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  • Lisa Petsu was told in mid-2018 it looked like it might be ALS. She was devastated. She was only 46 years old, the mother of four girls, ranging from elementary school to high school. She worked full time as a […]

  • Alejandro Bianchetti, from Argentina, was diagnosed with ALS in January of 2016 at age 54.  He did a lot of research on how he could possibly reverse it. He experimented with different supplements. He found he […]

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  • My ALS Story:  By Carol Jensen
    Editor’s note: Carol is the only ALS reversal we feature without an “official” diagnosis. Carol was given a verbal diagnosis of ALS in 2005 by both a local neurologist and an ALS […]

    • Is there a list of approved cleaners? I recently took an organic acids test and found that I may have been exposed to toluene. I haven’t travelled anywhere or pumped gas in recent memory. The only thing that I can think of are the scented trash bags that my mother-in-law keeps buying and using around the house. I’m becoming more aware of what’s in household products, therefore, more curious.

      • For household cleaning products, please carefully check the ingredients on each cleaner. Most PALS do not use scented trash bags, because they are clearly toxic. Good for you for checking!

    • Unfortunately there is no way for us to know whether your insurance company will cover a specific procedure or not. Some insurance plans may, some will not. I encourage you to call your provider and ask them. You may also discuss with your doctor to see if they have any ideas. Many pals end up having to pay for this themselves.

  • Please read Kelli’s ALS reversal story with Qigong below the posters. Kelli was diagnosed with FTD/ALS in 2013 and attributes much of her recovery to qigong. In the meantime here is information on a free on-line […]

    • Thank you for your inquiry. As you will see on this website, many have succeeded in reversing ALS.

      The best way to start is usually at Click on the green button at right that says “How to I Heal ALS?”
      From there you will be pointed to a document entitled, “Where Do I Start?” Follow instructions from there.

      You can sign up for our mailing list at and become a member of Healing ALS (it is free).

      We hope you will participate in our weekly Sunday Healing ALS Community meetings, always posted on

  • It’s good this Forum is here but I’m wondering if there is a FB page or another forum that people would recommend? Thank you.

  • Has anyone used heating pads or a jacuzzi for muscles? Is this a quick fix for sore muscles or could daily use lead to actual slowing of the progression?

  • **Posted below are two 2020 videos, an interview and a Q&A Joyce’s contact info is below.
    2020 Update on Dr. Joyce Brown
    Joyce was diagnosed with ALS in 1988 at the age of 54. Today she is almost 87 years old […]

  • Here is the link to purchase the ALS chapter of the new Integrative and Functional Medical Nutritional Therapy textbook by Springer. The text book is available on ebook and pdf, hard copies are delayed due to the […]

    • Thank you for your inquiry. As you will see on this website, many have succeeded in reversing ALS.

      The best way to start is usually at Click on the green button at right that says “How to I Heal ALS?”
      From there you will be pointed to a document entitled, “Where Do I Start?” Follow instructions from there. Please especially contact Kim & Kay Cherry through the contact form at since Kim was diagnosed also with bulbar ALS.

      You can sign up for our mailing list at and become a member of Healing ALS (it is free).

      We hope you will participate in our weekly Sunday Healing ALS Community meetings, always posted on

    • I just finished reading the chapter.
      As I have already quite some knowledge about Nutrition & basic knowledge in functional medicine I found this one of the best reads in a long time. A wealth of information in the page. Helped me to adjust my protocol. Well wort the time to read

  • Stephen Sherry was diagnosed with ALS in 1999. We had the privilege of hosting a Question & Answer session with Stephen Sherry in April 2020.
    Part 1: Stephen summarizes what he did to heal in a video we posted in […]

  • Below are links to 4 YouTube videos of Mark and Lisa followed by details of Mark’s protocol. The first is Mark’s story summarized in 50 seconds. Below that be sure to watch Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3  and read the […]

    • I wish we could have had this info along time ago. My husband was diagnosed in 2016. We went to Boston to see if he could do trial of stem cell but they were only letting people up to age 60 . My husband was 62 at the time. Then he did ratacarva infusions but that made him worse so we stopped. He passed away last March. I am so happy for your husband that he found a way to heal from this horrific disease. Bless you both

    • I’ve just listened to your video. It was interesting and very helpful. I have ALS for five years now.
      Still eating slowly and walking with a walker very slowly. I do have a electric chair design for me.
      Can you give me supplements that would be best for me.
      I live in Canada Toronto area.

