Warren Osborn’s ALS Journey

By Warren Osborn

Many friends and people with ALS have asked me to post my ALS thesis and more details about my journey.

My muscles began fasciculating in late November of 2017, starting in my left arm in the tricep and over a few weeks the twitches spread to most of my left upper body. Over a two-month time period the fasciculations spread to my right upper body and then to my lower body. I was literally constantly quivering/twitching all over my body, with no control of such. I self diagnosed that it was likely ALS (40% chance was my prediction) in late January 2018. After seeing a neurologist and having an EMG and then seeing an ALS specialist and having a second EMG, I was officially diagnosed with ALS on May 10, 2018. Other symptoms such as cramps, muscle spasticity, and muscle atrophy in the left tricep had been going on for two to three years prior to November 2017. However, these prior symptoms were progressing so slow that I never considered ALS as a possibility. But after November of 2017, when the fasciculations started, the progression began to move very quickly.

My ALS doctor at the University of Utah, ALS Clinic, suggested that if I am a typical 53-year-old with ALS, I would likely have two to four years to live from the date of the first symptoms. I was also told that I had an ALS subtype called Progressive Muscle Atrophy (PMA), which results from lower motor neuron death. ALS begins with various motor neuron deaths, but the end is always the same—death of all motor neurons and ultimate loss of control of all muscles including voice, swallowing, and  breathing, but the person still feels all the itches, pains, cramps and such. This was a horrific shock to be told this.

One ALS doctor said to me, “You hit the jackpot. This is the worst diagnosis a doctor can give a person.” This statement, while callous in its lightheartedness, I think is factually accurate.

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as motor neurone disease (MND) or Lou Gehrig’s disease, is a disease which causes the death of neurons controlling voluntary muscles. ALS is characterized by stiff muscles, muscle twitching, and worsening weakness due to muscles decreasing in size.

The cause is not known in 90% to 95% of cases. The remaining 5–10% of cases are inherited from a person’s parents (called Familial ALS). About half of these genetic cases are due to a few specific genes. The underlying mechanism involves damage to both upper and lower motor neurons.

There is no known cure for ALS. A medication called Riluzole may extend life by about two to three months. Non-invasive ventilation may result in both improved quality and length of life. The disease can affect people of any age, but usually starts around the age of 60 and in inherited cases around the age of 50. The average survival from onset to death is two to four years. Most die from respiratory failure (Wikipedia).

Prior to being diagnosed with ALS, I was researching and reading about ALS and other autoimmune diseases. I quickly learned that stem cell treatments held the most promising hope for arresting or even reversing ALS. So at the time I was diagnosed, I asked my ALS doctor his thoughts on stem cell treatments. He responded, “There’s not a shred of evidence that stem cells work. Don’t waste your precious time and money on that” (nor on any other alternative treatments). Not “proven” to cure ALS would have been a more accurate statement. I understand that he may have been trying to get me to face the fact that I have ALS and to prepare my affairs for my ominous future. However, I very much disagreed with his statement. The clinical trials and studies that I had read were compelling to me and I felt that there was a lot of hope with stem cells to at least slow autoimmune disorders, including ALS. I was already a very determined and driven serial entrepreneur. My new health reality, coupled with his statement, lit a fire in me to take my ALS health journey and medical research and treatments into my own hands. I was not going to do simply sit and wait to slowly die, like so many do..

The science, studies, and clinical trials with stem cells demonstrated significant benefit to people with autoimmune diseases. Frankly, I was extremely confident that there are many things I could do to live longer and to at least slow the progression of my ALS. There have been 40 documented and certified ALS reversals to date. The neurology medical world largely focuses on the genes, which are a foundational part of this illness. However, the scientific data is compelling that environmental factors such as stress, toxins, lifestyle, immunizations, bacteria, protozoa, and other factors are influencing, triggering, and/or exacerbating ALS.

Within 24 hours of being diagnosed, I booked a flight to Florida to receive my first stem cells. Five days after being diagnosed, I flew to Florida and had my first stem cell treatment—5 million umbilical cord stem cells injected intrathecally via a lumbar puncture. I also did five sessions of hyperbaric oxygen treatments that week.

I made it my mission to intensely and profusely read ALS clinical trials, studies, and research, as well as study protocols and learnings from ALS patients who had slowed the disease (and the 40 who had reversed it). I read clinical trials and research about other autoimmune disorders and gathered transferable learnings from such. I also began developing a protocol of supplements and a treatment plan. Note, however, that I am not a doctor, scientist, nor a chemist, and I have not been medically trained in any way. But I know how to source and improve on existing processes and products. That is what I’ve done in founding and building 10 successful companies—I source and improve on the status quo of the product or process that I’ve gone after. I make it better, and I do so faster and with more intensity, drive and focus than the competition. I began doing a similar process with my ALS, improving my ALS condition, and seeking a cure. ALS, effectively became my new business. Every single day, even on weekends, I studied, researched, and self-treated. Over the first seven months after my official diagnosis, I read more than 27,000 pages of research. My goal was to cure my ALS and if I failed at a cure, to live 20+ years instead of 1½ to 3½ years.

My ALS Disease Theory

ALS has many contributors, ignitors, and enhancers. First, a metaphor: Imagine your DNA to be akin to a suspension bridge. My DNA may have only two cables on one side, like the bridge (Golden Gate) on the left above. Yours may have many cables like the bridge on the left below. When “stressors” weaken or break one of my cables, the bridge begins to collapse. With yours, you have some backup cables and thus the same damage/stressors do not collapse your bridge because of the redundancy in cables. ALS genetic weakness is akin to this metaphor and genes surely play a role. However, environmental factors also play a role. And much of the ALS medical community is not adequately addressing the environmental and other factors – many are focusing almost solely on gene research and tracking statistics.  

Below are a few of these environmental “stressors” that have been demonstrated to spark, ignite, enhance, or contribute to ALS/MND. There is likely not one singular “cause.” However, the data is compelling that the following likely contribute to ALS progression because of the high correlation with the disease. Correlation does not equate to causation, but when correlation occurs over and over consistently around the world, we should pay attention.

