HEALING ALS MISSION: 1) Educate people diagnosed with ALS (PALS) and families about holistic protocols that can slow, stop and even reverse ALS progression. 2) Change Standard of Care for all ALS patients to include nutritional testing, gut and liver function testing and toxin testing, as well as appropriate treatment to correct these. 

Early Bird Registration for the 2022 Healing Conference is now open if you missed the Super Early Bird opportunity. Sept 30-Oct 2, 2022, Salt Lake City, Utah. We are offering a special discounted price through April 1st, 2022. To register: HealingALSConference.org



Sunday Jan 23, 2022 11AM PT, 2PM ET, 8PM Europe. Amy Jaramillo, biochemist and Director of Body Science discusses cellular function and the role of viruses and bacteria in ALS. Amy, working with her medical team has treated over 200 cases of ALS with unprecedented results. 

Monday, Jan 24, 12:30PM Eastern time. Most Mondays, Lisa Manchester & Kay Cherry host a Q&A on Diet and Supplements. Lisa’s husband Mark and Kay’s husband Kim were both diagnosed with ALS in 2011 and are confirmed ALS Reversals. They have mountains of information to share. Passcode is mark.To register: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJ0qd-GgqTwrE9GoXuOthIbSg6uOGloiKuXB

If you missed a Q&A: Previous week’s recordings of Diet and Supplements Q&A, click here (you must be logged in as a member (it’s free) in order to see the past recordings: https://healingals.org/q-a-on-als-diet-and-supplements/

Tuesday January 25, 2022 2PM ET, 11AM PT, 8PM Europe. Optimal Healing State Workshop led by Tony Lazarus Ember. Ongoing classes. Open to PALS and CALS. To join this class: Please email emberoptimalhealing@gmail.com to register. Please confirm in your email that you have completed at least Parts 1 and 3 of the Basic Boot Camp on “Sunday Recordings”.

Leap-Mission Group. Wednesdays. Check Telegram for details. This group is for Advanced Topics on ALS, information about Leap, Leap Boost, Tinctures, Detox protocols and other related holistic protocols. Click here for more information to join the Leap Mission group. https://healingals.org/leap-mission-group-and-wednesday-calls/

Sergio and Carmen Group. Wednesday Jan 26. This group is now meeting on a different platform to support those who want to follow all or part of Sergio’s protocol. For details contact Carmen on Telegram or email sergiocarmenprotocol@gmail.com to join the Telegram group.


Thursday Jan 27, 3 PM ET, 12PM PT, 9PM Europe. Avi Greenberg at avigreenberg.com, breathing specialist, free zoom meeting for PALS and CALS on Wim Hof & other breathing methods for balance, relaxation and healing. Open to ALL. See link below. https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89349796748?pwd=QjNIdWFZa2JkNi83djNWSGlqN2RWQT09

Next prayer call Saturday January 22/29, 2022 3PM ET, 12PM PT, 9PM Europe Joyce Brown (Diag ALS 1988) hosts a 20 min prayer, visualization and positivity meeting by phone. For more information: HopeDr.org


Ongoing, by appointment. Betsy Thomason, Respiratory Therapist/Breathing Trainer offers pro bono one-on-one telephone training/coaching to PALS and caregivers interested in learning the
BreatheOutDynamic system (BODs).
For more information on how to sign up: https://healingals.org/betsy-thomason-respiratory-therapist-bods-breathing-method/


Volunteer Meeting: Monday Jan 24, 2022 11AM PT, 2PM ET, 7PM Europe. We looking for NEW volunteers for the 2022 year to assist in projects that will benefit PALS worldwide. Please come to find out more. Click here to Register: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZwrdOuhpzkvHdEv2o_GwdhKSFnurXGAJD7x

Note early time. Tuesday January 11, 2022 9AM PT, 12PM ET, 8PM Europe. Q&A on Breathing Equipment, Tracheostomy and more with Stacy Mercado, CRT Respiratory Therapist & Mark Manchester, 3 years on a trache, now off. Register here passcode is heal:  https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZModOysqz4iGNyXIsyhfkOgsN0E4r6ruck_

