Full ALS Reversals

Mark Manchester

Diagnosed in 2011 at age 50
Mark Manchester 1

Diagnosed in 2011 at age 50


Mark was diagnosed with ALS on 7/7/11. Prior to this, he did not have any ALS symptoms until his golf swing began to falter, according to his dad. Not long after, he fell off his horse, broke 4 ribs, and that is when his doctor noticed fasciculations in his arms and legs. Once diagnosed, he knew that his approach was going to be win-win to this disease. Next, he participated in clinical trials that he hoped would help his generation or the next for a win. The other win would be God taking him home. He figured he couldn’t lose with that mindset. After persevering through disease declining stages from 2011-2017, his wife, Lisa, suggested different supplemental protocols, specifically including L- Serine and LEAP2BFIT. In addition, Mark has participated in Dr. Richard Bedlack’s ALS Reversal Program in which he is currently #41. Since, he has drastically improved from wheelchair and hoya lift bound to free-walking and trach removal. During this time, he felt called to advocate for others diagnosed with ALS and their caregivers. He also committed to a personal ambition with a slogan of Never Surrender. Lastly, in 2013, he formed two organizations that promote ALS Awareness and support to his fellow ALS Pals, The Manchester Project, Inc. and Mark’s Madness, LLC. “Never Surrender”.

Manchester ALS Reversal

Below are links to 4 YouTube videos of Mark and Lisa followed by details of Mark’s protocol. The first is Mark’s story summarized in 50 seconds. Below that be sure to watch Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 and read the protocol to get all of the details of Mark’s story.

Mark Manchester was diagnosed with ALS in 2011. He was in a wheelchair by the end of 2012 and by 2015 he could no longer move any part of his body and was dependent on a feeding tube and ventilator. Slowly beginning in 2017 and continuing in 2018 and 2019, Mark begin to improve. 

After over three years in a wheelchair and on a feeding tube and ventilator 24/7, Mark improved enough so he could have the feeding tube and ventilator removed and was able to walk on his own with a walker. Mark is not completely healed from ALS. His goal is to run again and ski again. For those who attended the 2019 Healing ALS Conference, please note that Mark was in a wheelchair at the conference only because he broke his leg, not because of ALS.

Mark is Dr. Richard Bedlack, MD, PhD from Duke University’s 42nd documented ALS Reversal. Below is a recent interview we did with Mark and Lisa Manchester. 

Mark and Lisa took a multi-pronged approach to healing Mark’s ALS. They remind all who are reading this that they are sharing what worked for them, and may or may not work for others diagnosed with ALS. Each person with ALS has different toxins in their body, different viruses and parasites, different vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and will have different mental/spiritual tools. Each person needs to find their own path to healing. This is what worked for Mark:

  1. They each researched the internet. They surfed the internet for ideas and as friends, relatives and medical professionals gave them ideas, they would research these possible solutions.
  2. Consulted medical professionals. In their case:
    1. Naturopath. Did basic testing and suggested initial treatment protocols.
    2. Concierge MD. Bounced ideas off of her and asked her to research items they thought might be helpful to Mark’s healing.
    3. Nurse Practitioner. The Manchesters have a friend who is a nurse practitioner who has given them ideas, researched for them and answered questions throughout Mark’s healing. It was she who suggested their naturopathic doctor.
    4. Physical and Occupational therapists. These have been key to Mark’s healing.
    5. Neurologist. It was Mark’s neurologist who first suggested the amino acid L-serine, which was a key piece of Mark’s healing.
  3. Testing.
    1. Mark and Lisa did a significant amount of testing ordered with the assistance of holistic medical professionals. They felt the NutraEval tests by Genova Diagnostics were very helpful. Gut function was tested, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, heavy metals and more.
  4. Diet, heal the Gut, correct vitamin and mineral deficiencies and detox.
    1. Lisa learned quickly that gluten, dairy, sugar and other foods caused inflammation and these were eliminated quickly, as were artificial flavors, colors and sweeteners. Eggs were never Mark’s favorite and they are largely eliminated because of their pro-viral properties. Vegetables and meat were organic as much as possible, and junk food and fast food were also eliminated. Once Mark went on a feeding tube, Lisa quickly rejected the standard feeding tube formulas and instead chose Liquid Hope or Kate’s Farm since these brands are organic and made from real food. Today, although no longer on a peg tube, Mark takes a serving of H.E.A.L. each day to get clean-sourced vegetables (HealinaMeal.com, use code “HealingALS” for 10% discount). H.E.A.L. can also be used as a complete feeding tube formula.
    2. Lisa and Mark researched what supplements they needed. Lisa early on figured out that Mark’s gut function was not good, and that he was not absorbing vitamins and minerals from his food so he did not have the building blocks to heal.
    3. Lisa researched supplements, got recommendations and finally decided upon Solle Naturals to provide what Mark needed to heal his gut, replenish his missing nutrients, and detoxify. She also added other supplements. Mark’s full supplemental protocol is listed at the bottom of this blog.
    4. Added L-Serine and Leap2BFit as key supplements that contributed to Mark’s turnaround (leapxx.com, use code “markman” for 10% discount). Mark takes once scoop on an empty stomach in the morning and a second scoop between 5PM and 8PM again on an empty stomach. See below for Mark’s full protocol.
  5. Strong belief in God and positive mental attitude. Both Mark and Lisa say prayer, meditation and positive mental attitude have been key to Mark’s healing. Their own prayers and the prayers and support they received from their church and community gave Mark and Lisa strength and encouragement. Also crucial was Mark’s positive attitude, willingness to try new things and research the Internet to find more information.
  6. Asked for support from family and community. Lisa has continued to work full time so Mark could maintain his health insurance. This means that she had to ask for volunteers and train family members, neighbors, friends, and paid caregivers to care for Mark when she was away and for breaks when she was home. She trained them how to transfer Mark using a Hoyer lift, how to care for his ventilator and feeding tube, how to comply with his eating and supplement schedule, and personal care. Mark had to acquiesce to having family members, neighbors and other volunteers do intimate personal care while Lisa was at work. Care for Mark would have been impossible without their generous help.
  7. Made the decision for Mark to go on a ventilator. In 2015 Mark was on a tri-pap 24/7 but was no longer getting enough oxygen to sustain him and his CO2 levels were climbing. Mark and Lisa prayed about whether or not to take this step to extend Mark’s life and after much consideration decided to give Mark every opportunity to heal and stick to Mark’s motto, “Never surrender”. Today they are very glad they made this decision.