  1. BMAA neurotoxin in Blue Green Algae
  2. Heavy metal toxins in our system such as mercury and aluminum  
  3. Glyphosate (Roundup Pesticide)
  4. High quantities of vaccinations
  5. Head trauma, especially concussions
  6. Neck trauma
  7. Going to war
  8. Go, go, go, Type A personality types (highly driven people)
  9. Physically active and fit people
  10. Inflammation caused by diet
  11. Lyme disease
  12. Bartonella, Babesia, Protomyxzoa (Frye Labs), protozoa, and other infections

Not surprisingly, I fit all of these excluding going to “traditional’ war and I likely haven’t had Lyme Disease. I don’t know yet on protomyxzoa. I have lived a highly stressful lifestyle of founding and running eleven companies which is a kind of “war.” So I fit the perfect storm. My theory and rationale to combat this disease was as follows:

  1. Remove or reduce every one of these enhancers, triggers, and exacerbating environmental factors as much as possible.
  2. Give my body all the nutrients/supplements needed to optimize health and to bring about homeostasis.
  3. Go aggressive on stem cell treatments, both autologous (my own) and umbilical cord, to help regrow, repair, and rebuild.

In March of 2014, I was in a skiing accident where I broke my collarbone and had fifteen rib breaks. This was followed with four surgeries on my collarbone. I believe that my ALS likely started very slowly soon after this. I believe that in 2017, with super high work stress, other stresses, and many immunizations (six to eight), given to me all at one time in May of 2017, may have caused my slow moving ALS to start moving more quickly and aggressively in late 2017 through May 2018. These are just theories, not fact. Of course, all of these factors do build on overall weaknesses or defects in genes such as the C9ORF72, SOD1, NEK1, TDP43, FUS, UBQLN2 (note that these genetic weaknesses are more associated with familial ALS rather than sporadic).

Disease Progression

Between January 2018 and July 2018, I lost between 10% and 33% of my upper body strength (depending on the muscle group), as measured by my consistent weight lifting program at the gym, which I have done regularly for many years. I also atrophied a lot in my left tricep and left forearm and some in the right tricep and I lost some hand grip strength (estimated at 15% loss). I have not yet lost any material function.

Wrecking Ball Analogy

Switching analogies, imagine one’s DNA to be like a skyscraper with a wrecking ball hitting it.

In the beginning, the wrecking ball is pounding into the side of the building, breaking only the siding. As the pounding grows more intense, it begins to destroy the core structure of the building. I theorized that if stem cells are applied, they may repair, build, grow, and encourage other cells in the body to grow and repair. But I was confident that the wrecking ball would remain, and if not removed, reduced or slowed down, then the destruction would continue. Thus I believed, in addition to stem cells, I needed to work on shrinking the power of the wrecking ball. All the factors listed above that might have contributed to the trigger, onset, and progression of my ALS needed to be addressed. Thus I changed my diet to Vegan, little to no sugar, no dairy, low carbs, and very high amounts of organic fruits and vegetables. I did many detoxing protocols. I removed or reduced most of my mental stress. I had a lot of blood work done and checked for parasites, bacteria, and protozoa. I added many daily supplements to give my body all the support and tools it needs to help repair the metaphorical building and combat the ALS wrecking ball. My theory is that all of these things will shrink and/or slow the ALS wrecking ball.

I learned from those who have gone before, including from clinical trials not yet approved as drugs, yet showing positive results. I learned from ALS patients who lived dramatically longer than others. I borrowed learnings from other ALS patients who experienced reversals. And I tried to improve upon clinical trials that showed benefit. After all, I could make decisions for myself in hours (compared to many years or decades for clinical trial approvals) as I was my own researcher, prescriber, financier, as well as the guinea pig. Given that I was told I had 1½ to 3½ years to live, I was willing to take more risk than normal. I immediately started taking supplements that were herb-based, and which showed some hope of benefit. With other supplements or drugs, I would run them by at least one doctor and a neurologist to ensure that there were no material chemical, toxic, or interactive risks. My supplement list grew to over 60 pills, oils, and powders—taken both morning and evening. All of this was based on my studies of some 27,000 plus pages of research.

For awhile, it was thought that I might have Lyme Disease and Babesia, in addition to ALS/MND. A friend introduced me to the leading Utah Lyme and infectious disease doctor, Andrew Petersen. He suggested Ozone IV, Vitamin IV, and IV antibiotics, which I did at his clinic. Later, blood work came back suggesting that I likely did not have Lyme. I then ceased the IV antibiotics but I continued with the IV Vitamins and Ozone. Note, as mentioned previously, that there is much evidence that many ALS patients have Lyme, Bartonella and various protozoa and that ALS may be ignited/sparked or exacerbated by such. Additional blood tests in December of 2018 suggest that I do have Bartonella and/or Babesia so I have continued to treat for such.


In addition to my 60+ supplements taken twice daily, my therapies included (and still include) the following (each done regularly):

  • Stem cell protocol (detailed in Stem Cell section below)
  • Ozone steam therapy for detoxing
  • Ozone IV therapy for detoxing
  • Hyperbaric oxygen, typically at 3X atmosphere
  • Super Immune vitamin IV therapy
  • UV light IV therapy
  • Advanced PK IV protocol
  • Multiple supplements for detoxing
  • Acupuncture
  • Regular massage
  • Using steam to detox through sweating
  • Removal of four metal crowns from teeth to remove traces of heavy metal toxins
  • Traditional Chinese medicine using various Chinese herbs
  • Stress reduction in life. I ceased running a company and ceased investing in new ventures.
  • Diet: Vegan. No milk, cheese, or dairy. Little to no sugar. Low carbs and grains. Low fat. Very high vegetables and fruits. No processed foods.
  • Regular weight lifting exercise of about 60 minutes per day, five days per week. Three hours of cardio weekly.
  • Very positive attitude and a belief that I can beat ALS! Placebo does work. Our brain’s belief accounts for a very large portion of improvement in anything. Recent studies suggest that placebo may account for 50% of a drug’s efficacy. Belief is a massive part of the equation.

