Doctors: How Thoughts Affect Healing

If you have not already read about the how emotions and mental attitude are vital for healing ALS, please first read:

We have interviewed dozens of people who have reversed ALS. We know that positive thoughts are essential for healing ALS. Here are some experts discussing the subject:

Dr. Joe Dispenza explains some of the science behind the link between thoughts and healing:

Dr. Bruce Lipton, PhD explains further the link between our thoughts and emotions, and healing:

Dr. Gregg Braden, PhD explains how to stop negative thoughts.


If you are intrigued by the above videos and would you like in depth training on how to keep negative thoughts from creeping into your life?

There is an online course that you might find helpful. It is on sale through September 3, 2018. Should you purchase the Progressive & Intensive workshops, since you have only 90 days to listen, you may want to record the audio for personal use afterwards. ALS in general takes time to reverse and you will want to listen many times over the coming years.

Please do not underestimate the value of keeping your thoughts positive. According to Eric Edney, PMA, positive mental attitude was essential to healing ALS. Eric was diagnosed with ALS in 1993 in his early 60’s. He passed away in 2015 at the age of 85 from complications following a stroke and heart attack.

Patricia Tamowski and Scott Douglas, co-founders,