Video of Stephen’s ALS Reversal

In November 2016, we wrote a blog about Stephen Sherry’s ALS reversal. If you would like to re-read it, below is the link. Please note that Stephen’s supplement list is also listed in the 2016 blog.

The video below was possible because of donors to our website. Thank you to all our donors. All PALS and families are benefiting because of your generosity.

People keep asking us, “When is the documentary film coming out?” and our response is: “When we get the rest of the funding we need to finish it.” We did get more funding this summer so we have been very busy working on the book and the documentary film.

In the meantime, please enjoy this and other videos as well as all of the other information on this website.

Please see some of our other blogs of other ALS reversals. If you would like to join our cause and help fund the upcoming film and book on Healing ALS, and support more videos like these, please go to: