47 Steps to Healing ALS is a year long self-study course in a functional and integrative medicine approach to healing.


Although the course is self-paced, for best results, course participants are expected to complete one step per week, and attend Live Q&A each Thursday, plus Sunday Webinars and Monday Q&A (Basic or Advanced).

Course starts on January 11, 2024 and meets weekly on Thursdays during 2024. Start NOW with the current step and catch up. Don’t wait until next year. Scroll down to read testimonials from last year’s students.

Live Q&A sessions:

7PM Thursday Eastern Time US (New York)

8AM Thursday Eastern Time US (New York)

Although the 47 Steps Course is geared towards slowing, stopping and reversing ALS progression, the steps are relevant to any disease. ALS is one of the most difficult diseases to reverse. If ALS can be reversed any disease can be reversed.

In 2024 the 47 Steps will remain a FREE course and will be revealed one Step each week starting Thursday Janaury 11. We are committed to keeping the course free for those in who cannot pay, for family members and for those who unsure and want more information about a functional and integrative medicine approach to ALS.

Each step of the of the course will be unlocked weekly. By request, it is available for purchase for those who want to work ahead and do not want to wait until the step is revealed.

If you purchase the course for $197 you will have access to ALL 47 Steps immediately. In addition, your purchase supports the costs of creating the 47 Steps course and the costs associated with keeping the 47 Steps up to date with the lastest information.

We ask everyone who has the financial means, to purchase the course to support the 47 Steps, Sunday Webinars, and Monday Q&A’s and other free educational programs for ALS families.


List of the 47 Steps

  • Step 1: Introduction & Plan
  • Step 2: ALS Reversals are Real
  • Step 3: ALS Reversal Science
  • Step 4: Your Team and Resources
  • Step 5: Clean Home
  • Step 6: Clean Air
  • Step 7: Clean Water
  • Step 8: Clean Mind, Thoughts
  • Step 9: Clean Food Part 1
  • Step 10: Clean Food Part 2
  • Step 11: Clean Electricity/EMFs
  • Step 12: Clean Mouth Dental
  • Step 13: Supplements
  • Step 14: Cannabis
  • Step 15: Exercise
  • Step 16: Sleep
  • Step 17: Clean Mind, Emotions, Trauma
  • Step 18: Medical Testing Conventional
  • Step 19: Medical Testing Functional
  • Step 20: Working with Medical Professionals
  • Step 21: Balancing pH
  • Step 22: Heal the Gut/ vagus nerve
  • Step 23: Scoop on the Poop
  • Step 24: Mucus, Phlegm & Saliva
  • Step 25: Toxins & Detox Pathways
  • Step 26: Heal the Liver/ Gallbladder
  • Step 27: Heal the Kidneys/ Lymphatic System
  • Step 28: Mental Detox
  • Step 29: Pain & Inflammation
  • Step 30: Balance Hormones
  • Step 31: Detoxify Mold/Mycotoxins
  • Step 32: Parasites
  • Step 33: Detox Heavy Metals
  • Step 34: Pesticides, Petroleum & Chemicals
  • Step 35: Dental Advanced, Root Canals & Cavitations
  • Step 36: Lyme & Coinfections
  • Step 37: Clean Mind: Purpose
  • Step 38: Frequency Devices Assessing
  • Step 39: Frequency Devices Therapy
  • Step 40: Homeopathy
  • Step 41: Oxygen Therapies
  • Step 42: Advanced Supplements
  • Step 43: Peptides, Exosomes, Stem Cells
  • Step 44: Breathing & Equipment
  • Step 45: Feeding Tubes
  • Step 46: Dealing with Hospitals
  • Step 47: Putting it All Together
Testimonial Image TA

The 47 steps to healing helped me to systematically tackle my healing journey. It is great to have opinion from people with different experiences. Thank you all. – T.A.

Testimonial Image TA
I have learned so much from Healing ALS and the 47 steps. I was diagnosed with ALS 6 months ago and was basically told to get my affairs in order because there was no cure. Healing ALS and the 47 steps have given me valuable information about detoxing and alternative treatments. I am always energized and hopeful after a zoom call with their team. – J.R.
Testimonial Image 0001 ML
The 47 Steps” program has made such an impact on our Journey to healing Dave’s ALS. By giving us a step by step way to remove the toxins in our lives, to cleaning up our diet, finding good doctors, proper ways to detox, this just to name a few. We would be lost without this information, and now we have a clear pathway to beat ALS. – M.L.
Testimonial Image TA

Thank you for all your hard work for helping pals and cals.

I follow 47 steps to the extent I can, and follow fasting and ketogenic diet. Watched almost all Sunday meetings

I feel energetic again. I am not so tired, not so heavy, things are lighter for me. 34 yo women from Russia having 5 yo son and husband. – A.F.

Testimonial Image 0002 JS

I’m very proud and unbelievably grateful to have been an inaugural participant in the free “47 Steps to Healing” program of 2023. It has taught me that, contrary to the mainstream medical community’s belief, healing from the disease is possible. A growing list of people from all walks of life have managed to reverse their symptoms. I now know it is possible. There is a great deal that PALS can do on their own healing journeys to accomplish the same result. I am still a work in progress. But, I live buoyed with newfound hope, happiness, a sense of peace – and an iron-clad belief that by following the 47 steps, my body can and will eventually heal itself. J.S.

Testimonial Image 0004 JP
47 steps is the best outline for healing. Highly recommended. J.P.
Testimonial Image TA
The 47 steps is the most comprehensive collection of information on how to begin healing with ALS I’ve found. It’s given our family new hope. – R.H.
Testimonial Image 0006 CB
The 47 Steps Program gives us hope and guidance on how to live our best life as a family while managing our husband’s/father’s ALS. The support of the whole community lifts us up and propels us to keep fighting and striving for healing and a better quality of life. Chris has been holding his ALS-AFR score for over a year and I credit it to the knowledge gained through the 47 steps in concert with his sessions with Coco Newton. – C.B.
Testimonial Image 0005 CC
Having experienced symptoms 2016, but refusing to see a neurologist until January 2023, I’m so grateful to have found the resources on healingals.org before diagnosis in February 2023. The 47 steps provided hope, support and a specific plan toward living my best life. – C.C.