Partial ALS Reversals and Long Term Survivors

Craig Oster

Diagnosed in 1994 at age 30
Healing Als Craig Oster Photo

Diagnosed in 1994 at age 30

In 1994, at the age of 30, Craig Oster was given the “death sentence” diagnosis of ALS, better known as “Lou Gehrig’s disease.” Even though Craig’s physical functioning was slipping away, he successfully fought to fulfill his dream of earning a Ph.D. in clinical psychology at Michigan State University in 1996. What you can type in five minutes, currently takes Dr Craig Oster about a half-hour to accomplish. Dr Craig (the name by which many refer to him) entered hospice in late 2008, after he had lost over 45 pounds of muscle and was requiring breathing machines to make it through the night. Digging deeply and praying earnestly, with an undeterred spirit he gave everything to continuing his holistic healing quest. Dr Craig was discharged from hospice on May 30th, 2009.

Dr. Craig is on a mission to demonstrate as much wellness as possible and to inspire people to approach whatever “hand that they have been dealt in life” in the most constructive manner possible. His professional training as a behavioral research scientist and clinical psychotherapist was followed by postdoctoral training in psychoanalytic psychotherapy, including years of personal psychoanalytic treatment. Dr Craig has treated himself as a case study during his 23 years of experience of living with ALS, including recording and working with over 1,100 nighttime dreams.

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