS

Bonus Step 1: Alternatives to ALS Drugs and other Pharmaceutical Drugs

Basic Principles:

  • Pharmaceutical drugs can be helpful and even save your life short term when necessary.
  • Please remember that ALS is not a drug deficiency disease. In other words

An Important note about Statin Drugs

  • Statin Drugs have been implicated in the peer-reviewed literature as a CAUSAL factor in ALS.
  • If you are taking statin drugs, please share this fact with your doctors. Most PALS show proof of this to their doctors who immediately agree ALS patients should not be on statin drugs
  • To see the scientific literature on statin drugs, visit pubmed.gov and search on “ALS and Statins”.
  • Here is one example of many scientific articles that show the link between ALS and Statin drugs: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/29427042/

Statin substitutes:
liposomal curcumin is far superior to statin drugs as far as reducing the inflammation of the blood vessels that could predispose to a future heart attack.
Nattokinase is better than statins at reducing the plaque in the arteries and is a good at lowering cholesterol. So there is a good natural alternative. Nattokinase and lumbrokinase both are better than the statins at preventing heart disease.
It’s helpful for everyone on this call to take some lumbrokinase or nattokinase or alternating between the two. Twice a day, 30 min before food with water only, because the research shows that everybody essentially everybody is being exposed to the Spike RNA which produces spike protein in your body which causes fibrin production in your blood vessels and amyloid production in your blood vessels which causes the clots that cause strokes and heart attacks in pulmonary embolism and death.

The Major ALS Drugs:

  • Riluloze

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Check for Understanding and Completion of Step 46:

understand that myself or someone else needs to be in the hospital with my PALS as an advocate

understand that I am the only advocate my PALS has and I need to be a confident strong advocate since I almost always know what is best for my PALS, and know more about him/her, his/her condition and about ALS than the hospital staff.

understand that I my PALS has a right to use his own breathing machine, cough assist and feeding tube formula as long as I sign a waiver saying that I release liability

f I am not getting the response I need from the hospital or the hospital staff I have a right to request a patient advocate get involved. Other people I can speak to are the nursing supervisor or any doctor .

I understand I am a client of the hospital and myself and my CALS have a right to be treated respectfully on the same level as the hospital staff

I understand that the more polite, nice and respectful (but firm) I am to the hospital staff the more likely my PALS will be treated well.

In my “to go” bag is a statement written to show all staff before they treat my PALS to please say only positive statements to myself and my PALS because we plan to heal ALS.

have packed my “To Go” bag and am ready in case myself (PALS) or my PALS needs to be hospitalized.

am prepared with food, clothing, toiletries and supplements for myself and my PALS in case I need to stay in the hospital for the day.

If you have checked all boxes, Congratulations! You have completed Step 46.

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