Autologous (meaning one’s own) Stem Cells

There is a lot of research going on with stem cells. It is largely unproven as to what works and exactly how it works. But there is plenty of data suggesting benefits with autoimmune disorders, including ALS. The most persuasive (with positive short term outcomes) clinical trials for ALS used autologous stem cells, injected intrathecally (lumbar puncture). In some trials, the majority of participants had at least short term partial paralysis reversal. In one phase II clinical trial, 36 ALS patients received autologous stem cells and experienced at least short term paralysis reversal. I did not qualify for their phase III clinical trial due to my already having had stem cells. And I also did not want a 50/50 chance of placebo. So I embarked on learning from their clinical trial and from multiple other trials. And I learned from stem cell experts and have tried to improve upon these trials where I could.

I researched more than twenty stem cell clinics around the world. Prior to choosing one, my functional medicine doctor referred me to a stem cell expert. He is not an ALS specialist but he is a world class stem cell expert. We discussed how we could improve on the clinical trials and reach the brain from two modalities, rather than only one (spinal fluid injection). He suggested running a catheter from the arm to the carotid artery. There was some increased stroke risk with this, but this would give the brain a high dose of autologous stem cells through the blood system in addition to the lumbar puncture/spine system. Thus a 1-2 punch. He recommended a stem cell clinic in Guadalajara and after researching further, I ended up choosing that clinic (Sential) over the other twenty.

I am mimicking and improving on the process of multiple other clinical trials where I can. The clinical trials that I tried to learn from extracted autologous stem cells from one’s bone marrow. Some trials also differentiated the stem cells into neuro specialists, removing the other stem cells. We don’t know how they do this. They then grow only those—the neuro specialists. Then they inject those stem cells intrathecally, through a lumbar puncture, three to four times over a year. Again, I cannot replicate the differentiation process at present. So my strategy was as follows:

  • Do more stem cells to compensate for the lack of differentiation. I inject 50M to 60M per intrathecal injection via a lumbar puncture.
  • More frequency. They do this quarterly. I did it monthly for four consecutive months, then moved to every other month.
  • They injected only into the spinal system. I had 150 million stem cells also injected via the blood system, through the catheter running to the carotid artery. Thus my brain received the stem cells through the blood system as well as the spinal system. After the second treatment, I was noticing significant improvement in regaining muscle strength and in reduced muscle cramps. After my short term ALS reversal, and with the encouragement of an ALS doctor and an ALS researcher, I curtailed the carotid artery injection and replaced the same with an IV injection (which is much safer, but does not reach the brain nearly as well). However, if I decline in the future, I will return to the carotid artery injection.
  • Umbilical cord stem cells. On the third and fourth treatments, I added 200 million umbilical cord stem cells to my regime by IV, coupled with autologous stem cells through the lumbar puncture.
  • Umbilical cord stem cells injected into my atrophied left tricep.

My belief is these additions to existing clinical trials have given me a much higher chance of slowing down or stopping my ALS progression and also healing my motor neurons.

Additionally, in between my autologous stem cell treatments, I had another stem cell facility in Utah do 13 injections of approximately 3.5 million umbilical cord stem cells and 30 million growth cells per cc in each of thirteen cc’s as follows:

  • First session: 1cc in the nasal cavity; 2.5cc’s C-Spine (4/5, 5/6, 6/7). 1.5cc in the left hip (this later item was for hip pain, not ALS)
  • Second session: 1cc in the nasal cavity; 2cc’s by IV
  • Third session: 2ccs upper back (C7-T2); 2cc’s by IV; 1cc left shoulder (for joint pain, not for ALS)

After the stem cell protocol and all the other treatments and supplements in my protocol, between July and October, 2018 my upper body strength improved considerably, rather than degrade. During this time, my weight lifting strength at the gym fully returned. And by the end of October I was lifting the same level of weights (or more) than I was when the fasciculations began in November of 2017. I had regained all the muscle strength that I had lost (10% to 33% in the upper body) in my standard weight lifting exercises. I still have considerable atrophy in my left tricep. And that single muscle has not fully recovered yet. Even my hand grip strength has returned. Traditional ALS medicine suggests that muscle strength recovery is not supposed to be possible with ALS. Progression of motor neuron loss is also supposed to be constant in ALS.

In late October, I met twice with Dr. Richard Bedlack of Duke University. Dr. Bedlack is a top ALS alternative treatment researcher and doctor in the United States. He noted that is very, very rare to have such an improvement in muscle strength. He thus questioned whether I actually had ALS. At our first visit, he thought it possible that I might have something else, such as MMN (Multifocal Motor Neuropathy) or BFS (Benign Fasciculation Syndrome). So he did another EMG to disprove or confirm the ALS diagnosis.

A couple of days later we had a video call and he confirmed that I do have ALS/ Motor Neuron Disease (with large death of motor neurons). However, in each of the same four muscles/nerves that were tested 5 months prior with the EMG and retested by Dr. Bedlack, things had improved (reversed in severity) rather than progressed in degradation. Again, this is not supposed to be possible with ALS, but it happened with me.

There have been 40 cases of confirmed ALS reversals. Dr. Bedlack thinks I could possibly be #41 and that I could be experiencing an ALS reversal. Something, or a combination of things more likely, in my extensive regime could be curing me or least stopping the progression of my ALS. Dr. Bedlack said that perhaps “you stumbled onto a cure.” Also, it could just be random—I could have gotten lucky and for some reason it stopped. Luck is not very likely. The regimen/protocol is very likely causing my outcome. Dr. Bedlack said that he has never seen this large and aggressive of a protocol with any patient or anyone whom he has studied.

Due to this amazing improvement, I have, as I mentioned previously, cut out the carotid artery stem cell injections (which is risky—risk of stroke, etc.). Why am I continuing with stem cell and other treatments? Because my ALS may not be fully stopped yet. I still have fasciculations and cramps and some muscle atrophy. It is possible that my motor neuron death has fully stopped or it may just have slowed down considerably. It could resume. We just don’t know. The reversal that I’ve experienced could be short lived and things could continue to progress downward again. Thus, I will continue my protocol and very slowly wean myself off of a few of the treatments, one at a time. But I’ll continue to eat healthy, live very healthy, and proceed with my protocol—to avoid the risk of progression starting again. Due to my current reversal, I’m now treating every 60 days with stem cells. If I continue to improve, I’ll move to every 90 days, etc. If the ALS progresses in any way, I’ll revert to every 30 days for stem cell treatments.