      Thx Tony

    • Yes, Mark’s atrophied muscles have been mostly restored and he has recovered most of his strength. He continues to improve. Mark currently uses a walker for balance issues and is working on improving that.

    • Has your atrophied muscles restored?

    • Hello.. looking forward to the zoom call this am. I was conference in SLC and was a blessing to meet you both. Wondering if you could talk about AAKG and the Deanna Protocol? Any experience with it? What about IV vitamin C or hyperbaric treatments?

      You’re truly a walking miracle!
      Thanks for your inspiration.

      • Mark has not used the Deanna protocol nor AAKG. Nor has he used IV Vitamin C or hyperbaric treatments. Others have found these helpful. It is important to do your own research and seek out the opinion of a holistic medical professional.

    • Mark’s full supplement list is at the bottom of this blog post.

    • Iam so happy for them, but this is a full time job taking and keeping track of all of these. Plus the big factor is money.
      When you only get a small dissabililty check because not 65 you have to pay for these out of pocket and without money it is not possible. We have tried a Go Fund Me a/c but that was not successful so savings has run out. Family members can only do so much financially and physically so people cannot follow such an hour by hour costly program. But My prayers are with Mark for his reversal, which are so few documented cases.

      • Both time for research, keeping track of the protocols, caregiving and finances are a real challenge for ALS families. Our hearts go out to you and everyone else facing these challenges.

    • Mark’s non-profit The Manchester Project is committed to providing 2 months of free Leap2BFit product to people diagnosed with ALS. So far the project has donated around 250K worth of product to people with ALS in 23 countries. They have no financial interest in the Leap product nor the company. Lisa and her naturopath have found the Solle products to be very helpful, therefore they are distributors, so there is zero financial interest unless you happen to order a product through one of them, and even then it is only a small amount. They use whatever products work and order from Amazon and other places for different products. Lisa stresses that she is sharing what has worked for Mark, and each person needs to find the solutions that work for them.

    • Mark was unable to speak, although when he covered his ventilator he could make noises.

    • Dear Mark and Lisa, thank you so much for sharing such inspirational experiences! How courageous, persevering, diligent, loving and wise you had exemplified your journey for us!
      Five years ago I lost a friend that suffered from two years fast progressive ALS, last October, another dear friend at 75 was diagnosed a milder and slower progressing type ALS, till very recently, after starting Reluzole around January, he had no appetite, lost 30 lb in two months, his arms weigh heavily in limbo and he could hardly grip his fingers. We were pretty much at lost about what to do, his wife is considering what Johns Hopkins ALS certer recommended Ratacarva infusions; then, it happened that I opened up healingALS site just in the morning of 4/14, I informed them on your Q&A meeting airing! We went through your interviews and journals on the website in details, we are now starting redo the routines; planning discussing with the doctor(s) replacing Riluzole by L-serine and Leap2BFit, taking HEALinaMeal instead of Ensure… We need a holistic professional who could test toxins, needed nutrition and supplements; is there network resource we could use looking up holistic medical professionals in our local area? And what is the name of the test Mark used to check his allergens and deficiencies?
      Thank you again! We are so grateful finding companies and guidance on this road to healing!

      • Often the best way to find a holistic professional in your area is word of mouth. Definitely check out their website and interview them over the phone before you decide. and are two holistic medical associations where you can look for a professional in your area.