Tuesday January 18, 2021 2PM ET, 11AM PT, 8PM Europe.Monthly Q & A on Feeding Tubes with Dr. Smita Jain. Smita will be sharing information on feeding tubes. This is also an opportunity to share ideas, and tips. Register here, passcode is heal:  https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZwud-6vrz8iEtFI0UFa6vfTsSIZFL8WjTkQ


ADVANCED BOOT CAMP We offer this course Spring and Fall. The next Advanced Boot Camp will be Spring 2022. More details here: https://healingals.org/healing-als-advanced-boot-camp/



img-mcfinn_before--afterJanuary 9, 2022 11am PT 2pm Eastern 8pm Europe Meet McFinn Lovere Diagnosed ALS 2006. Listen to his remarkable recovery! How he was only able to move two fingers to move his electric wheelchair but through his incredible healing journey he is now able to hike mountains in the snow.




                                             Sunday December 19 11AM PT, 2PM ET, 8 PM        Europe. Healing ALS Community Meeting. Evy McDonald Part 2 Diag ALS 1980 Tools for Healing. We are honored to have Evy back for Part 2 where she will share practical tools key to her ALS Reversal.



Sunday December 12. Healing ALS Community Meeting. Evy McDonald Diagnosed 1980 ALS and Optimizing Your Immune System.                            Please see Sunday Recordings and Find out how!



Sunday December 5 Healing ALS Community Meeting. Madhavendra was diagnosed with ALS in 2013 and is still walking, cooking, eating and driving! To out how! Please see Sunday Recordings to listen this outstanding presentation on how she healed her gut function and optimized her thoughts for healing.


Healing ALS Community Meeting: Sunday November 21, 2021. Dr. John Bach, MD, “Part 2 of Non-Invasive Ventilator Support Strategies instead of  Tracheostomy”. Dr. Bach is Prof of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Director of Center for Ventilator Management alternatives. 


Healing ALS Community Meeting: Sunday November 14, 2021 Dr. John Bach, MD, Prof of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Director of Center for Ventilator Management alternatives. “Part 1 of Non-Invasive Ventilator Support Strategies instead of  Tracheostomy”.


Healing ALS Community Meeting: Sunday November 14, 2021. Freya Koss, Diagnosed with Lupus, MS and Myasthenia Gravis. Doctors said there was nothing they could do. No cause, no cure. How She healed. After logging in, Click “Sunday Recordings” to see this past event.


Healing ALS Community Meeting: Sunday October 31, 2021. Covid & ALS: How to prevent it, minimize symptoms and proven ways to get through it safely. After logging in, click Sunday Recordings to see this important past event.



Sunday Healing ALS Community Meeting: Sunday October 17, 2021 The Magic Pill for ALS Reversal. What is the difference between You and those who have Successfully Reversed ALS? 

See Sunday Recordings to see this past event.


Sunday October 3, 2021  Healing ALS Sunday Community Meeting. Kim Cherry, ALS Reversal #24, Diagnosed ALS 2011 and his wife Kay Cherry are presenting on Ozone and Oxygen Therapies for ALS.

See “Sunday Recordings” to see this past event


Sunday September 26 Healing ALS Sunday Community Meeting. MEET THE ALS REVERSALS PART 3! Meet Four NEW ALS Reversals. Evy diagnosed ALS 1980, Cathy diagnosed ALS 2008, Mark diagnosed ALS 2011 and Lazarus, diagnosed ALS 2018. See “Sunday Recrordings”.

Sunday September 19 MEET THE ALS REVERSALS PART 2! Meet Four NEW ALS Reversals. Dawn diagnosed ALS 2002, Stephen diagnosed ALS 1999, Todd diagnosed ALS 1988 and Derek, diagnosed ALS 1997. To view entire presentation click Sunday Recordings. For preview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hb8WW3r8m7E&t=3s

Sunday September 12, 2021. Meet  the ALS Reversals Part 1. McFinn diagnosed ALS 2006, Steven diagnosed ALS 2001, Joyce diagnosed ALS 1988 and Sergio, diagnosed ALS 2016. Click Sunday Recordings to view. For preview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EArQ9qvuMZE&t=4s


Sunday July 11, 2021 11AM PT, 2PM ET 8PM Europe. Topic: Cannabis and ALS with Carmen and Sergio. 

