4 thoughts on “2019 Healing ALS Conference Details

  1. I just wanted to briefly say I was never officially diagnosed with ALS. But I indeed had the symptoms . I went to neurologist who saw some decline and wanted me to keep returning for test. I said no way ! And I choose the holistic route. That was back 2014. And since then I made a full recovery.
    Always no you are not without hope! Believe in God or the love within your own being if you don’t believe. There are many ways to heal.
    You are in the right place by going to this conference and joint this website.
    Patricia Scott and the network org the PALS are amazing!

  2. I got diagnosed in early June 2019 with ALS at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix. I am really excited and feeling positive on hearing about Mr. Stephen Sherry and working on doing the same for myself. Thank you so much Stephen!
    Noel Marquez
    Lake Arthur, New Mexico

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