        Mark’s test was Nutra-Eval by Genova. He describes the test in Part 3 of the video:

    • Translation: I would like to know more clearly how to recover atrophic muscles. I have had ALS since 2017 and have difficulty walking so far. Thank you very much.
      Answer: This is answered in the first video. Mark’s atrophied muscles started to recover once he healed his gut and then added the Leap2Bfit product along with other supplements and a very clean diet excluding sugar, dairy, gluten and grains and mostly organic. It did take years for Mark’s symptoms to reverse so it is a process.

    • Mark tried Riluzole but his liver function tests were getting worse and worse so he went off of it. None of the ALS reversals that we studied used either of the two FDA approved drugs to heal ALS. Most either never went on them or were on them for a short period of time. The reason is that they clearly compromise liver function and the liver is essential for detoxification.

    • What an amazing and inspiring story! Much appreciated!

      Question: You refer a few times to being friends with the man behind Leap2BeFit. I’ve read about and recently started it, and appreciate your testimonial.

      Can you advise why they don’t share the amounts of any of the ingredients? I have never seen a supplement that hides that nd I can’t think of any good reason to do so.

      • The exact amounts of the ingredients are proprietary. In our experience many supplements do not list the exact amounts of certain ingredients for this reason. What we do know is that the Leap2BFit formula seems to help balance the body and correct deficiencies so the body has what it needs to heal as long as gut function is good so the nutrients can be absorbed.

    • Yes Cistus tea is part of Mark’s current regimen and it is now added to the list of supplements on the post. He did not start taking it, however, until after he had he majority of his improvements. Mark and Lisa continually tweak Mark’s supplements as he experiences what is and is not working for him.

    • Mark had his gall bladder removed and he had kidney stones. He also has, like about 10-15% of PALS, FTD or frontotemporal dementia. His kidney stones have completely resolved since his holistic approach and his FTD is improved. He did not start his new diet until a couple of years into his ALS. Once his wife Lisa started really studying about balancing the body she realized quickly that the gut was very important and realized Mark was not absorbing his foods. She then learned about biofilm and took the Solle products to heal the gut. The impaction (build up in the colon not clearing) was found by his doctor on a CAT scan for his kidney stones. In our experience virtually every PALS has gut issues.

    • Since Mark’s story is so popular, we published five hours of video of exactly what they did so that the majority of your questions would be answered. Mark and Lisa also understand that PALS will want to contact them directly and Lisa has generously left her contact information at the bottom of the blog post.

    • From Lisa: The antibiotics Mark has been on the past were because of Strep throat, MRSA, sepsis and from infection after surgery. In fact as a result of the antibiotics, Mark’s gut function got much worse and it we feel delayed his recovery. We now take olive leaf extract and cistus tea for infection, but would, of course, use antibiotics again if absolutely necessary. It is been at least 18 months since Mark was on antibiotics and we both feel he is better as a result.

      From Patricia: Healing ALS is about balancing the body and our observation of PALS is that antibiotics upset that balance. The research we have been reading indicate ALS has much more of a chance of having a viral component than a bacterial one. However, things like root canals and other infections and even Lyme are in all or part bacterial and PALS would definitely feel better after antibiotics, because of the infection they are treating.

    • From Lisa: A lot of was trial and error and our own research. Mark was taking some of the Solle supplements which we feel were key to healing his gut. We also consulted with a Naturopath and got testing and more recommendations. Then we took more of the Solle and other supplements and adjusted them as observed Mark. We also got nutritional testing from our regular MD and took these into account. It was through our research and contacts that we found Leap and incorporated it with great results on top of what we were already taking. We found HEAL at the conference and started using that.

      In conclusion, it s a lot of research on our own, trial and error, expert advice and testing.

    • Lisa: We do not recommend, we can only share what we did/would do. Mark had very skinny arms and legs and lost 50 lbs. They felt physical therapy (PT) and occupational therapy (OT) was extremely important. We also did dry brushing and key were his supplements and nutrients. Omegas, healing his gut so he was taking in the nutrients, and taking in healthy nutrients. We strongly suggest doing your own research, and watching all three videos, Part 1, 2 and 3 for more details.