According to Mark and Lisa, without ALL of the above, Mark would not have healed. They stress that just doing a few things is not enough, that an individualized comprehensive approach is necessary to heal ALS.

Mark’s full nutritional protocol is below the following two videos.

Mark’s Nutritional Protocol

Today, in 2020, Mark and Lisa continue to tweak Mark’s protocol. They remind those reading this that they started small and added things step by step, over months and years, and took away things that seemed not to be working. These are not recommendations, Mark and Lisa are simply sharing below what Mark is doing at this moment in time that is working for him.

Diet: Gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, no processed food, no artificial flavors/colors/sweeteners, organic whenever possible.


Morning (AM) : ***1/4 leveled tsp OR 2scoops that’s in jar of L-Serine 100mg.   (1 amino acid), purchase at www.Leapxx.com

          *** 1 Scoop Leap2BFit (blend of amino acids & Turmeric,etc..) purchase at www.Leapxx.com

(discount code markman)

           1/2 of dropper of Liq. Vit D3 10,000 IU **buy online, we use Vinco**

           1 capsule turmeric  1500mg … ** buy from Amazon

           1 gel high absorption CoQ10 100mg  **buy from Amazon

           1 gel Omega-7 Seabuckthorn **buy from Amazon

            Natures Sunshine : 1TBL Vit C Ascorbates **Contact Lisa for info or www.Naturessunshine.com, (Reference Lisa’s acct #433482) or call 1 800 453 1422

            Solle Naturals: (plant based supplements) 

https://www.sollenaturals.com/naturalrevitalization/ or            (call them 1 888 787 0665 (Lisa’s acct # 260))

                            1 Pack Vital (take in water)

                            1 capsule Adaptable         

                            1 capsule ProBioIQ

                            1 capsule Flex

                            1- 2 gel SolleMegas 3,6,7,9

                            1 capsule Verdezymes

                            1 Pack Cinnamate w/ AM supplements or midmorning/noonish,not later in day (take in water)

Also can mix Cinnamate and Vital in the morning together.

During the day Diffusing Solle Naturals Essential oils. It’s a blend, helps with the mind and body connection. It is very easy, keep it simple.

Mid morning/day Heal in a Meal (use code NSMM for a discount) or Solle Complete to make a shake/smoothie (w/ berries, almond butter, advocado,etc..or just with almond milk), 1 capsule Verdezymes                                                    

Mid day/afternoon or evening: *** 1/4 leveled tsp OR 2 scoops that in the jar of L-Serine with

              *** 1 Scoop Leap2BFit (on empty stomach)

                   1 gel Omega-7 Seabuckthorn

                   2 capsule Melatonin Extra 3mg  ** www.Naturessunshine.com. Lisa’s acct #433482

Afternoon/Evening PM:

 Solle Naturals :

                  (PM) 1 pack ReNue

                           1 capsule Adaptable

                           1 capsule ProBio IQ

                           1 capsule Flex

                           1 capsule FasTrack (helps going to bathroom/poo), sometimes 2 at night

                           1 capsule SolleMegas 3,6,7,9

                           2 capsule Verdezymes

                           also rub feet with Calm &/or Balance Essential oils with a carrier oil or Solle Flex AC cream(Solle Naturals)

Cistus tea: Mark takes Cistus tea as well throughout the day:

Note: Lisa and Mark are sharing what worked for Mark so that others can benefit. They are not medical professionals and each person needs to find their own solutions and get testing from their own holistic medical professionals. Lisa will answer questions about Mark’s protocol and can be contacted at: naturalrevitalization@gmail.com

***are the amino acids that have helped


Mark used pharmaceutical medications sparingly when needed. He used Baclofin to help with muscle cramping and still uses this occasionally. He has used medications to assist with sleep, although now he feels the cannabis tinctures are working well, along with the essential oils. He needed antibiotics when he got infections although now is able to handle most infections with olive leaf extract before it gets to the point where he would need antibiotics.