Recording will be posted on “Sunday Recordings” by July 22.

Sunday June 6, 2021 11AM PT, 2PM ET, 8PM Europe Mark & Lisa Manchester share additional details about what led to Mark’s ALS reversal. Diag ALS 2011, Mark could not speak, eat breathe or move on his own for 3 years. Today his feeding tube and tracheostomy have been removed, and he is walking, breathing, speaking and eating on his own. He is one of Dr. Bedlack’s confirmed ALS reversals. See “Sunday Recordings” above.

Sergio 2016

Sergio Today

Sunday May 23, 2021 11AM PT, 2PM ET, 8PM Europe Sergio Part 2, diag ALS 2015 was in a wheelchair, on breathing assistance in 2017. Today he plays tennis. Last week was the first half of his protocol. This Sunday is the second half. See “Sunday Recordings” Above.

Sunday May 16, 2021 11AM PT, 2PM ET, 8PM Europe Sergio Part 1, diagnosed ALS 2015 was in a wheelchair and on breathing assistance in 2017. Today in 2021 he runs 5 kilometers per day. Find out how.  See “Sunday Recordings” for the meeting.

Sunday May 9, 2021. Dr. Smita Jain, MD and Coco Newton MPH, RD, CNS Topic: Weight Management for ALS. How to regain lost weight. Please see “Sunday Recordings” to view.


Sunday May 2, 2021 11AM PT, 2PM ET, 8PM Europe. Speaker: Lazarus (Tony) Ember 

Part 2 Physical Healing. How Did My ALSFRS Score go from 27 to 45 in about 1 year? Click Sunday Recordings and also https://healingals.org/lazarus-embers-als-reversal-protocol/

Sunday April 25, 2021 11AM PT, 2PM ET, 8PM Europe. HealingALS Community Meetings

Speaker: Lazarus (Tony) Ember, ALS Reversal-In-Progress. Topic: How Did I Reverse my ALS symptoms? Click Sunday Recordings and also https://healingals.org/lazarus-embers-als-reversal-protocol/

Attention Los Angeles and Las Vegas PALS, Apr 24 & 25, 2021: Patricia, Scott and local PALS will host live socially distanced meetings for Healing ALS PALS and spouse/caregivers. If interested in attending please contact:

Los Angeles April 24, 2021 2PM-5PM. Susan at 4-turners@comcast.net

Las Vegas April 25 2PM-5PM. Contact Hilary at garyandhillary@cox.net.

Joyce  Brown’s new book, Conquering ALS, Depression… is now available on Amazon.com. Learn how Joyce, diag ALS 1988 overcame ALS and so many other challenges in her 87 years of life.To order: Click here.

Sunday April 18, 2021 11AM PT, 2PM ET, 8PM Europe. Dr. Bhandari, MD gastroenterologist and Dr. Smita Jain, MD discuss: Feeding tubes–Type, Timing and Care. Free event. To see recording:  See Sunday Recordings Button.

Sunday April 11, 2021 – Bill Riffle, Diagnosed ALS in 1992 at age 53. How is Bill still walking and living a full life after 29 years?

For more information on Bill’s journey as well as how to order his book and DVD: https://healingals.org/bill-riffle-still-walking-after-29-years-with-als/


Sunday March 28, 2021-SeeSundayRecordings

Topic: Every Day is a Saturday and Neuroacupuncture. Speaker: Danny Getzlaf, Diagnosed ALS 2017 and still walking and speaking. 



Sunday MarchSunday March 21, 2021, 11AM PT, 2PM ET, 7PM Europe

Topic: How did Joe Dispenza heal and walk again? Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself  Register here: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZAvdeyqqjIjGtw1odQMtvAlGxvrmpgc2pwf


Sunday March 14, 2021, 11AM PT, 2PM ET, 7PM Europe

Topic: Breathing Fundamental to Health and Healing by Betsy Thomason, Respiratory Therapist 

See Sunday Meeting Recordings.


Sunday March 7, 2021 11AM PT, 2PM ET, 8PM Europe. Topic: Avi Greenberg on How Adam improved his Breathing and FVC with breathing exercises.

