Full ALS Reversals

Lazarus Ember

Diagnosed in 2018 at age 49
Lazarus Ember

Diagnosed in 2018 at age 49

Lazarus had went to his doctor in 2014 with strange twitching. It was the first step in a long journey of diagnosis of ALS/MND. In 2017 he was diagnosed with disorder of the motor neurons and in 2018 the diagnosis progressed to Motor Neuron Disease (ALS).

By the time he was diagnosed, he had experienced fluctuations in the illness and wasn’t aware that according to most neurologists, this doesn’t happen. In fact there are over 50 people who have had a confirmation of their diagnosis and a confirmation of reversing the damage of the illness to a degree ( check Dr. Bedlack and ALS reversals for more info). The reality of the fluctuations implied it was possible to influence the course of the illness and Lazarus focused on what he was doing right and adding to that.

Currently Lazarus has reversed many of his ALS symptoms and is continuing to improve. He is walking well and swimming and talking with a normal voice, until something upsets the balance of his health; then his leg cramps up, he starts limping, his voice is reduced, his breathing gets more difficult. His health remains precarious, however, it is a lot better than dying and he is not dying from ALS.

Lazarus Ember’s ALS Reversal Protocol

We are honored to have Lazarus Ember speak at two of our Healing ALS Sunday Community Meetings: Part 1 Healing the MInd on April 25, 2021. Part 2 Healing the Body on May 2, 2021. If you missed these presentations please see Sunday Recordings button on the home page (you need to be a member, membership is free).

How did Lazarus Tony Ember go from an ALSFRS score of 27 in January 2020 to an ALSFRS score of 45 in April 2021?

Here is a link to the pdf version of Lazarus’ full protocol, mind and body, for your reference, that he graciously prepared and is sharing to assist other PALS in their healing journeys. We suggest you download it and refer to it often. There is much wisdom here.

August 7, 2022 Sunday Recording

April 25, 2021 Sunday Recording

May 2, 2021 Sunday Recording