I’m not fully out of the woods here. My protocol could have simply moved things to an extremely slow progression with a short term transient reversal. However, the November 2018 EMG demonstrated significant improvement on all 4 muscles/nerves as compared to the two EMGs done five months prior. That is huge and is not supposed to be possible by traditional medical standards. My family and I are overwhelmed and excited with this news.

Note, however, that no two ALS patients are the same. Every one of us has unique DNA and ALS strikes every patient differently. Hopefully we can learn from this protocol and it can help others.

In summary, I do not believe that only ONE thing is likely going to cure my ALS or the ALS of others. The FDA and big pharma double blind study method may likely be flawed in its premise in this case. Sure, there is huge benefit to figure out which single item is providing the benefit, and thus a double blind method along with isolation of the one thing makes a lot of sense. But I believe that with my ALS, a holistic collection and application of many things is key. Getting the body and mind into homeostasis, detoxing, healthy diet, positive attitude, and stem cells, all combined may bring about the slowing of the progression and aide in the cure for ALS.

I want to thank everyone who has helped me. So many people have offered input, advise, learnings,suggestions, etc. So many doctors and researchers and clinicians have been very helpful. And many other people with ALS have given great advice. I’ve simply gathered all the learnings from all the research, studies, and clinical trials, and coupled such with learnings from related autoimmune disorders, plus applied good health practice, and developed a regime/protocol that is working. I hope this regime/protocol can and will help other people with this insidious disease.

Healing ALS Project and Live Event

Healing ALS Project Update and Invitation to Healing ALS Live Event

— Save the date
October 18-20, 2019
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.
ALL PALS who are truly interested in Healing ALS holistically are invited to attend along with support team members: family, friends and caregivers. This event will be wheelchair accessible. For more details on the upcoming Live Healing ALS event, read all the way to the bottom of this blog. —

Healing ALS Project Update. We have been working on the Healing ALS book and documentary (now docuseries) while working full time at other jobs most of the time so it has been a slow process. Recently, because of two amazing donors, we are getting close! As long as we get the remainder of our funding we can publish both the Healing ALS book and docuseries in 2019. Please help make this possible by clicking the Donate button at right.

For PALS: You have, today, all the tools you need to heal ALS. If you have been diagnosed with ALS, you do not need the book and docuseries to heal. There is enough information on the Healing ALS website now, today, enabling you to heal ALS, when combined with your own research, with consultation from holistic professionals and daily application of what you have learned.

The basic principles are in the “Where do I start?” document (click green For PALS/FALS button at right). Once you have read all the links under the video on the home page, all the blogs, all the articles in the members section, read Eric Edney’s book Eric is Winning, consult Shackel.org and ALSwinners.com, done research on your own and consult with holistic practitioners in your area you will have what you need to heal physically.

The principles are what every holistic medical practitioner knows and Eric Edney said almost 20 years ago in the first edition of his book: 1) nutrition and supplements, 2) eliminate toxins and detoxification and 3) positive mental attitude.

It is not easy to heal ALS. If it were easy everyone would do it, and we would be having tens of thousands of ALS reversals instead of hundreds. We believe we can have those tens of thousands as more PALS believe it is possible and do the work that is required.

It takes work, determination and persistence to change your diet and lifestyle, find a functional medical expert to assist you, and do your own research to decide which supplements, diet and detoxification methods make sense to you.

It takes work, determination and persistence to change your mental attitude so that physical healing can occur. You have to listen to your body and learn intuition. For example, if you take something your holistic professional suggests and you know instinctively it is not good for your body, then you need to have the courage to stop and work with your practitioner to find an alternative. If he or she is not willing to work with you, it takes determination and courage to find another holistic practitioner.

Mental attitude. In our experience, observing the devastating effects of ALS on PALS over the last eight years, the biggest roadblock to healing ALS is mental attitude. For insights on how to overcome this roadblock please go to the bottom of this blog post and read about our upcoming Healing ALS Live Event. Also, please:

  • re-read Evy McDonald’s link on the home page of HealingALS.org and also read the blogs about the other people, read the blogs about those below and check out the 2019 live event link at the bottom of this blog.
  • Evy McDonald healed by changing her thoughts. She did not make significant changes to her diet, although she did have her amalgam dental fillings removed safely and ate wholesome meals prepared from scratch at home.
  • Donald Jeager and Wendy McClean healed through prayer, in other words, by changing their thoughts. Wendy also had her amalgams removed.
  • Charles Goodman was a strong young man in college, changed the direction of his life towards ministry to serve God and he healed. In other words, he changed his thoughts.
  • Zhiyuan Wang started using a meditation practice called Falun Dafa and his ALS slowly healed. In other words, he changed his thoughts.
  • Ben Johnson started doing the Healing Codes, i.e. he changed his thinking.

All of the above people have completely healed from ALS using thoughts and prayers alone. The other PALS who have healed both changed their thoughts and added things to physically heal.

Kim and Kay Cherry say “Pray like everything depends on God, work as if everything depends on you.”

Remember changing your thoughts goes hand in hand with changing your emotions. If most of the time you are experiencing positive thoughts and emotions, your body can heal. If you are experiencing negative emotions a significant amount of time your body cannot heal. This is scientifically proven fact. The cellular energy system simply does not work under stress or negative emotions.

  • Between a quarter and a third of all PALS who have successfully reversed ALS have done so through thought alone.
  • In one hundred percent of PALS who have successfully reversed ALS, changing thoughts and emotions played a major role.

There are a staggering number of peer-reviewed scientific research confirming the importance of thoughts and emotions in healing. Yet doctors, even functional/holistic doctors largely dismiss it and focus on the physical.

How do you change your thoughts and emotions to positive ones so the body can heal? There are many methods in addition to those used by the PALS above. To help PALS more recently diagnosed to attend to our first Healing ALS Live Event(s), in 2019.

