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Meet and learn with other ALS families, both PALS and Caregivers live each week. For more information about Healing ALS, click Our Team on the top menu. Become a Free member to access Past Recordings and other information. Click here to create a login and password.

Go to Events Page on to register for weekly Sunday, Monday and Thursday meetings below. For a summary of our basic programs to share and print click here for one page, click here for four per page.


Feb 11 David

Sundays: ALS Reversals, Medical Professionals or Related Topics Go to Events or Click for Sunday link


Basic Q&A Kay And Lisa

Mondays: Basic Q&A on ALS Diet & Supplemements Go to Events or Click for Monday Basic Q&A Passcode is mark


47 Steps Graphic

Thursdays: 47 Steps Online Course Choice of 2 sessions Go to Events or Click here for Early session or Late session

Everyone is overwhelmed at first. The more you attend weekly meetings and research on your own, the more understandable the concepts become.