Please see ALS BLOG for free Zoom classes with Avi



Sunday February 21, 28, 2021 11AM PT, 2PM ET, 8PM Europe. Topic: Parts 1 & 2: Stacy Mercado, CRT Respiratory Therapist & Mark’s Healing from Tracheostomy. See “Sunday Recordings”.

Sunday February 7, 2021 11AM PT, 2PM ET and 8PM Europe. Topic: Byron Katie and Healing, Loving What Is. 

See “Sunday Recordings” Button 



Sunday January 31, 2021. NEW TIME. 11PM PT, 2PM ET and 8PM Europe. Topic: Doctors gave Bailey 7 months to live 10 years ago.

To View: Click “Sunday Recordings”



Sunday January 24, 2021. Topic: How Wesley Healed ALS 80%

See Sunday Recordings Button above.



Sunday December 13, 2020 Healing ALS Community Meeting. Topic:  ALS Healing Experience by Todd diagnosed ALS 1987.

See Sunday Recordings Week 25.



Sunday Nov 22 Webinar, Staying Positive Under Adversity with ALS with Dr. Joyce Brown, PhD, diagnosed ALS 1988 is now posted. Please see “Sunday Recordings”. 

For information about Dr. Joyce’s Saturday prayer group please visit HopeDr.org.


Did you miss the Leap Presentation by Deb Wotherspoon? Click “Sunday Recordings”

For 10% ALS discount on LEAP:

Go to Leapxx.com Use Code: markman


H.E.A.L. is available online for shipping to US and Canada. Raw, organic, meal replacement in a powder. Great tasting for those who can drink and easily mixable for feeding tubes.

For 10% ALS discount on HEAL

Go to HealinaMeal.com Use discount code: HEALINGALS


For More information on 2019 Healing Conference ALS Recordings. Click here: https://premium.healingadvocates.org/2019-hac-enroll/


Boot Camp is Complete! 

If you missed it please login as a member (it is free) and  see the recordings under the green Sunday Recordings button, top right.



Did you miss Dr. David Kennedy? Learn about ALS and Toxins in Your Mouth – Click Sunday Recordings



Kelli McGowan reversed ALS with qigong. For details on Kelli’s reversal of both FTD and ALS click here.

Link to 8 minute “Smoking Teeth” video on YouTube

Pedro Teixeira is an ALS Reversal-In-Progress. Here is a link to his story on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ToxGnyy1K00&t=470s


Dr. Ashish Patel, MD and his wife Dr. Kirti Patel, MD presented ALS and Ayurvedic Medicine. They presented several cases of ALS reversals using Ayurvedic medicine. Read more.



Carol has been dealing with ALS since 2005. She lives a full active life 15 years later. She eats organic, takes supplements for nutrition and detoxification and 1/wk Myer’s cocktails.

Q&A Now Posted. Dr. Joyce Brown was diagnosed with ALS in 1988 at the age of 54. Today at almost 87 years old, she shares her perspective. More info here.

Alejandro Bianchetti, from Argentina, was diagnosed with ALS in January of 2016 at age 54. How did Alejandro go from needing a tracheostomy and feeding tube to running marathons and countless other 5K and 10K races.

Featured article: Riluzole and Radicava by Kay Cherry of ALSWinners.com.

Coco Newton, MPH, RD, CNS has written the ALS Chapter in a new Fuctional Medicine textbook. It is now available. Read more…

Stephen Sherry was diagnosed with ALS in 1999. Today he is climbing mountains. Link to interview, Q&A and story…

Dr. Richard Bedlack, MD, PhD from Duke University speaks on ALS Reversals. Link to video interview…

Mark Manchester was diagnosed with ALS in 2011. He was on a feeding tube, ventilator and could not move or speak for three years. Today he is walking and speaking. Read more…

Conference Recordings from the Healing ALS Conference are here! https://premium.healingadvocates.org/2019-hac-enroll/


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    ALS Reversals: The following PALS were diagnosed with ALS. Some have healed partially, others almost completely. All are heroes and share their experiences so that others may use their examples to find their own path to healing.


    Long term survivors. In addition to the reversals above, there are people who are proving that you can live with ALS. They may not have been able to reverse ALS, but they have stabilized and are living productive lives, despite an ALS diagnosis.