    • Melanie, first congratulations on everything you have done and are doing for your husband. It sounds like you have been researching a lot, implementing and that what you are doing is helping.

      Mark and Lisa cannot make recommendations, but can certainly share what Mark did to heal his gut. We suggest you want all three Mark Manchester reversal videos and then contact them directly if you still have specific questions. Lisa has generously left her contact information at the bottom of the blog.

    • Was there a change in Marks mental attitude when he turned around ALS? In the video he talks about keeping up hope and at at the same time being ready to “go home” as he puts it. Could you explain how to achieve this?

      • From Mark: I always try to stayed positive. I saw one friend go from positive to negative to depressed and died within a few months. I could see how his mindset affected him physically. I decided I would not give up. My motto to this day is “Never Surrender”. We prayed a lot about whether or not I would go on a vent and once that was decided, I knew I may live a long time so being positive was even more important. When I got negative, I talked to Lisa and we found ways to turn it around. Everyone has bad days. Decide that tomorrow will be a brighter day. I learned self-hypnosis. I listen to a lot music. Music was especially important when I could not even move a muscle, was on a peg tube and a ventilator. This lasted three years and having a positive attitude was key to getting through this period.

        When you can’t move anything as I was, you become more in tune with your body. This has helped me. Sometimes, I know I need more sleep. Some days I tell Lisa I need more enzymes today because my gut isn’t feeling quite right. And it turns out that is what I needed. Staying in tune with what your body needs is important.

        Once I started improving of course I was more hopeful, and had a feeling of success. I did not know about yet, so I began to feel “survivor’s guilt”. I felt guilty because I was improving and others were not. The gifting of the LEAP and spending so much time helping others helps this a lot. Now I know others can reverse ALS too.

        Even now I get discouraged with being cooped up since we are still on lockdown in our county in Florida. The beach was the way I recharged my batteries and we have been restricted from going since I am still considered high risk. Often PALS think once they are healed everything will be great. Yet Life’s problems do not go away once your are healed. So you still need to find ways to stay positive. I hope this helps.


    • Many pals (app 75%) have steatosis/non alcohol fatty liver. Did mark have liver enzymes elevated (I mean liver enzymes – alt and ast)?

    • Mark said that he used 9 pound hammer. For how long (since when) and what dose/day?

    • I am trying to order Heal in a Meal and having trouble getting to the US website. It keeps defaulting to Canada and I am in USA. Any advice on what I’m doing wrong?

      • Go to There is a small red bar near the top that says USA. Click on that, then order. If you use HEALINGALS discount code you get 10% off.

    • hello, i’d like to ask: how many mg/day did he use mentioned “9 pound hammer”?

    • Mark uses 10-15mg of 9 LB Hammer a night along with Grand Daddy Purple.

    • Hi lisa and mark!
      I’m Valentina, I’m italian. My mom (dely asunta Caputo, 60 years) has ALS (diagnosis 2014 January) and at this moment her has tracheostomy and peg. She speaks with eyes. I don’t understand perfectly American language.. I ask you if you would have the patience to write me a detailed email with all the products you use, from supplements to antibiotics. My mother is already doing a practically vegan diet, gluten-free, and in addition she takes many supplements (doterra essential oils for detoxification, reliv for cell nourishment, and many vitamins). I would like to know in detail everything you have done and taken. Please. Thank you. My email is, thank you very much, god bless you

      • Shannen,

        Good for you for doing so much for your mother. 

        Every detail of Mark and Lisa Manchester’s full protocol is on Just click on the blog and every supplement and diet they are taking is listed there:

        There is a homeopathic doctor in Napoli, Italy, who had good success with ALS and I have emailed his information separately.

    • Hello, thank you for your sharing. Did Mark had saliva?

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    Recommendations on dosage for Meca supplements

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  • Hello,
    I take ReMag magnesium, it’s a liquid and I mix it with water and take it in the evening.

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