September – October (to be announced), 2019 Salt Lake City, Utah, USAOur very first Healing ALS Live Event. ALL PALS who are truly interested in Healing ALS holistically are invited to attend along with support team members: family, friends and caregivers. This event will be wheelchair accessible.

  • Network with other like-minded PALS who are determined to heal holistically
  • Meet some Healed/Healing PALS
  • Presentations by Healed/Healing PALS
  • Presentations by Medical Professionals

For more details about the 2019 Healing ALS Live Event, please click here or go to https://healingals.org/2019-healing-als-live-event-invitation/. You must be a Healing ALS member to read this document (membership is free).

Nelda, over 30 years after ALS diagnosis

Nelda Buss was diagnosed with ALS in January 1985 at the age of 43. She wrote a book about her experience called “Can You Walk Yet” available on Amazon (see below).

Her ALS progression was fast-moving. Not long after her diagnosis her son and daughter-in-law moved home full time to help care for her. By November 1985, Nelda was unable to move from the neck down on her own. 

In her first 11 months of ALS progression, Nelda tried a number of alternative therapies including B12 shots, diet changes, vitamins and copious amounts of carrot juice (the latter did not help). Members of their church prayed for her. Nothing seemed to slow her progression. Nelda was typing one letter at a time on her keyboard with a pencil in her mouth. 

In late 1985, a friend dropped off a magazine that had an article about psychic healing. The article referred to two healers. Soon after, they went to visit one healer in Baltimore at a church prayer service only to find that the healer had died. The other healer was in New York city, ten hours away by car.

Nelda called and set up an appointment with the second healer for an upcoming weekend. The healer’s wife explained energy healing and sent her husband’s biography. On the way to that first appointment, Nelda wondered if they were on a wild goose chase. There was no guarantee of success, the trip was long and the treatments were relatively expensive.

Nelda was determined to give it a try. She needed both her husband and son on the six hour trip. One drove and the other moved her periodically in the back seat so the drive was bearable. Her husband had to leave work early on Friday to make the Saturday appointment.

The first trip to New York consisted of three treatments over Saturday and Sunday. After the treatments, Nelda felt an improvement in her ability to cough. They made an appointment to return in two weeks for a series of four appointments over the weekend. The healer also gave Nelda meditation and visualization exercises to do at home, morning and evening.

In spite of lots of negative feedback from many of her friends about what she was doing, Nelda’s family supported her.

During this time she also had sleep issues trying to be comfortable with her bony frame. She needed to be turned about every 2 hours during the night, or the pain was unbearable, with little fat or muscle to protect her bones. Fortunately her husband was able to go back to sleep and still work the next day. Along with Nelda’s twice daily meditation, her son or daughter-in-law also did exercises with her every day.

During the next months Nelda continued to work with the healer, enduring the discomfort of the drives. She had hope and felt that she was getting better. Accompanied by family members to assist her, she traveled to New York approximately every two weeks. Most of the time Nelda’s sister and her husband from nearby Pennsylvania would drive into New York City with them. Still, the cost of the healer, gas, food and lodging, ate into their savings. 

As Nelda slowly began improving, and what she was doing was obviously working, more and more skeptical friends came on board with their support. In October 1986, ten months after beginning work with the healer, she was able to stand for several seconds on her own. Soon after, with the help of a cable suspended from the ceiling, she was able to take steps with the help of a walker.

As Nelda improved, trips to New York became easier. Her son could drive her without her husband missing work and their Pennsylvania relatives were also able to assist. 

In May 1987 Nelda was able to walk supporting her own weight. She had a walking party and over 200 friends and family attended.

Nelda continued exercising, visualizing and meditating. By mid-1988 she was back to her pre-ALS self.

When we interviewed her in 2016, Nelda was lifting logs and working in her garden. In 2017 Nelda published a book, called “Can You Walk Yet”?

Now, in 2018 and in her 70’s she maintains her strength. Today Nelda enjoys spending time with her husband, friends, children and grandchildren. She loves cooking and working
around the house, grateful that after experimenting with many treatments that did not help her, she took a chance on an unproven treatment over thirty years ago.

Doctors: How Thoughts Affect Healing

If you have not already read about the how emotions and mental attitude are vital for healing ALS, please first read: https://healingals.org/2017/10/

We have interviewed dozens of people who have reversed ALS. We know that positive thoughts are essential for healing ALS. Here are some experts discussing the subject:

Dr. Joe Dispenza explains some of the science behind the link between thoughts and healing:

Dr. Bruce Lipton, PhD explains further the link between our thoughts and emotions, and healing:

Dr. Gregg Braden, PhD explains how to stop negative thoughts.


If you are intrigued by the above videos and would you like in depth training on how to keep negative thoughts from creeping into your life?

There is an online course by Dr. Joe Dispenza that you might find helpful for only $299. Should you purchase the Progressive & Intensive workshops, since you have only 90 days to listen, you will want to schedule time to listen to the 23 hours three times over the 90 days. You may also want to record the audio for personal use once the 90 days is over. ALS in general takes time to reverse and that way you can listen many times over the coming years.


Please do not underestimate the value of keeping your thoughts positive. Every PALS who has reversed ALS knows how important this is. One example is Eric Edney who said PMA, positive mental attitude, is essential to healing ALS. Eric was diagnosed with ALS in 1993 in his early 60’s. He passed away in 2015 at the age of 85 from complications following a stroke and heart attack, not from ALS.

Patricia Tamowski and Scott Douglas, co-founders, HealingALS.org

Anthony William on ALS & Sally’s Story

Anthony William has had a number of clients diagnosed with ALS who have successfully reversed their ALS. Although we have not yet met with any of these clients, we believe him and our reasons are in this blog. First, listen to some of what Anthony has to say about ALS:

Anthony William has written a number of books. His first book I read a couple of years ago called Medical Medium. The first time I read it I questioned, “Really? ‘Spirit of the Most High’, sent by God, is this guy serious?” Then I said to myself, well, let me be open, I will read what he has to say. I care about results, not preconceived beliefs.

First point of credibility: What Anthony William had to say in his book made sense and at least 80 percent agreed with what I had heard elsewhere from functional medical doctors, naturopaths and PhD’s. On top of that much of what he said rang true, both from a common sense and an intuitive perspective.

