Recent ALS Reversals

Lisa Petsu

Diagnosed in 2019 at age 45
Healing Als Lisa Petsu Photo

Diagnosed in 2019 at age 45

Lisa was clinically diagnosed with atypical ALS in February of 2019 by a world renowned neuromuscular neurologist at Johns Hopkins Department of Neurology in Baltimore, MD. The 45 year old mother of 4 daughters was told the diagnosis of motor neuron disease was most likely inescapable. Other neurologists concurred.

After six months of flail left lower extremity paralysis and profound bilateral hand weakness backed up by objective findings and clinical signs Lisa experienced an almost spontaneous recovery. Her doctor at Hopkins said he had never seen anything like her recovery in his 42 year career. He told her that from the left knee down she had ALS for certain. He could not explain her reversal.