Full ALS Reversals

McFinn Lovere

Diagnosed in 2006 at age 54
Healing Als McFinn Lovere Photo

Diagnosed in 2006 at age 54

In September of 2005, McFinn began having difficulty with grip with his hands, and by the time he was diagnosed with ALS in January of 2006, he was already in a wheelchair and his situation was becoming life threatening. McFinn wanted to give up and die at this point. A friend recommended McFinn see a naturopath and in March of 2006, he went to see Dr. Greg Weisswasser. Dr. Weisswasser found an overabundance of lead and low B12 levels even though his MD said those levels were normal. Even while on treatment for both, McFinn, after nine months from onset of symptoms, progressed to the point he could only move his head and a few fingers. McFinn had a poor attitude towards his family and friends until he had an Ah-ha moment. He decided to try and find a way to help himself. He began to accept the help of his family and friends. He started physical therapy and began to release the stress of thinking he was going to die. He began to say that he was going to live. He realized that lead and B12 levels were only part of the mystery and that acceptance of the disease was the true killer. Instead of stress that was leading his day to day existence, McFinn began a spiritual journey, meditating often during the day. It was his spiritual foundation that helped him through his illness. He now had a reachable goal he could believe in. In September 0f 2006, after seven months of hard work, McFinn was walking with crutches. By December of 2006, he was using a cane. Today he has returned to his former way of life. He is physically active, hiking and climbing mountains.

January 9, 2022 Sunday Recording