Then I read Anthony William’s second book, Thyroid Healing. Since I personally have many hypothyroid symptoms I was interested. After following a paleo diet for years for a neurological issue and being happy with the results, I was unsure of this new path, but read on for Sally’s story.

Second point of credibility: Sally is a friend from high school, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) in 2007. What do MS and ALS have in common?

  • Both are neurological diseases
  • Both affect the muscles, and
  • Both are autoimmune conditions.

I wanted to hear how Sally’s MS did on Anthony William’s protocol, but first here are some more details of Sally’s history:

  • Between her diagnosis in 2007 and 2012 Sally experimented with diets and protocols that might help slow down her MS progression. She was eating nothing artificial, she had her mercury amalgam dental fillings removed (See blog: amalgam dangers) and was eating a very clean diet. Even with this, Sally still had significant symptoms of both MS and brain fog.
  • In early 2012 Sally started The Wahls Protocol for her MS symptoms. She had great results. Within six months on the protocol, Sally’s MS symptoms improved dramatically. Even more importantly the protocol eliminated her brain fog, which was significant. Note: The Wahls protocol is a great protocol and we know people with neurological issues, including MS, ALS and Alzheimer’s who have had success with it.  Read our blog article with more on Wahls Protocol at Wahls Protocol.
  • Sally had been on the Wahls protocol for almost six years and felt her symptoms had stabilized at about 90 percent better. Her balance improved to the point where she was able to again ski expert runs. She was happy but there were a few nagging symptoms that had not improved.
  • About six months ago in the fall of 2017, Sally read Anthony William’s three books (third one pictured below) and decided to try the Thyroid Healing protocol and the supplements he recommended for MS to see if she could improve on those last symptoms. The Anthony William protocol is more strict than the Wahls protocol although there are some differences: William limits animal fats, even healthy fats and suggests more fruit, juicing and supplements.

Sally’s results from the Thyroid Healing protocol, both diet and supplements:

  • At about 10 weeks, Sally could stand on her tiptoes in yoga class (she could not hold it but could stand for a second or two)–she had not been able to do this for years.
  • After 6 months on the protocol using:
    • Sally can now stand on her tiptoes and hold it for quite a while.
    • Her neuropathy is going away! She can now button her blouse without looking! This is a big deal because she had to look at the buttons before while buttoning because she could not feel her fingers.
    • She is no longer “leaking” urine when she goes on a hike.
    • She has fewer neurological “misfires”. Example: a bug biting her and it itches several inches away from the actual bite. The signals from the brain to the body are no longer getting crossed.
  • Sally is excited that she has brought her healing to a new level and looks forward to even more improvement.

Third point of credibility: Sally is a health coach and one of her MS clients is using Anthony William’s Thyroid Healing protocol. Before he started, he was able to walk only a mile or two before his foot started dragging. Now he is on the Williams protocol and he recently hiked seven miles before his foot started dragging!

Fourth point of credibility. Another friend, Chris, had significant neurological and muscular symptoms including severe headaches, cognitive impairment, anxiety, severe nerve pain throughout his body, muscle cramping and muscle weakness. Lab tests showed Lyme disease in addition to babecia, bartonella, mycoplasma and a few other co-infections. He consulted many doctors, both traditional and holistic, with no relief. Chris’ symptoms were so severe he could no longer work and was dependent on pain medication to get through the day.

About five years ago, when Anthony William was still practicing, Chris consulted with him. Anthony has helped him back to health. Chris is now able to work again, can snowboard again for short periods, and has most of his function back. He is working his way back to being 100 percent. The more severe the symptoms, the longer it will take to heal.


We see the potential in this approach and wanted to share with our readers the possible  value of trying Anthony William’s protocol:

  • The above four points of credibility
  • Anthony William’s previous success with ALS
  • His protocol does not restrict calories in any way
  • None of the things he recommends can do harm

As we have seen with the many ALS reversals we have examined, there is more than one way to reverse ALS. Anthony Williams ALS protocol combined with his Thyroid Healing protocol seems to be a promising approach. Certainly, his books are worth reading. His fourth book, Liver Rescue, is coming out this fall will also be an important one since good liver function is so important for ALS recovery.

Patricia Tamowski

We are journalists, not medical professionals. The information we share is for educational purposes and should not be treated as medical advice.

Still active 30 years after ALS diagnosis

Joyce Brown was diagnosed with ALS in 1988 when she was 54 years old. It is 30 years later and she is now 84 years young. Joyce was in Salt Lake City recently giving a speech on suicide prevention. Joyce had a near-death experience many years ago, so knows first-hand that suicide is not the answer. We recorded her speech.

Way to go Joyce, congratulations for being active well into your 80’s and still going strong!

For all of us, whether diagnosed with ALS or not, having purpose in life is essential to a truly fulfilling life. Because of her near-dealth experience, Joyce believes God granted her a long life in part to spread the message that suicide is not an answer to life’s problems. She also shares her message through her website and book, which are below.

Imagine if each one of us did our small part in making the world a better place, think of how different the planet earth would be! 

Joyce’s purpose also includes sharing her story about healing from ALS. Joyce is also participating in our upcoming Healing ALS book and docuseries, which will be coming out out late 2018 or early 2019 as long as we get the remaining funding we need to finish it. Please click the “Donate” button at right if you would like to assist in finishing the Healing ALS project. THANK YOU to all who have donated so far, which has enabled us to get where we are, with the finish line in sight.

We featured Joyce in a 2017 blog. If you would like more details of her diagnosis and healing:


Joyce’s suicide prevention website is:


Joyce’s book describing her near-death experience is called God’s Heavenly answers. It is available on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/Heavenly-Answers-Joyce-Brown-Ph-D-ebook/dp/B00MI5VWX4/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1529096099&sr=8-1&keywords=gods+heavenly+answers


Over 50 years with ALS

Stephen Hawking, one of the greatest minds in our history, died on March 14, 2018 at the age of 76. Author of the best-selling A Brief History of Time, Hawking was a brilliant scientist, brilliant enough to be buried at Westminster Abbey! He also happened to have ALS. He is one of the longest survivors of an ALS diagnosis, over 50 years. Why?

Stephen Hawking was diagnosed with ALS in 1962 at the age of 21 and was told he would die within a year.

Hawking could have believed his doctors. He could have stopped living, enjoyed the last year of his life the best he could and then could have died quietly.

Instead Stephen decided to live every moment he had left to the fullest. He decided to get married. He decided to complete his PhD. He decided to have a family and fathered three children. He decided to be as brilliant at his career as he could.

After he got his PhD Hawking continued his life and his career and supported his family, not letting anything get in his way. When he could no longer speak he found a voice box with a computer-generated voice.
He figured out a way to communicate with the only finger he could move and eventually with his head. He continued to learn, read, formulate ideas, and theorize. He wrote papers, and books and gave speeches.

When he had a problem, he found a way to solve it. He and his wife found a way to take the family to Spain on vacation, despite ALS. He found a way to painstakingly write books and papers. He found a way to travel.

People say Stephen Hawking had “a slow progressing” form of ALS or he would not have survived that long. Our question:

Did he have a slow progressing form of ALS or did the way he lived his life cause his ALS to be slow progressing?

Please read or re-read the October 2017 blog on the mental and emotional side of Healing ALS. We have personally met and interviewed over 20 people who have reversed ALS. We know that mental attitude and emotions play a very large role in how fast ALS can be slowed, stopped and reversed. We believe the way Stephen Hawking chose to live his life slowed his ALS disease progression.

Kudos to you Stephen Hawking. You lived a full life, fuller than most totally healthy people.
You didn’t give up. You overcame all obstacles to live the best life you could. You can go to the other side knowing you did your part, you made a positive impact with your life, all after you were diagnosed with ALS. You made a life, you helped your children grow into healthy adults, and you made enough of a contribution to be honored in Westminster Abbey and your ashes buried near Sir Isaac Newton. Wow.



Scientists Documenting ALS Reversals

It is very exciting that now medical doctors and PhD scientists are now documenting ALS reversals. Two scientific articles have recently been published. These articles prove that ALS is reversible. There is not one single way to reverse ALS, but there are some good places to start. Besides seeing a holistic medical professional, sites like HealingALS.org (the April 2016 blog, other blogs, Healed/Healing PALS and the home page below the video), shackel.org, alswinners.com and ericiswinning.org are good places to begin your research on how you can slow, stop and even reverse the progression of ALS.

Here is an April 2018 scientific article documenting 36 ALS reversals:








Here is a 2017 published article documenting a case study of another ALS reversal:


Complement Med Res. 2017;24(3):175-181. doi: 10.1159/000477397. Epub 2017 Jun 12.

[Healing of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis: A Case Report].

[Article in German]



Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a devastating disease leading to death within 3-5 years in most cases. New approaches to treating this disease are needed. Here, we report a successful therapy.


In a 49-year-old male patient suffering from muscle weakness and fasciculations, progressive muscular atrophy, a variant of ALS, was diagnosed after extensive examinations ruling out other diseases. Due to supposed mercury exposure from residual amalgam, the patient’s teeth were restored. Then, the patient received sodium 2,3-dimercaptopropanesulfate (DMPS; overall 86 × 250 mg in 3 years) in combination with α-lipoic acid and followed by selenium. In addition, he took vitamins and micronutrients and kept a vegetarian diet. The excretion of metals was monitored in the urine. The success of the therapy was followed by scoring muscle weakness and fasciculations and finally by electromyography (EMG) of the affected muscles. First improvements occurred after the dental restorations. Two months after starting therapy with DMPS, the mercurylevel in the urine was increased (248.4 µg/g creatinine). After 1.5 years, EMG confirmed the absence of typical signs of ALS. In the course of 3 years, the patient recovered completely.


The therapy described here is a promising approach to treating some kinds of motor neuron disease and merits further evaluation in rigorous trials.


Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis; Chelation therapy; Heavy metals; Mercury; Motor neuron disease; Progressive muscular atrophy









ALS since 1997 still golfing in 2018

Derek Swinnard was 45 years old when he as diagnosed with ALS in 1997. He is now in his 60’s, and still golfing. Below is Derek’s story.

Derek Swinnard was an athlete, basketball coach, school teacher, husband and father of
two daughters. In 1993 & 1994, when he was in his early 40’s, he noticed he was not running as well, and dropping balls so much so that he stopped playing with his local baseball team because he felt he was no longer contributing. He joined an “over 35” basketball team, yet his older teammates were outrunning him. He had difficulty shooting and he seemed to be falling a lot. He developed drop foot in his right leg, which the neurologist had told him was an “irreversible L4 problem”.

Derek tried acupuncture and also saw a chiropractor who specialized in sports injuries. They seemed to help somewhat yet over time his symptoms worsened. On his “old-timer” ice hockey team he started having trouble standing and fell often. In the classroom he was dropping chalk in class, and had trouble throwing and catching things. A physiotherapist noticed his right calf was visibly atrophying.

In June 1995, on a visit with friends, he tried special insoles and tried sleeping on a magnetic mattress pad, both of which he purchased and both helped, but overall, Derek’s symptoms continued to worsen. He was experiencing bad muscle cramps, severe muscle twitching, and began to have trouble stepping in and out of the bathtub.

When he went back to visit his friends in September, they literally put him in a car and took him to a local naturopath, who did live blood cell analysis, and showed him his blood versus healthy blood. His naturopath identified free radical damage, white blood cell problems, as well as yeast and fungal infections. He left the office with dietary instructions (including no fried foods, no red meat, no carbonated drinks), liver and kidney cleanse supplements, and a number of other supplements. Although Derek felt he might be getting scammed after the $400 bill, he trusted his friends’ judgment and decided to follow the naturopath’s instructions. After several months of strictly following the regimen, in November 1995, he returned for another live blood cell analysis and could see for himself the obvious improvement in his blood.

Also in November 1995, Derek began seeing a homeopath, an hour and a half’s drive north, who found lead toxicity, and a number of other abnormalities.

Although he was feeling better with his holistic treatments, Derek knew there was something still wrong. He noticed during weight training his strength had diminished and that his left side was weaker than his right. He saw a doctor for blood work and his doctor noticed enough abnormalities to refer him to a neurologist. The neurologist ordered tests, including a nerve conduction test and muscle biopsy, which were inconclusive so Derek was finally referred to a neurologist in Toronto in June 1996, and continued visits about every six months. After the fourth visit, he was definitively diagnosed with ALS in December 1997.

During all of his visits with traditional doctors in the process of getting diagnosed, Derek’s doctors did not suggest any treatments, only more tests. So during the period from June 1995 until he was diagnosed in December 1997 Derek continued with various holistic regimens. He continued the diet and supplements that the out-of-town naturopath recommended, then found a local naturopath to work with. He was also treated by a Chinese herbalist/acupuncturist, and continued with the chiropractor and the homeopath. He felt positive results from these treatments, their approaches made logical sense to him, and he was taking positive steps towards his health versus doing nothing while waiting for test results and more neurologist referrals.

As a result, after two and a half years of holistic treatments while getting diagnosed, by the time the final diagnosis came in December 1997, Derek’s symptoms were about 60 percent better than they were at his lowest point.

Still, when the diagnosis finally came, afterwards Derek was in a daze. He told his wife, who was upset not just with the diagnosis, but also that Derek did not want to share the diagnosis with anyone, including their two teenage daughters. Derek felt that what he was doing was working, that he could beat this, and wanted to share the diagnosis only when he could give people good news.

After his diagnosis, Derek stepped up his holistic therapies. He saw his homeopath regularly and continued with the naturopath, who started researching ALS and based her treatments on what she found. He was referred to a different chiropractor who found and cleared three blockages in his spine. His lower back felt better and he found out spinal blockages could also affect nerves going to internal organs and glands, like the adrenals. His Chinese herbalist/acupuncturist referred him to a well-regarded acupuncturist from China, whose treatments helped his spasticity and walking. He had some sessions with a cranial sacral therapist. Derek also researched on his own. He found and tried a number of vitamins that might help. He had no adverse results from any supplements except for calcium-based supplements. He took grape seed extract almost from the beginning and still takes it today. Derek also found Steven Shackel’s website in 1998, now http://shackel.org, to be extremely valuable and some of the protocols on that site were helpful. After reading about liver function he added NAC, milk thistle and burdock root to his regimen and noticed the yellow tinge in his eyes disappeared. He shared with Steven via email his success and others wrote to Derek wanting to know more details. Just knowing there were others healing ALS holistically and trying to heal had a positive effect.

While working on his holistic treatments after his diagnosis, Derek continued to work as a school teacher. He thoroughly enjoyed his work and it helped him keep his mind off his disease. Still, the stress of “acting normal” while dealing with a terminal diagnosis, worried about falling, wondering each morning if he would be able to walk to the bathroom, Derek began to have mood swings and had a very short temper. Finally, during an outburst about eighteen months after diagnosis, his wife insisted he share what was happening with their daughters, and shortly after that they shared it with other close family members and friends.

Derek was raised United and his wife is a devout Catholic. His routing included saying the Lord’s prayer every night and thanking God for what he does have, rather than focusing on what he does not. Still, around the time he shared his diagnosis with his daughters, even though he was continuing to improve physically, Derek was frustrated with his slowness of his improvement. In late August 1999, Derek remembers going out onto his back deck, looking up and saying “God, could we make this better or just get it over with?” He said it not as an ultimatum, but rather a plea for help.

About two weeks later, Derek was coaching a basketball clinic and that night he had a dream. In that dream, a person he thought he recognized said “Hi Derek” and a peaceful feeling came over him. Later in the dream the room was very crowded and Derek thought he might fall and he felt someone intentionally bump his back. He could not turn around but a hand appeared and showed him a note, and he felt that same peaceful feeling. On the note was written “Psalm 30” and then he woke up. When he looked up Psalm 30 it was “The Blessedness of the Answered Prayer”. He couldn’t believe what was written and when he showed his wife, she cried.

After the dream, things seemed to shift. Derek’s fear of death subsided considerably. The emotional roller coaster he had been experiencing during and since diagnosis calmed. When he felt down he knew that someone was watching over him.

About three years after diagnosis, Derek finally shared his ALS diagnosis with his colleagues at work, and soon the school and community knew. They had been aware of the gait issues and likely thought it was MS or Parkinson’s. This led to Derek getting involved in the local ALS community. He participated in fundraisers, including annual ALS walks. He remains involved to this day and also participates in the national Canadian ALS Society as an ALS patient representative.

Over the years Derek has met and shared his story with many people diagnosed with ALS. Some are interested in what he has done, others are not. Some try some treatments and then seem to give up. Many have not had the level of success that he has and to them he would like to say, “Be patient, be persistent, keep trying things, keep researching, see holistic practitioners, stay positive, and don’t give up”.

Today Derek feels he is about 95 percent better. After over 20 years experience with ALS, he knows that positive mental attitude is key to healing. Without being positive, without gratitude each day, without letting go of the negative things in life that happen almost daily and turning them to positives–all the physical therapies in the world will not be successful.

Someone once told Derek that healing is like peeling an onion. Until you get to each layer you don’t know what needs to be healed, and until you heal that layer, you won’t be able to see the next one. This is why the same treatment that did not work at an early stage of healing, might work at a later stage of healing. The onion example can be equally applied to physical and emotional healing.

Derek credits also his healing not only to his own positive attitude, research, and acting on that research, but also to the various medical professionals that helped him in his healing journey. They worked with him on nutrition, supplements, detoxification and applied their expertise to helping him heal. His homeopath and naturopath were especially key, but the chiropractors and acupuncturists were important as well. Even the magnets had a positive impact. Having the support of his wife, family and friends was also key. His friends dragged him to that first naturopath and set him on his healing journey. His wife supported him while he tried any and every treatment he could find. Steven Shackel provided him with information on his website. Each holistic professional and each chance article he read or encounter with a friend all contributed to his healing.


Derek suggests considering prayer and reading Psalm 30 for anyone diagnosed with ALS. He believes we will eventually go to a better place, but in the meantime don’t give up on getting better now and do everything in your power to heal.